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Walk Away

I sit back with exasperating thoughts and recollect all that I've done.

I count my blessings from all my lessons and realize my life has just begun. Sometimes we have to be lost in order to find ourselves, and in the presence of company we can...

by Blaine nelson

added by redgrizzlymusic
3 days ago


Nunca pestañea Dios,
cuando cada solar Él,...

by Roberto Suárez Torres

added by robertrad2021
3 days ago


Never does God blink,
when each patch in the wide sun,
with meek eyes sole...

by Roberto Suárez Torres

added by robertrad2021
3 days ago

a young voice

Land of the free.
Not so much when you're a woman.
We’re told in the national anthem “the land of the free and at the home of the brave”
One is true.
But it’s not the one you’d think.
Because it's not the land of the free.
It's a ‘home’ of the...

by milo foster (me)

added by kkfaith2017
3 days ago

This is America, Know your name.

We’ve created connections through our society.
We’ve created our own reflection through personal rejection.
We’ve created love through affection.
This life we live is beautiful
We have our own skin, our very own complexion
We have our own...

by Iverson Taylor Smith

added by Whereisiverson
3 days ago

The boy

I will gladly walk through all my years of pain a hundred times over if you promise to meet me right here at this perfect moment.
My walls have crumbled underneath your beautiful eyes and soothing voice.
I no longer wish to rebuild those walls, I...

by Jessica Giger

added by Jessica.giger
3 days ago


Let each path that I tread
be pleasant before eyes
in a withered...

by Roberto Suárez Torres

added by robertrad2021
3 days ago

The man in the moon

The world was mine
Up there on your shoulders
I was safe, loved and brave

Other heroes brought their own
But none could
Match your powers

My love for the moon grows
As I search the night skies
To find your smile

This time of year...

by Jessica Giger

added by Jessica.giger
3 days ago

Sober Sensibility

As we approach the close of our earthly lives, a modicum of wisdom can be obtained when we come to the realization of an ironic and sober sensibility, when we come to the recognition that our earthly achievements, accomplishments, and successes— and...

by Karl Constantine FOLKES

added by karlcfolkes
3 days ago


La guadaña del tiempo se afila con cada...

by Roberto Suárez Torres

added by robertrad2021
3 days ago

The Slippery Slope

The Supreme Court has overturned Roe v Wade.
You say so what, let the states decide women’s fate.
The Red states want to jail women
who get an abortion.
They ban abortions with no exception.
Will they jail women who miscarry?
They want to...

by Anne Brady

added by AnneBrady
3 days ago

Life Investment

Cast your bread upon the water,
You find after many days;
Sending a son or daughter,
They will find it that it stays.

Give a portion to seven,
You know not what disaster;
As the wrath comes from Heaven,
For you ignored the Master.

If the...

by Richard Newton Sherrer

added by richards.77936
4 days ago

Father Time

Never found sickles
in the fields, farmers,
than Father Time has when...

by Roberto Suárez Torres

added by robertrad2021
4 days ago

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