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On an Air of Rameau
Arthur Symons
A melancholy desire of ancient things Floats like a faded perfume out of the wires; Pallid lovers, what unforgotten desires, Whispered once, are re...Rate it

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Out of credibility we can look deep inside & seek. Sought a peace digging deeper then ever before. Today there are lines being drawn in the san...Rate it

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Perfume Laden Air
Sugawara Takesue no Musume
When from the neighbouring garden the perfume-laden air Saturates my soul with memories, Rises the thought of the beloved plum-tree Blooming under ...Rate it

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Soft as Air (Haiku)
Isaac Kavik
You’re as soft as air As sweet as a summer day So why can’t you stayRate it

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Song for a German Air
Louisa Stuart Costello
Fair stream of the mountain, brightly flowing Between thy fresh margins, gay with flowers, Life's uncertain visions showing; Thus, like th...Rate it

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Song Written to a Hindoo Air
Amelia Opie
Ask not, whence springs my ceaseless sadness, But let me still the secret keep: Ask not, why thus in restless madness Pass the long hours once give...Rate it

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Song. To A Russian Air
Amelia Opie
WAS it for this I dearly loved thee?.... But since at length I know thy heart, And learn no real passion moved thee, Go, Henry, go; this hour we pa...Rate it

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Songs from The Beggar’s Opera: Air IV-Cotillion
John Gay
Act II, Scene iv, Air IV—Cotillion Youth’s the season made for joys, Love is then our duty: She alone...Rate it

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Songs from The Beggar’s Opera: Air X-“Thomas, I Cannot'
John Gay
Polly. I like a ship in storms was tossed, Yet afraid to put into land, For seized in the port ...Rate it

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Songs from The Beggar’s Opera: Air XVI-“Over the Hills, and Far Away”
John Gay
Mac. Were I laid on Greenland’s coast, And in my arms embraced my lass, Warm amidst eternal frost, Too s...Rate it

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Songs from The Beggar’s Opera: Air XXVII-“Green Sleeves”
John Gay
Since laws were made, for every degree, To curb vice in others, as well as me, I wonder we han’t better company Upon Tyburn tree. But gold...Rate it

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Stanzas To A Hindoo Air
George Gordon Lord Byron
Oh! my lonely--lonely--lonely--Pillow! Where is my lover? where is my lover? Is it his bark which my dreary dreams discover? Far--far away! and alo...Rate it

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Strings in the Earth and Air
James Joyce
Strings in the earth and air Make music sweet; Strings by the river where The willows meet. There's music along the river For Love wanders the...Rate it

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Switch Of The Air-Conditioner Please
Nikhil Parekh
I felt unrelentingly strangulated; with exhausted blasts of wind emanating from my nose, Gloominess besieging me with tumultuous force; piercing t...Rate it

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Tales Of A Wayside Inn : Part 1. The Musician's Tale; The Saga of King Olaf XV. -- A Little Bird In The Air
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
A little bird in the air Is singing of Thyri the fair, The sister of Svend the Dane; And the song of the garrulous bird In the streets of the town ...Rate it

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The Air At The Top
Stephen Colley
In all that I ever have read or been told, At the top of a mountain, the air’s always cold. That may be true for mountains. For people, not so! It...Rate it

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The Air is a Root
Jean Arp
The air is a root. The stones are filled with tenderness. bravo. bravo. the stones are filled with air. the stones are watery branches. on the ston...Rate it

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The Air Of Remembrance
Ian Sawicki
Memories slip past smiles in quiet eyes, licking the spoon after mother baked cakes, dainty little dollops of warm pleasure that flood the mind wit...Rate it

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The Air Plant
Harold Hart Crane
Grand Cayman This tuft that thrives on saline nothingness, Inverted octopus with heavenward arms Thrust parching from a palm-bole hard by the cove...Rate it

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The Air Which My Mother Breathed
Nikhil Parekh
The air leaking form the air-conditioner was ergonomically cold, Pacifying tumultuous anger of people; frantically quarreling in the acrimonious s...Rate it

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The Blessed Virgin Compared to the Air We Breathe
Gerard Manley Hopkins
Wild air, world-mothering air, Nestling me everywhere, That each eyelash or hair Girdles; goes home betwixt The fleeciest, frailest-flixed Snow...Rate it

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The Clock's Clear Voice Into The Clearer Air
Robert Louis Stevenson
THE cock's clear voice into the clearer air Where westward far I roam, Mounts with a thrill of hope, Falls with a sigh of home. A rural sentry, he...Rate it

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The Exotic Effect Of Air
Nikhil Parekh
The cool and stupendous effect the air has, Can never be got by poisonous nerve gas. The exotic effect of soft blue air, Cane never be obtained b...Rate it

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The Fowls Flying In The Air
John Bunyan
Methinks I see a sight most excellent, All sorts of birds fly in the firmament: Some great, some small, all of a divers kind, Mine eye affecting, p...Rate it

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The Host Of The Air
William Butler Yeats
O'DRISCOLL drove with a song The wild duck and the drake From the tall and the tufted reeds Of the drear Hart Lake. And he saw how the reeds grew d...Rate it

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