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He Wishes For The Cloths Of Heaven
William Butler Yeats
HAD I the heavens' embroidered cloths, Enwrought with golden and silver light, The blue and the dim and the dark cloths Of night and light and the ...Rate it

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Heaven & Hell
Mario William Vitale
Heaven & Hell She flirts with the desire beyond he means... to appease laughter in caged fear she sheds a tear to numb the inner pain ins...Rate it

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Heaven & Hell
Kurt Philip Behm
Do your words sharpen, as your feelings dull Do your actions harken, what’s still to cull Do your wheels spin faster, as you sink in place ...Rate it

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Heaven (a haiku)
God glows by the gates. His loveliness was worth it. Time to reap rewards.Rate it

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Heaven - Haven A nun takes the veil
Gerard Manley Hopkins
I have desired to go Where springs not fail, To fields where flies no sharp and sided hail And a few lilies blow. And I have asked to be Where ...Rate it

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Heaven And Earth
Wallace Dean LaBenne
Why do we cling to toil if heaven is supernal? Why do we cling to spoil if heaven is eternal? Why do we cling to fret if heaven is unfailing? Why ...Rate it

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Heaven And Earth.
Eliza Paul Kirkbride Gurney
Turn from the grave, turn from the grave, There's fearful mystery there; Descend not to the shadowy tomb, If thou wouldst shun despair. It tells a ...Rate it

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Heaven and God
Ehsan Sehgal
I am not a presenter of hatred I am a messenger of love Whenever, Evil characters hurt and harm me I forgive and pray With tears in my eyes As a ...Rate it

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Heaven And Hell
Francis Thompson
'Tis said there were no thought of hell, Save hell were taught; that there should be A Heaven for all's self-credible. Not so the thing appears to ...Rate it

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Heaven and Hell
Theresa L Strack
Of all the men I've ever met, you're the one I won't forget. And if I die before you do, I'll go to Heaven to wait for you. If you're not there o...Rate it

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Heaven And Hell
Kurt Philip Behm
Do your words sharpen, as your feelings dull Do your actions harken, what’s still to know Do your wheels spin faster as you sink in place ...Rate it

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Heaven and Hell
Tylee Martin
Heaven and Hell The nouns that are Heaven and Hell are probably just fables Lies that were passed down from our ancestor's dinner table The 2 plac...Rate it

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Heaven And The Stars
Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov
Brilliant heavens of evening, Distant stars clearly shining, Bright as the rapture of childhood, O why dare I send you nevermore greeting-- Stars, ...Rate it

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Heaven As Well As Hell
Nikhil Parekh
I was ready to bathe in a tumultuous whirlpool of tears; perpetually drowning myself in an ocean of inexplicable sorrow, For just an inconspicuous...Rate it

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Heaven bound
Ronnie L Ponder
If you visit The Church I go You'll find me there on the first Pew You'll hear some loud amens As I hear God's words You may even hear me singin...Rate it

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Same destination Different transportation Highway to Heaven......Rate it

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heaven BY:Markus E. Lucas
Markus Lucas
From what place am I? And what mountain High upon high? Where Rolling Meadows and dew dropped grass are never ending, And my dreams spread win...Rate it

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Heaven Despite the Warship
Joseph Lewis Allen
Lieutenant, do it now! Yes sir, it's easier while Dolphins swim off the port bow... Sir, what we did today makes me cry! I know, me too, but look h...Rate it

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Heaven Eyes
Deathofthepoet Neal
Eyes such as these have never seen beauty holding such peacein fall leaves They remember pain through suffering only to be victorious over those...Rate it

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Heaven Forbids
Kimberley Brunette
Heaven forbids the sins that maybe upon. You. But Heaven accepts the good. That you may have done. God helps those. Who want to help themselves. Bu...Rate it

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Heaven gave me you
Taleshia G MCcray
I met him in summer the month was July he took my heart,spoke sweet words made me wanna. His smile brightened up my day he filled me with pure deli...Rate it

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Heaven Has a Brand New Angel
David Keith
Heaven has a brand new angel. They just got there yesterday. God thought they were so special, He called them home to stay. Heaven has a brand new...Rate it

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Heaven has different Signs—to me
Emily Dickinson
"Heaven" has different Signs—to me— Sometimes, I think that Noon Is but a symbol of the Place— And when again, at Dawn, A mighty look runs round t...Rate it

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Heaven Has Shed A Tear
Friedrich Rückert
Heaven has shed a tear that meant to lose itself in the sea; but the mussel came and locked it in: you shall now be my pearl. You should not ...Rate it

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Heaven Here On Earth Haiku (poem No. 568)
Ging Alburo D.
Haoku -5-7-5 Two hearts in one beat Beats in unison with grace Heaven here on earth. By Ms. Ging 06-27-13Rate it

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