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The Hound of Heaven
Mario William Vitale
steps to reach the highest rung a heart so full of the undone we have been through miles but caused no pain a given chance at which to rearrange...Rate it

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The Hound of Heaven
Francis Thompson
I fled Him down the nights and down the days I fled Him down the arches of the years I fled Him down the labyrinthine ways Of my own mind, and in t...Rate it

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The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
William Blake
THE ARGUMENT RINTRAH roars and shakes his fires in the burdenM air, Hungry clouds swag on the deep. Once meek, and in a perilous path The j...Rate it

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The Milk of Heaven
Matthew William Beckham
I had a feeling . . . When the beacon of self revelation Prayed through me Like a sea change in winter I had a feeling . . . all along . . . That t...Rate it

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The Only Route To Heaven
Nikhil Parekh
Start & End even the most destructively terrorizing moment of yours; solely with the tributaries of pristinely unsurpassable and eternally enam...Rate it

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The Trumpets Of Heaven
Leon Gellert
A silver cry is calling from a height Leaving the awful pause that follows song, And through the silence shines a stretching light- A stretching li...Rate it

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Their Height in Heaven comforts not
Emily Dickinson
Their Height in Heaven comforts not— Their Glory—nought to me— 'Twas best imperfect—as it was— I'm finite—I can't see— The House of Supposition— T...Rate it

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Through Heaven's Sparkling Eyes
Vance Lemley
If today is marked To be my last And I shall take my final breath Always know your place Within my heart And the past never regret You shall remain...Rate it

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Thus Be It Heaven Heavenly
Samuel Greenberg
In our Bible, the dream of Samuel is death, As the clouds consume his form and bare him to Heaven-- The song from colored birds so lyric and sweet ...Rate it

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To Harriet -- It Is Not Blasphemy To Hope That Heaven
Percy Bysshe Shelley
It is not blasphemy to hope that Heaven More perfectly will give those nameless joys Which throb within the pulses of the blood And sweeten all tha...Rate it

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To heaven
Robert Herrick
Open thy gates To him who weeping waits, And might come in, But that held back by sin. Let mercy be So kind, to set me free, And I will straight Co...Rate it

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To Mary In Heaven
Robert Burns
Thou lingering star, with less'ning ray, That lov'st to greet the early morn, Again thou usherast in the day My Mary from my soul was torn. O M...Rate it

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Too much heaven?
Nobody Nose
Nobody gets too much heaven no more It's much harder to come by I'm waiting in line Nobody gets too much love anymore It's as high as a mountain An...Rate it

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Treasure Heaven Sent
Kurt Philip Behm
Wrapped inside a moment, reasons tied the bow Excuses thrown into the trash, where wasted pleadings go The gift of time majestic, when given free...Rate it

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Under Heaven's Gaze
Ian Sawicki
Alive - I breathe under Heaven's gaze, reaching for feathered embrace, I find myself embedded under foreign sky: waving clouds upon this stretched ...Rate it

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Up In Heaven
David Smith
The poem just written is for my Aunt Paulene Welch- that passed away at 4:30 pm on 8-17-2012 may she rest in peace. The day went so fast As she d...Rate it

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We pray—to Heaven
Emily Dickinson
We pray—to Heaven— We prate—of Heaven— Relate—when Neighbors die— At what o'clock to heaven—they fled— Who saw them—Wherefore fly? Is Heaven a Pla...Rate it

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Weary Of The World, And With Heaven Most Dear
Thomas Kingo
Farewell, world, farewell As thrall here I’m weary and no more will dwell, The manifold burdens that on me have lain, I wrest them now from me and ...Rate it

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What Heaven Began
Kurt Philip Behm
To live as an artist, but die as a man The dust forever chasing, —what heaven began (Green River, Wyoming: June, 2003)Rate it

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What Heaven Sent
Kurt Philip Behm
I've walked at a peculiar angle As I've laughed at peculiar circumstances I've aged in the most peculiar of vacuums And went on to love in the m...Rate it

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What's Heaven Sent
Kurt Philip Behm
Never let the perfect steal the treasure from what’s good Never let epiphany’s flame burn through what’s understood Never let the paradigm c...Rate it

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When the Shy Star Goes Forth in Heaven
James Joyce
When the shy star goes forth in heaven All maidenly, disconsolate, Hear you amid the drowsy even One who is singing by your gate. His song is s...Rate it

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Where is heaven
WHen I die and go to my heaven, where will it be? On the couch after experiencing enlightenment? In the bed with Tosha? On a ninja mission with Car...Rate it

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Where Is Heaven? ~ Sept. 10, 2020
Cheyenne Seaman
They say that in Heaven, there are streets of gold. Where do I start when listening to stories of old? Where do I go when peace and solace I need? ...Rate it

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Where The Heck Is Heaven?
Wallace Dean LaBenne
Where the heck is heaven? Is it on the run? We all want to find it before life is done. Why the heck is heaven? Is it meant to stun? We all want to...Rate it

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