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Banish Air from Air—
Emily Dickinson
Banish Air from Air— Divide Light if you dare— They'll meet While Cubes in a Drop Or Pellets of Shape Fit Films cannot annul Odors return whole For...Rate it

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A change of Air
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Now, a man in Oodnadatta He grew fat, and he grew fatter, Though he hardly had a thing to eat for dinner; While a man in Booboorowie Often sat an...Rate it

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Polluted Air
Life is truly unfair, why continue to breathe toxic air, why dare to care, singles versus pairs, prayers unanswered feels invisible, the pain can f...Rate it

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An awful Tempest mashed the air
Emily Dickinson
An awful Tempest mashed the air— The clouds were gaunt, and few— A Black—as of a Spectre's Cloak Hid Heaven and Earth from view. The creatures chu...Rate it

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Sonnet 45: The other two, slight air and purging fire
William Shakespeare
The other two, slight air and purging fire, Are both with thee, wherever I abide; The first my thought, the other my desire, These present-absent w...Rate it

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'Air Headed Bohemian'
I feel warm and like Fred Flintstone, in my poncho; Perhaps Clint Eastwood too? My vanity knows not of known bounds when I like, looking at me-er-h...Rate it

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A Feel In The Chris'mas-Air
James Whitcomb Riley
They's a kind o' _feel_ in the air, to me. When the Chris'mas-times sets in. That's about as much of a mystery As ever I've run ag'in!-- Fer instun...Rate it

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A Ghost Story. To The Air Of "Unfortunate Miss Bailey."
Thomas Moore
Not long in bed had Lyndhurst lain, When, as his lamp burned dimly, The ghosts of corporate bodies slain, Stood by his bedside grimly. Dead alderme...Rate it

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Vikrant Singh
Air The freely moving air, Nobody has the right to pollute it, Who has the power to capture it? Needed to breathe, Has the power to capture...Rate it

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Cindy Wilson
I sit here in this desk stuck in the midst of hell I wonder where and why I'm there with nothing to do but stare I listen to those who talk and won...Rate it

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I feel clear as the air As I stand and stare Past my troubles and into the sky Feeling pulled by A plane overhead, As it tosses the clouds And stop...Rate it

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Colin Neff
My mother didn't like me much And one day I got sick. I was going to die they said, Unless I cost a fortune. So I was on the machines, Draining the...Rate it

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Terry Turambar Robertson
As water is to fins, This thing is to wings. If put in a cup, The more one drains The more it fills up. When the cup Is completely filled, It appea...Rate it

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Asher J. Bond
Caught under sunlight, is all that leaves and returns— but they never stay. - Asher J. BondRate it

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Dustin Strong
Breath was luxury A time not long ago Life was hindrance A time all to familiar Lost to love of friends The breath was taken Slowly and harshly Th...Rate it

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L. Sperry
The air that we breathe Is magical even though it Doesn't seem Breath after breath We take for granted Year after year It will still be there Centu...Rate it

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Air And Angels
John Donne
Twice or thrice had I loved thee, Before I knew thy face or name; So in a voice, so in a shapeless flame, Angels affect us oft, and worshipped be; ...Rate it

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Air Castles.
Jean Blewett
I built a castle in the air - A radiant thing made out of dreams; Love's dear desire its golden stair - Naught heavier than a hope was there - A th...Rate it

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Air de la princesse d'Orange
Victor Marie Hugo
I Viens, ô toi que j'adore, Ton pas est plus joyeux Que le vent des cieux ; Viens, les yeux de l'aurore Sont divins, mais tes yeux Me regardent...Rate it

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Air Of Diabelli's
Robert Louis Stevenson
CALL it to mind, O my love. Dear were your eyes as the day, Bright as the day and the sky; Like the stream of gold and the sky above, Dear were you...Rate it

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Air Of You
Steven Avolio
Wind in the trees, Wind in your hair. A lovely breeze; Cool flowing air. Your eyes of green, Like leaves of grass, Have a fair sheen As clear as g...Rate it

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Air Vif
Paul Eluard
I looked in front of me In the crowd I saw you Among the wheat I saw you Beneath a tree I saw you At the end of my journeys In the depths of my to...Rate it

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Avoided Ignored Rejected - Is all but in the air loving you is all I could bare Its funny I cant help but stare In the dark,Alone I am here ...Rate it

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Liam Ó Comáin
~~~ Oh, play it again, oh, play it again… There is something there that I recall, a Fleeting melody, a snatch of tune. An old refrain that calls fo...Rate it

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Black Hole Air
zebra black
her bones like splintered stone scatter the blood of a darker self "a high note at a low point" ...Rate it

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