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A Friend In The Garden.
Juliana Horatia Ewing
He is not John the gardener, And yet the whole day long Employs himself most usefully, The flower-beds among. He is not Tom the pussy-cat, And ...Rate it

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A garden
Helen Beatrix Potter
We have a little garden, A garden of our own, And every day we water there The seeds that we have sown. We love our little garden, And tend it ...Rate it

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A Garden By The Sea
William Morris
I KNOW a little garden-close, Set thick with lily and red rose, Where I would wander if I might From dewy morn to dewy night, And have one with...Rate it

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A Garden By The Sea.
William Morris
I know a little garden-close, Set thick with lily and red rose, Where I would wander if I might From dewy morn to dewy night, And have one with me ...Rate it

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A Garden Idyl
George Meredith
With sagest craft Arachne worked Her web, and at a corner lurked, Awaiting what should plump her soon, To case it in the death-cocoon. Sagaciously ...Rate it

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A Garden In The Desert
Harriet Monroe
So light and soft the days fall— Like petals one by one Down from yon tree whose flowers all Must vanish in the sun. Like almond-petals down, dea...Rate it

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A Garden Party in the Temple
James Williams
On hospitable thoughts intent To me the Inner Temple sent An invitation, A garden party 'twas to be, And I accepted readily And with elation; Good ...Rate it

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A Garden Unspoiled
Kurt Philip Behm
Beyond your reach And in possession of myself The petals remain open, — in a garden unspoiled (Villanova Pennsylvania: October, 2015)Rate it

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A Garden, Written after the Civil Wars
Andrew Marvell
SEE how the flowers, as at parade, Under their colours stand display'd: Each regiment in order grows, That of the tulip, pink, and rose. But wh...Rate it

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A Garden-Seat At Home
William Lisle Bowles
Oh, no; I would not leave thee, my sweet home, Decked with the mantling woodbine and the rose, And slender woods that the still scene inclose, For ...Rate it

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A Girl's Garden
Robert Lee Frost
A neighbor of mine in the village Likes to tell how one spring When she was a girl on the farm, she did A childlike thing. One day she asked he...Rate it

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A Gotham Garden of Verses
Franklin P. Adams
I In summer when the days are hot The subway is delayed a lot; In winter, quite the selfsame thing; In autumn also, and in spring. And does it...Rate it

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A Library In A Garden
Richard Le Gallienne
'A Library in a garden! The phrase seems to contain the whole felicity of man.' - Mr. EDMUND GOSSE in Gossip in a Library. A world of books ami...Rate it

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A Little Bit of Garden
William Henry Ogilvie
We need no crown or sceptre, for now that it is spring, just a little bit of garden- and every man's a king! A little breadth of border, a little ...Rate it

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A New York Child's Garden of Verses
Franklin P. Adams
(With the usual.) I In winter I get up at night, And dress by an electric light. In summer, autumn, ay, and spring, I have to do the self-same thi...Rate it

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A Rose In Heaven's Garden
Katarina Davis
Your Grandmother left this life to live with Christ for eternity In a place where only the righteous are called to be Reaping the benefits for livi...Rate it

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A Roxbury Garden
Amy Lowell
I Hoops Blue and pink sashes, Criss-cross shoes, Minna and Stella run out into the garden To play at hoop. Up and down the garden-paths they rac...Rate it

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A Statue In The Garden
Eleanor Agnes Lee
I was a goddess ere the marble found me. Wind, wind, delay not! Waft my spirit where the laurel crowned me! Will the wind stay not? Then tarry,...Rate it

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A Tulip Garden
Amy Lowell
Guarded within the old red wall's embrace, Marshalled like soldiers in gay company, The tulips stand arrayed. Here infantry Wheels out into the sun...Rate it

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About The Sheltered Garden Ground
Robert Louis Stevenson
ABOUT the sheltered garden ground The trees stand strangely still. The vale ne'er seemed so deep before, Nor yet so high the hill. An awful sense ...Rate it

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Alone In The Garden
Gabriel McBride
Come what may, whatever will; a kiss from your lips, I'll never feel. A visit to the garden, my private place; surrounded by none, wounds to erase....Rate it

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An October Garden
Christina Rossetti
In my Autumn garden I was fain To mourn among my scattered roses; Alas for that last rosebud which uncloses To Autumn’s languid sun and r...Rate it

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An October Garden
Christina Georgina Rossetti
In my Autumn garden I was fain To mourn among my scattered roses; Alas for that last rosebud which uncloses To Autumn's languid sun and rain Wh...Rate it

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An Old-Fashioned Garden
Ellis Parker Butler
Strange, is it not? She was making her garden, Planting the old-fashioned flowers that day— Bleeding-hearts tender and bachelors-buttons— Spreading...Rate it

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Autumn in the Garden
Henry Van Dyke
When the frosty kiss of Autumn in the dark Makes its mark On the flowers, and the misty morning grieves Over fallen leaves; Then my olden garden, w...Rate it

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