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Hi Everyone! This is Ging not so tall and not so short. I came from a big family of Ten and I am the last fruit of my parents love on the first set of seven siblings. My family describe me as friendly, lively, lovely and poetic and funny; this is when I was at home in my native land and speak my own language and dialect. I speak two languages, three dialects and two dialect that I can understand but I can't speak very well. another extras,I can read Spanish but can't understand all the words, I speak few sentence. I love most of the sports and I was involved in sports during my younger years. I have passion in music and acting during my High school and college years. Graduated From O.T.C In B.S.E.ED. I started my Master but did not continue it...Its to be continued...:)I love to sing and play instruments like: guitar, piano, Auto Harp,ukelele, banjo and trying an accordion. I love life, I love to smile and laugh. I love to imagine and to dreams. I like to keep busy not sitting and doing nothing. I love vegetarian food and fruits and water to drink. I love people and I am people person. Honesty is the best policy for me. I like to be around trust worthy, Spiritual and God fearing people.I believe in simplicity is beauty,Simple but terrible ...:) I am curious person...I dislike critical, hateful person. CRITICISM without love brings destruction and LOVE without criticism brings stagnation. You have to learn to balance it. I like poetry because its an expression of our inner soul. Words that sweetly and wisely spoken are precious than silver or gold. I was told by the people when I was little, I am poet, and My Sweet told me, I have potential to be good poet if I will develop it. When I was invited to join this site, I was excited. I was motivated by the promise gift.Hehehehe When I was in high school around 10 t0 14 years old, I did not much pay attention about it, We were required to submit at least Five to Ten poems to be written in our native language; I was in panic because I waited at the last minute;So I have to ask my Sweet Aunt to help me and come up with more poems, because I had only done a four pieces.:) She was pity with me, so she agreed. In one day.., we're able to come up with the minimum requirements. Yikes! it was a close call!:) I was so pleased that the teacher was very please of the writings and my choice of words. Hehehe and she love it.:) Thanks to the founder of this poetry site, that encourage everyone to share what's in their heart and of course with the rules to follow, and review each other and help one another encourage each other. I am kind of addicted to poetry, I could not sleep when words are floating waiting to be capture. I have to get up and write it, and follow up the next day.By the way, I am sharing the Different types of Poetry, to remind you and myself of the different type so that we will have a better ideas what to write. And when we review others writing, we can understand and we can give a good judgement, kind and fair. Let us Respect each others work, Put your feet on others shoes, Look at the meaning beyond the saying of the poem, leave a comment in assertive way that will encourage me or someone to keep writing and sharing. Here is the following types of poetry: 1. Limerick- A short, humorous poem composed of 5 lines. It has rhyme scheme of aabba. 2. Haiku- A Japanese poem made up of 3 lines with a syllable pattern of 5-7-5 . Concrete- A poem that takes the shape of the poem's topic. 4. Couplet- A two-lined rhyming poem. 5. Diamante- A poem a 7 lines that begins with one noun and ends with that noun's opposite. 6. Free-verse- Poetry that does not contain regular patterns of rhythm or rhyme. Hurray! Just reach the Legendary level as I set to be reach exactly midnight of May 3rd 2012.:) Good morning to myself thanks to all the supporters.:) Hope you will reach yours too. and by the way, My Pin arrived today May 3;12.:)TY My heart flip flops! hehehe wink! I am on Tag site. Welcome to add me. I'm the founder of "You are not alone club get advice, in yahoo." You are invited to join in.:) http://groups.yahoo.com/group/youarenotalonegetadvice/join Let me know.:) Thank you for reading. Take care yourself. Be happy, easy go lucky. God bless.

