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Alfred Edward Housman, usually known as A. E. Housman, was an English classical scholar and poet, best known to the general public for his cycle of poems A Shropshire Lad.

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List of poems by Alfred Edward Housman 92 total

The Street Sounds to the Soldiers' Tread
 402 ViewsRate it
Ho, everyone that thirsteth
 398 ViewsRate it
Say, Lad, Have You Things to Do?
 380 ViewsRate it
Think No More, Lad
 378 ViewsRate it
The Isle of Portland 375 ViewsRate it
When I Was One-and-Twenty 373 ViewsRate it
Loveliest of Trees, the Cherry Now
 371 ViewsRate it
From Far, From Eve and Morning
 368 ViewsRate it
I Hoed and Trenched and Weeded
 356 ViewsRate it
When the Lad for Longing Sighs
 356 ViewsRate it
Oh fair enough are sky and plain
 348 ViewsRate it
Far In a Western Brookland
 328 ViewsRate it
Tis Time, I Think, By Wenlock Town
 323 ViewsRate it
Twice a Week the Winter Thorough
 320 ViewsRate it
Eight O'Clock 272 ViewsRate it
On Your Midnight Pallet Lying
 267 ViewsRate it
The Grizzly Bear 171 ViewsRate it
Here Dead We Lie 165 ViewsRate it
 164 ViewsRate it
The Lent Lily
 141 ViewsRate it
Farewell to Barn and Stack and Tree
 138 ViewsRate it
Tell me not here, it needs not saying
 136 ViewsRate it
Diffugere Nives
 128 ViewsRate it
Is My Team Ploughing 128 ViewsRate it
If Truth in Hearts That Perish
 125 ViewsRate it
O Why Do You Walk (a Parody)
 122 ViewsRate it
Could Man Be Drunk Forever
 119 ViewsRate it
Epitaph On An Army of Mercenaries
 117 ViewsRate it
Now Hollow Fires Burn Out to Black 112 ViewsRate it
The Welsh Marches
 112 ViewsRate it
This Time of Year a Twelvemonth Past
 110 ViewsRate it
Oh Who Is That Young Sinner
 109 ViewsRate it
The Day of Battle
 109 ViewsRate it
With Rue My Heart Is Laden
 109 ViewsRate it
The Winds Out of the West Land Blow
 108 ViewsRate it
When I Came Last to Ludlow 108 ViewsRate it
Fragment of a Greek Tragedy
 106 ViewsRate it
On the Idle Hill of Summer
 106 ViewsRate it
In Valleys of Springs and Rivers
 104 ViewsRate it
 104 ViewsRate it
The Fairies Break Their Dances 104 ViewsRate it
The New Mistress 104 ViewsRate it
White in the Moon the Long Road Lies
 103 ViewsRate it
Others, I Am Not the First
 102 ViewsRate it
As Through the Wild Green Hills of Wyre
 100 ViewsRate it
Oh, when I was in love with you 97 ViewsRate it
Oh Stay At Home, My Lad 95 ViewsRate it
Look not in my eyes, for fear
 95 ViewsRate it
You Smile Upon Your Friend To-Day
 94 ViewsRate it
The rainy Pleiads wester 86 ViewsRate it
Bring, In This Timeless Grave to Throw
 84 ViewsRate it
Bredon Hill
 83 ViewsRate it
The Immortal Part
 81 ViewsRate it
To an Athlete Dying Young
 75 ViewsRate it
On Moonlit Heath and Lonesome Bank
 74 ViewsRate it
The Stinging Nettle
 69 ViewsRate it
Terence, This is Stupid Stuff
 68 ViewsRate it
 67 ViewsRate it
There Pass the Careless People
 67 ViewsRate it
On Wenlock Edge The Wood's In Trouble
 65 ViewsRate it
Be Still, My Soul, Be Still
 64 ViewsRate it
The Chestnut Casts His Flambeaux
 63 ViewsRate it
The Recruit
 59 ViewsRate it
It Nods and Curtseys and Recovers
 58 ViewsRate it
Hughley Steeple
 57 ViewsRate it
In My Own Shire, If I Was Sad
 57 ViewsRate it
Oh, see how thick the goldcup flowers
 57 ViewsRate it
Wake Not for the World-Heard Thunder
 56 ViewsRate it
When I Watch the Living Meet
 55 ViewsRate it
When Smoke Stood Up From Ludlow
 52 ViewsRate it
Shot? So Quick, So Clean an Ending?
 50 ViewsRate it
The Laws of God, The Laws of Man
 49 ViewsRate it
If By Chance Your Eye Offend You
 46 ViewsRate it
Into My Heart an Air that Kills 45 ViewsRate it
The Merry Guide
 45 ViewsRate it
The Carpenter's Son
 41 ViewsRate it
The True Lover
 39 ViewsRate it
Loitering with a Vacant Eye 37 ViewsRate it
Along The Field as We Came By
 36 ViewsRate it
The Lads in Their Hundreds
 36 ViewsRate it
 35 ViewsRate it
Westward on the High-Hilled Plains 28 ViewsRate it
Astronomy 16 ViewsRate it
Poems From "A Shropshire Lad" - II
 11 ViewsRate it
Poems From "A Shropshire Lad" - I - 1887
 3 ViewsRate it
Could man be drunk for ever
 2 ViewsRate it
In the morning, in the morning, 2 ViewsRate it
Poems From "A Shropshire Lad" - IX
 2 ViewsRate it
Illic Jacet
 1 ViewRate it
Oh stay at home, my lad, and plough 1 ViewRate it
Poems From "A Shropshire Lad" - III - The Recruit
 1 ViewRate it
Poems From "A Shropshire Lad" - IV - Reveille
 0 ViewsRate it

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