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A girl in bus rapes by six criminals in New Delhi (it has happened very recently) 6 ViewsRate it
Fear 4 ViewsRate it
Rain 4 ViewsRate it
A home is not a home without a Mom 3 ViewsRate it
Mothers' day 3 ViewsRate it
Progress and prosperity go hand in hand moon journey to embark 3 ViewsRate it
War 3 ViewsRate it
The past is History - The future is Mystery - The Present is Pastry
 3 ViewsRate it
Computer 2 ViewsRate it
In all walks of life; if go with ethics; motives get highlight 2 ViewsRate it
Keep the flag of peace and freedom flying in sky free air 2 ViewsRate it
The day technology surpass human interaction 2 ViewsRate it
Traveling against tide 2 ViewsRate it
We can make every country, a country of opportunity 2 ViewsRate it
A 'Zero' like Condition Spiritual Meditation.
 2 ViewsRate it
Corona Virus no need to panic
 2 ViewsRate it
Religions are beauty of mankind if understand with myth of mysticism
 2 ViewsRate it
A car accident (This one was written after that) 1 ViewRate it
Any culture; she fits herself perfect; what a brain 1 ViewRate it
Be ready to help - Hurricane Sandy is coming 1 ViewRate it
Everywhere I see spirit of fighting, not of cooperation 1 ViewRate it
Flu Virus 1 ViewRate it
Hard to believe 1 ViewRate it
Hiding our faces like Ostrich to claim all is well 1 ViewRate it
My soul is a God's soul 1 ViewRate it
We are the pearls 1 ViewRate it
Who am I? 1 ViewRate it
Without best professor a school is not school 1 ViewRate it
Worry is total waste of time 1 ViewRate it
What is Meditation?
 1 ViewRate it
Creation of Universe
 1 ViewRate it
A visit to Paradise
 1 ViewRate it
Science is the thinking process on something
 1 ViewRate it
Mothers' day is celebrated to salute her sacrifices
 1 ViewRate it
7 days are enought to live peacefully 0 ViewsRate it
A gesture of goodwill 0 ViewsRate it
A man with highest IQ and intellect 0 ViewsRate it
Accession 0 ViewsRate it
All religions are good religions 0 ViewsRate it
Always happy in my world. 0 ViewsRate it
As per Maya Civilization Dec. 21st is the last day of Univers 0 ViewsRate it
Beautiful pearl of advises 0 ViewsRate it
Being life partner; each other must understand 0 ViewsRate it
Book reading 0 ViewsRate it
Brain 0 ViewsRate it
Clash of ingnorance 0 ViewsRate it
Continue; search in whatever you want to 0 ViewsRate it
Cops are great 0 ViewsRate it
Divine spare 0 ViewsRate it
Don't introduce unethical ways; will be cause of migraine 0 ViewsRate it
Ego 0 ViewsRate it
Ethics 0 ViewsRate it
Every child must be made special 0 ViewsRate it
Flower 0 ViewsRate it
Friend in pain 0 ViewsRate it
Global warming 0 ViewsRate it
Gold has to go through fire prior is called gold 0 ViewsRate it
Greed is curse 0 ViewsRate it
Happiness; and sorrow goes parallel in life 0 ViewsRate it
Happy New Year 0 ViewsRate it
Happy thanks giving 0 ViewsRate it
Healthy heart; hearthy mind 0 ViewsRate it
Hope to invent a mind controlling remote control 0 ViewsRate it
I am envy of the Architecture of the past 0 ViewsRate it
I am with you. 0 ViewsRate it
I asked God; how do I live my life the best way 0 ViewsRate it
I have an appointment at 6 O'clock 0 ViewsRate it
I'm not friend of friends but enemies' friend 0 ViewsRate it
If I get you! 0 ViewsRate it
In my subconscious have unquenched desire 0 ViewsRate it
Individualism is the name of chaos 0 ViewsRate it
Intellect is the answer 0 ViewsRate it
It says; ‘Beauty is in the eyes of beholde of Poem 0 ViewsRate it
Just celebrate; it’s a cause of rejuvenation 0 ViewsRate it
Knowledge and understandings 0 ViewsRate it
Knowledge is power. 0 ViewsRate it
LA is a rose; I am its petal 0 ViewsRate it
Let’s help all; forget belongs to which thought of school 0 ViewsRate it
Life is full of treasure; and pleasure 0 ViewsRate it
Life is short. 0 ViewsRate it
Little things to me a lot 0 ViewsRate it
Love 0 ViewsRate it
Love with passion 0 ViewsRate it
More concentrate with insight; higher you may fly 0 ViewsRate it
Need all support them to motivate. 0 ViewsRate it
Neither we are Demo. nor Repub. think being an American 0 ViewsRate it
New poem 'Man vs Woman' 0 ViewsRate it
Nothing is last; once seed of doubts are sown 0 ViewsRate it
Now-a-days; it is very common to talk behind anybody’s back 0 ViewsRate it
O' my lord; I love you 0 ViewsRate it
One day I got a novel idea to celebrate a neighbors' day 0 ViewsRate it
One day I will die 0 ViewsRate it
