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William Morris, Mayor of Galway, 1527-28.

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A Good Knight In Prison 381 ViewsRate it
Drawing Near The Light
 370 ViewsRate it
In Prison 327 ViewsRate it
Song I: Though the World Be A-Waning
 324 ViewsRate it
Hafbur And Signy
 189 ViewsRate it
Sad-Eyed and Soft and Grey
 152 ViewsRate it
Sir Galahad, a Christmas Mystery
 134 ViewsRate it
For the Bed at Kelmscott
 132 ViewsRate it
The Haystack in the Floods
 127 ViewsRate it
The Earthly Paradise: Apology
 125 ViewsRate it
Knight Aagen And The Maiden Else
 121 ViewsRate it
Song VIII: While Ye Deemed Him A-Sleeping
 121 ViewsRate it
All For The Cause
 120 ViewsRate it
Sir Giles' War-Song 116 ViewsRate it
Mine and Thine
 114 ViewsRate it
Of The Three Seekers
 112 ViewsRate it
King Arthur's Tomb
 110 ViewsRate it
Song III: It Grew Up Without Heeding
 110 ViewsRate it
The Voice of Toil
 110 ViewsRate it
 108 ViewsRate it
A Death Song 106 ViewsRate it
Love's Gleaning Tide
 105 ViewsRate it
The God Of The Poor
 105 ViewsRate it
Love is enough
 103 ViewsRate it
The Chapel in Lyonesse
 103 ViewsRate it
Love is Enough: Songs I-IX
 102 ViewsRate it
The Day Is Coming
 101 ViewsRate it
The Doomed Ship
 101 ViewsRate it
The King Of Denmark's Sons
 101 ViewsRate it
The Son's Sorrow
 101 ViewsRate it
Pain And Time Strive Not
 99 ViewsRate it
Summer Dawn
 97 ViewsRate it
Riding Together
 96 ViewsRate it
Atalanta's Race
 95 ViewsRate it
Sir Peter Harpdon's End
 95 ViewsRate it
The Burgher's Battle
 95 ViewsRate it
The Flowering Orchard
 94 ViewsRate it
Hildebrand And Hellelil
 92 ViewsRate it
The Eve of Crecy
 92 ViewsRate it
Love's Reward
 91 ViewsRate it
Another For The Briar-Rose
 89 ViewsRate it
The Two Sides Of The River
 89 ViewsRate it
To The Muse Of The North
 88 ViewsRate it
On The Edge Of The Wilderness
 87 ViewsRate it
Love Fulfilled
 84 ViewsRate it
The Woodpecker 84 ViewsRate it
Echoes Of Love's House
 81 ViewsRate it
 81 ViewsRate it
Verses For Pictures
 75 ViewsRate it
Winter 75 ViewsRate it
Near Avalon
 74 ViewsRate it
Our Hands Have Met
 73 ViewsRate it
 72 ViewsRate it
Song IV: Draw Near and Behold Me
 71 ViewsRate it
The Folk-Mote By The River
 71 ViewsRate it
The Message Of The March Wind
 71 ViewsRate it
The Raven And The King's Daughter
 71 ViewsRate it
 70 ViewsRate it
Spring's Bedfellow
 70 ViewsRate it
Mother And Son
 69 ViewsRate it
Goldilocks And Goldilocks
 68 ViewsRate it
Of The Wooing Of Halbiorn The Strong
 66 ViewsRate it
Shameful Death
 66 ViewsRate it
Song IX: Ho Ye Who Seek Saving
 66 ViewsRate it
The Earthly Paradise: The Lady of the Land
 66 ViewsRate it
Iceland First Seen
 64 ViewsRate it
From The Upland To The Sea
 63 ViewsRate it
The Hall And The Wood
 61 ViewsRate it
The Story of Sigurd the Volsung (excerpt)
 61 ViewsRate it
Agnes And The Hill-Man
 58 ViewsRate it
Earth the Healer, Earth the Keeper
 58 ViewsRate it
 58 ViewsRate it
Pray But One Prayer For Us
 58 ViewsRate it
The Half Of Life Gone
 58 ViewsRate it
A Garden By The Sea
 55 ViewsRate it
The Lion 53 ViewsRate it
Thunder In The Garden
 53 ViewsRate it
Song II: Have No Thought for Tomorrow
 52 ViewsRate it
Summer 51 ViewsRate it
Meeting In Winter
 49 ViewsRate it
Error And Loss
 47 ViewsRate it
The End Of May
 47 ViewsRate it
Gunnar's Howe Above The House At Lithend
 46 ViewsRate it
 45 ViewsRate it
Hope Dieth: Hope Liveth
 43 ViewsRate it
In Arthur's House
 39 ViewsRate it
The Forest
 39 ViewsRate it
Tapestry Trees
 38 ViewsRate it
Autumn 35 ViewsRate it
For The Briar-Rose
 35 ViewsRate it
The Lay Of Christine
 35 ViewsRate it
Near But Far Away
 34 ViewsRate it
Song V: Through the Trouble and Tangle
 33 ViewsRate it
The Day Of Days
 32 ViewsRate it
Song VI: Cherish Life that Abideth
 30 ViewsRate it
The Orchard
 30 ViewsRate it
Song VII: Dawn Talks to Day
 29 ViewsRate it
The Haystack in the Woods
 25 ViewsRate it
The Nymph's Song to Hylas
 24 ViewsRate it
The Defence of Guenevere
 23 ViewsRate it
All For The Cause.
 4 ViewsRate it
Down Among The Dead Men
 4 ViewsRate it
A Death Song. 2 ViewsRate it
A Garden By The Sea.
 2 ViewsRate it
Agnes And The Hill-Man. Translated From The Danish.
 2 ViewsRate it
Concerning Geffray Teste Noire
 2 ViewsRate it
Another For The Briar-Rose.
 1 ViewRate it

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