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List of poems by Ging Alburo D. 132 total

At The Golden Beach (Poem no. 531) 5 ViewsRate it
What a Shooting Star Haiku (Poem No.547) 4 ViewsRate it
Beyond the sunset Haiku ( Poem No. 544) 3 ViewsRate it
"Blowin' In the Wind" ( Poem No. 506) 3 ViewsRate it
Because I'm yours and You're Mine Alone 3 ViewsRate it
Don't Mind the Slit of Your Teacher's Skirt...Limerick (Poem No. 505) 3 ViewsRate it
Friendship Is A Precious Gift (Poem No. 524) 3 ViewsRate it
I Will Never Stop Loving You (Poem No.500) 3 ViewsRate it
In Time Like This (Poem No. 489) 3 ViewsRate it
Joyful heart (7) 3 ViewsRate it
"The Tone Of Voice" (56) 2 ViewsRate it
A Lonely Princess (Poem No. 541) 2 ViewsRate it
Are You Sad And Lonely (Poem No.607) 2 ViewsRate it
Bumble Bee Attack (Poem No. 508) 2 ViewsRate it
If Tomorrow Never Comes (Poem No. 357) 2 ViewsRate it
Make Up Your Mind 2 ViewsRate it
Sometimes I Wonder (Poem No 582) 2 ViewsRate it
Vengeance is not Mine Haiku (Poem No. 550) 2 ViewsRate it
....Believe For A Better Tomorrow(Poem No.355) 1 ViewRate it
A Sweet Proposal (Poem No. 606) 1 ViewRate it
Be Sensitive To Others Feeling (Poem No. 518) 1 ViewRate it
Broken Promises Part 1 (Poem No. 532) 1 ViewRate it
Broken Promises Part 11 ( Poem No.533) 1 ViewRate it
Broken Promises Part 111 (Poem No.534) 1 ViewRate it
Dream With in My Dream (Poem 527) 1 ViewRate it
Happy Birth Day To My Love (8) 1 ViewRate it
I Have Counted The cost (Poem No. 507 1 ViewRate it
Jesus Is the Lighthouse Haiku (Poem No. 563) 1 ViewRate it
Lying on the Mountain Top (Poem No. 577) 1 ViewRate it
My Lord Come Quickly (Poem No. 543) 1 ViewRate it
No One Else...Haiku (Poem No. 499) 1 ViewRate it
Parable of a Ripe Field Haiku (Poem No. 514) 1 ViewRate it
Reminiscence and Break Up (9) 1 ViewRate it
Summers By the Sea Haiku (Poem No. 498) 1 ViewRate it
Time To Rise and Shine Haiku (Poem No. 555) 1 ViewRate it
Time To Say Goodbye Haiku ( Poem No. 546) 1 ViewRate it
Tribute to My Daughters (Poem No. 511) 1 ViewRate it
Try and Start All Over Again(Poem No. 510) 1 ViewRate it
What Great Mother Does (Poem No 537) 1 ViewRate it
When I Think Of You (Poem No. 487) 1 ViewRate it
When Someone Loves you (Poem No. 581) 1 ViewRate it
When You Glance At Me (Poem No. 495) 1 ViewRate it
A Foolish Man Keeps...,,,( Poem No. 600) 0 ViewsRate it
A Point Of Light Haiku (Poem No. 569) 0 ViewsRate it
Absence make the heart goes ponder (Poem No. 572 0 ViewsRate it
AS I listen to the Sound of The Falling Rain (Poem no.515) 0 ViewsRate it
Being With You Make Everything Alright! (Poem No. 409) 0 ViewsRate it
Bomb Burst Again Haiku (Poem No. 556) 0 ViewsRate it
Breakup Surely Hurt (Poem No. 603) 0 ViewsRate it
Calvary (10) 0 ViewsRate it
Charm Resides In the Smile (Poem No. 539) 0 ViewsRate it
Cling, He Will Not Depart Haiku (Poem 571) 0 ViewsRate it
Cold virus (Poem No. 486) 0 ViewsRate it
Come and Sup With Me Haiku (Poem No. 553) 0 ViewsRate it
Dearest One (2) 0 ViewsRate it
Death Where is Thy Sting Haiku ( Poem No. 551) 0 ViewsRate it
Distance Between Lover Seem to be Forever (Poem No. 3) 0 ViewsRate it
Do Not Wait to Serve Haiku (Poem No. 567) 0 ViewsRate it
Do Whatever You Need to Do (Haiku) (Poem No. 513) 0 ViewsRate it
Don"t Say I Love You (Poem No. 342) 0 ViewsRate it
Don't Call Your Man A Looser (Poem No. 559) 0 ViewsRate it
Enough Is Enough (Poem No. 576) 0 ViewsRate it
Eternally Your's (Poem No. 496) 0 ViewsRate it
Eyes Dilating Haiku (Poem No. 570) 0 ViewsRate it
