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A Future Heaven Loaned
Kurt Philip Behm
The only way to cross eternity is in a poem As words fly silent and words fly deep, beyond a future heaven loaned The light speed meteor trails f...Rate it

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A Glimpse Of Heaven
Joseph Horatio Chant
As the caged eagle neared the mountain range, O'er which he oft had soared on pinions strong, He clapped his wings, moved by some impulse strange, ...Rate it

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A Judgment In Heaven
Francis Thompson
Athwart the sod which is treading for God * the poet paced with his splendid eyes; Paradise-verdure he stately passes * to win to the Father of Par...Rate it

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A letter from heaven
Sammi Smithyman
When tomorrow starts without me, and I'm not here to see. If the sun should rise and find your eyes, filled with tears for me. I wish so m...Rate it

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A New Heaven
Wilfred Owen
Seeing we never found gay fairyland (Though still we crouched by bluebells moon by moon) And missed the tide of Lethe; yet are soon For that new br...Rate it

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A Peek Into Heaven
Jerry Griffin
If only for a moment Man could peek into heaven He could learn more than If he read twenty four seven The things that would be learned To accept o...Rate it

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A Place In Heaven
Nikhil Parekh
I was a handsome youth once, full of robust energy, always on the prowl, kicking stone, disheveled weeds in my path, racing in my automobile at ...Rate it

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A prayer to the Father of heaven
John Skelton
O radiant luminary of light interminable, Celestial Father, potential God of might, Of heaven and earth O Lord incomparable, Of all perfe...Rate it

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A Rose In Heaven's Garden
Katarina Davis
Your Grandmother left this life to live with Christ for eternity In a place where only the righteous are called to be Reaping the benefits for livi...Rate it

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A Standing Heaven As You See With Your Eyes!
Kanniappan Kanniappan
While there is a standing heaven as you see with your eyes …As a chaste wife who understands and helps in charities, Why one wants the company of u...Rate it

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A Star of Heaven
Haridas Shyamkumar
A Star fell down from the heaven, With a cutie heart and smiley face, Asking me a favor to do- Holding her hands and roaming- Around the world with...Rate it

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A Suplication For The Joys Of Heaven
Anne Kingsmill Finch
To the Superior World to Solemn Peace To Regions where Delights shall never cease To Living Springs and to Celestial shade For change of pleasure n...Rate it

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A Voice Heaven Sent
Kurt Philip Behm
Never writing for the masses, just writing for you One lone set of ears, to share life anew Never writing for consensus, my words not for r...Rate it

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Aedh Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven
William Butler Yeats
Had I the heavens' embroidered cloths, Enwrought with golden and silver light, The blue and the dim and the dark cloths Of night and light and the ...Rate it

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Airway To Heaven
Kurt Philip Behm
Poetry… my breath, my life Feelings inhaled, thoughts to delight (Dreamsleep: September, 2020)Rate it

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All Heaven For An Ear
Kurt Philip Behm
Life’s journey through the darkest night, whose final verse is clear Temptation preying on itself —all heaven for an ear (Villanova Pennsylvania:...Rate it

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All Heaven In Sight
Kurt Philip Behm
As a writer, I create my own freedom And as a writer, I invent my own friends As a writer, I espouse my own truth And as a writer, my will never...Rate it

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Among the Gardens in Heaven
Lysa Schuler
For a kind, elderly woman, I once cared for her flowers. They required nothing but sun, soil, and water. They were pink as fire and beautiful to se...Rate it

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And is there care in heaven, and is there love
Edmund Spenser
And is there care in heaven, and is there love In heavenly spirits to us creatures base, That may compassion of our evils move? There is : else muc...Rate it

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Artistry In Heaven
Wallace LaBenne
Artistry In Heaven There is a rainbow painter who tints the vibrant arc Artistry in heaven is a frontier mark There is a stanza singer who croons...Rate it

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Artistry In Heaven
Wallace Dean LaBenne
There is a rainbow painter who tints the vibrant arc Artistry in heaven is a frontier mark There is a stanza singer who croons lyrical peace Artis...Rate it

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As I Sit In Heaven
Wendy Bradley
As i sit in heaven and i watch you everyday i try to let you know with signs' that i never went away i hear you when you're Laughing and watch you ...Rate it

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As In Heaven, So On Earth
Donka Kristeva
I know the inner you, serene, wholesome, grand, the essence of the real man, a place of glowing flame. That flame is not extinguished by lonelines...Rate it

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At Heaven's Gate.
Pius Has Pagiel
Heaven's gate: It's so great and huge, Leading into a state Where souls find eternal refuge. The gate of heaven, Ridden with pearly crystals Of go...Rate it

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At Seven Life Is Heaven
Wallace Dean LaBenne
At seven life is heaven with no sorrows or woe. Reality is playtime by lad-winged Cupid's bow. At seven life is heaven with no dreads or regret. Pu...Rate it

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