One of my colleagues is trying to develop mind reading software 0 ViewsRate it
Preaching 0 ViewsRate it
Religion is life's calculated math 0 ViewsRate it
See corruption, corruption, corruption, everywhere 0 ViewsRate it
Seeds of doubt 0 ViewsRate it
Shooting at Elementary School stunned the Nation 0 ViewsRate it
Smoking 0 ViewsRate it
Soon we see our glorious culture will be back like a shiny gold. 0 ViewsRate it
Still; I feel thirsty of 0 ViewsRate it
Sweet lover 0 ViewsRate it
The dreams 0 ViewsRate it
The Lord you're crying for, is around you 0 ViewsRate it
The notion of cosmopolitan ethic must understand to practice it 0 ViewsRate it
These are the clouds of darkness and lack of vision 0 ViewsRate it
Think; something to begin with healing process f Poem 0 ViewsRate it
Thinking is process, continue to link 0 ViewsRate it
This is a damage control exercise our great culture to uphold 0 ViewsRate it
This is a universal fact 0 ViewsRate it
Though I can see, but in your absence I am blind. 0 ViewsRate it
Time 0 ViewsRate it
Title oEvery human has in his mind a wheel of fortunef Poem 0 ViewsRate it
TitleThinking is an intellectuals’ jewel, spiritual fragrance to smell of Poem 0 ViewsRate it
Unjust gas prices 0 ViewsRate it
We all have to join hands to bring back lost family fame 0 ViewsRate it
We are still in recession; but life goes on 0 ViewsRate it
We're in blind race where it will end; not to mention 0 ViewsRate it
What a success; a milestone achieved in life; keep smiling 0 ViewsRate it
When you see your stature; you ashamed of being here 0 ViewsRate it
When you were born; you were nothing 0 ViewsRate it
Who are we? 0 ViewsRate it
Who we are? 0 ViewsRate it
Without soul body is clay 0 ViewsRate it
‘Beauty is in the eyes of beholder' 0 ViewsRate it
Want you to be you
 0 ViewsRate it
We become something only when we become nothing
 0 ViewsRate it
Thinking how to appreciate the works you do
 0 ViewsRate it
Are living with all freedom but still are in prison cage
 0 ViewsRate it
We Ismailis believe in concept of a living guide
 0 ViewsRate it
Temperature is keep rising year by year
 0 ViewsRate it
Be generous keep aside a minimum of 12.5% to feel great
 0 ViewsRate it
With the age comes wisdom
 0 ViewsRate it
One day someone asked me do you know who I am?
 0 ViewsRate it
Stress is gap between reality, & our expectations of life 0 ViewsRate it
One day, an intellectual man said, he can create a man
 0 ViewsRate it
Look at 100 of years of those marvelous monuments
 0 ViewsRate it
Being sinful; we do punish ourselves
 0 ViewsRate it
Inviting God natural laws to repeal
 0 ViewsRate it
When nobody was there, God almighty was always there
 0 ViewsRate it
Climate change - A positive side of it
 0 ViewsRate it
Believe in God
 0 ViewsRate it
Time and again asked myself what is Corona?
 0 ViewsRate it
Glory of all glory is Allah
 0 ViewsRate it
Hope in the situation we are soon will be over
 0 ViewsRate it
Silence is Gold try to be Silence
 0 ViewsRate it
There is no sign of any storm anywhere around
 0 ViewsRate it
We are passing through the worst financial crisis
 0 ViewsRate it
Corona why are you here?
 0 ViewsRate it
Attitudes shape up the direction of life
 0 ViewsRate it
Though it is small but very powerful
 0 ViewsRate it
Keep doing something rather than doing nothing.
 0 ViewsRate it
When you think of humans all activities revolve around them
 0 ViewsRate it
Think who's doing it?
 0 ViewsRate it
Take risk not more than you afford it.
 0 ViewsRate it
Hope in the situation we are; soon will be over.
 0 ViewsRate it
Thinking of those who have no any luxury of life 0 ViewsRate it
We were warned to be aware-We ignored, said we don't care
 0 ViewsRate it
Closing down any Public Services is not the solution.
 0 ViewsRate it
We will be in control, destroy all Corona Virus soon
 0 ViewsRate it
Corona listen every country's economy at stake.
 0 ViewsRate it
No, this is not the option.
 0 ViewsRate it
We are tired off begging you. (Corona)
 0 ViewsRate it
There's no need to hurry - There's no need to worry
 0 ViewsRate it
Will be there to destroy Corona Virus is our Goal
 0 ViewsRate it
Corona it is time to go
 0 ViewsRate it

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  • Amirul
    Mostly my poems are based on current social issues to highlight the community to be aware of it and take care in time before it is too late to do so.
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