Farewell Beloved Haiku (Poem No. 554) 0 ViewsRate it
Get Down On Your Knees(Poem No. 6002) 0 ViewsRate it
Give Me Love or Give Me Death (Poem No. 520) 0 ViewsRate it
God's Standard For us (491) 0 ViewsRate it
Goodbye My Love Goodbye! (14) 0 ViewsRate it
Greater Than Our Sins. Haiku (Poem No. 558) 0 ViewsRate it
Have you gotten this problem too in this site? 0 ViewsRate it
Heaven Here On Earth Haiku (poem No. 568) 0 ViewsRate it
Hurt Haiku (Poem No. 519) 0 ViewsRate it
I can't..... Without You.....(Poem No. 538) 0 ViewsRate it
I know the Pain of Nothingness (Poem No. 504) 0 ViewsRate it
I Miss You (4) 0 ViewsRate it
I Thought I Have It All (Poem No. 529) 0 ViewsRate it
Intrigue on the Waves Gestures (Poem N0.578) 0 ViewsRate it
Justice(215) 0 ViewsRate it
Led Me To Thy Path (Poem No. 542) 0 ViewsRate it
Life's Scars (Poem No. 604) 0 ViewsRate it
Like A Christmas Tree ( Poem No.411) 0 ViewsRate it
Like A Troubled Sea (Poem 522) 0 ViewsRate it
Little Birdie (Poem No. 608) 0 ViewsRate it
Look Upon Jesus Sinless Is He (Poem No. 560) 0 ViewsRate it
Loveliest Thing Is Being In Love (Poem 574) 0 ViewsRate it
Make Up Your Mind (11) 0 ViewsRate it
May God Hold You In His Palm (Poem No. 492) 0 ViewsRate it
Memories Of You Linger Haiku ( Poem No. 497) 0 ViewsRate it
My Ever Dearest (1) 0 ViewsRate it
My Ever dearest (no.6) 0 ViewsRate it
My Ever dearest Original 0 ViewsRate it
My Soul Worship Thee ( Poem No. 557) 0 ViewsRate it
My Sweet (Poem No. 494) 0 ViewsRate it
Never Doubt His Word (Poem No. 488) 0 ViewsRate it
Our Lips and Ears Poem No. 605) 0 ViewsRate it
People Never Care (Poem No. 512) 0 ViewsRate it
Prepare for The Storm Haiku (Poem No. 565) 0 ViewsRate it
Repent Says The Lord Haiku (Poem No. 552) 0 ViewsRate it
Rest On His Promise (Poem No. 562) 0 ViewsRate it
Revise and final piece of The Best Friend to Have 0 ViewsRate it
So Near Yet So Far :)(Poem No. 583) 0 ViewsRate it
Sometimes (Poem No. 561) 0 ViewsRate it
Somewhere ...(Poem No. 501) 0 ViewsRate it
Successful Couple (Poem No. 6001) 0 ViewsRate it
Sweet Little Word (Poem No. 566) 0 ViewsRate it
Take Care Of The Planet Earth (Poem No. 523) 0 ViewsRate it
The Best Friend To Have Is Jesus (Poem No. 540) 0 ViewsRate it
The Peaceful Morning (13) 0 ViewsRate it
Three Level Of Faith ( Poem No. 485) 0 ViewsRate it
Three Types of People(249) 0 ViewsRate it
Time Alone is Capable (Poem no. 579) 0 ViewsRate it
Time To Realize Haiku ( Poem No. 548) 0 ViewsRate it
Tired of Everything (Poem No. 575) 0 ViewsRate it
To Him That Knoweth good (Poem No. 518) 0 ViewsRate it
Tribute to Deadly Attack in Peshawar (Poem No 516) 0 ViewsRate it
Until You Are Exlusive With Me (Poem No. 528) 0 ViewsRate it
Victims of Love (Poem No. 584) 0 ViewsRate it
Vietnam War (5) 0 ViewsRate it
Waiting and Watching Haiku ( Poem No. 545) 0 ViewsRate it
We Slowly Depart (Poem No. 530) 0 ViewsRate it
We're Safe with Jesus (Poem No. 564) 0 ViewsRate it
Weigh in the Balance and found Wanting Haiku(Poem No. 535) 0 ViewsRate it
What More Could He Do! (Poem No. 490) 0 ViewsRate it
When I Fall In Love (Poem No. 580) 0 ViewsRate it
When I Fold My Hands To Pray And Meditate (12) 0 ViewsRate it
You Are A Sweet Little Headache (Poem No. 517) 0 ViewsRate it
You Are My Best Friend (Poem 525_ 0 ViewsRate it
You Are My Love Bug (Poem No. 493) 0 ViewsRate it
You Can Go Now (599) 0 ViewsRate it
You Will Have your turn Haiku (Poem No. 549) 0 ViewsRate it
You're Bless (Poem no. 502) 0 ViewsRate it

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