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Under the Light, yet under
Emily Dickinson
Under the Light, yet under, Under the Grass and the Dirt, Under the Beetle's Cellar Under the Clover's Root, Further than Arm could stretch Were i...Rate it

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Under Arrest
Ehsan Sehgal
It is very stubborn It enters into my mind ground, Every second And without permission It occupies all my senses Swims in my veins It speeds up, my...Rate it

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The Kick Under The Table
Edgar Albert Guest
After a man has been married awhile, And his wife has grown used to his manner And style, When she knows form the twinkle that lights Up his eye Th...Rate it

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Under the Greenwood Tree
William Shakespeare
Under the greenwood tree Who loves to lie with me, And turn his merry note Unto the sweet bird's throat, Come hither, come hither, come hither: Her...Rate it

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Under the stars
Tlou "Sean" Seanego
The pain growing taller than the tallest tree, hate more complicated for us to comprehend, like the constellations we have no contribution, contrib...Rate it

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"Watch Who you throw under the Bus!
Lola Boutte
The person whom you through under the bus, may have to help you, one day. People are different with many issues. Just give it to God. He fight...Rate it

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Robert Herrick
My dearest Love, since thou wilt go, And leave me here behind thee; For love or pity, let me know The place where I may find thee. AMARIL. In cou...Rate it

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Albert Down Under
Marriott Edgar
Albert were what you'd call “thwarted”. He had long had an ambition, which... Were to save up and go to Australia, The saving up that were the h...Rate it

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Aren't You Glad?: six feet under
Kenneth R. Jenkins
Aren't you glad you're here today? Instead of six feet underground Not hearing those sad slow songs Crying over you anyway. Don't trip that your d...Rate it

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Bat, Bat, Come Under my Hat
Sir Charles George Douglas Roberts
(A Modernity) Twelve good friends Passed under her hat, And devil a one of them Knew where he was at. Had they but known, Then ha...Rate it

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Bury Me Under The Sea
Matthew Main
A forgotten land and fourteen hours away Still, I can't recall the exact day Here the grass never ever grows Leaving a smelted land, and a forsaken...Rate it

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city under siege (thoughts)
Didar Baizhanov
simple night persuades to win staring contest against the ceiling how much control does one need to rule the path in relative peace? cocky lamps a...Rate it

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Confusion Under Confusion
Ehsan Sehgal
O' God; my God I am about to melt From the power of love And the radiation upon my heart And mind By the eye rays of someone, Who has chosen me For...Rate it

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Finding Oneself Under The Light Of God
Ian Sawicki
Dear Child, please do not cry? You are in my thoughts here, I hear every tear that falls, smile now. Rejoice, lift up your eyes, the beauty of Hea...Rate it

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Freedom Under Compromised Knowledge
Zebedee De Costa
Unseen zeros and ones in vertical lines, Of H two six fours written for HTML fives, Never-ending lefts, finally swiping right, Blood heats up, and ...Rate it

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Robert Herrick
Ah, Posthumus! our years hence fly And leave no sound: nor piety, Or prayers, or vow Can keep the wrinkle from the brow; But we must on, As fate ...Rate it

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Inscription under the Picture of an Aged Negro-woman
James Montgomery
Art thou a woman? -- so am I; and all That woman can be, I have been, or am; A daughter, sister, consort, mother, widow. Whiche'er of these thou a...Rate it

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Lines Printed Under The Engraved Portrait Of Milton, In Tonson's Folio Edition Of The Paradise Lost, 1688
John Dryden
Three poets, in three distant ages born, Greece, Italy, and England, did adorn. The first, in loftiness of thought surpassed; The next, in majes...Rate it

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Lines Traced Under An Image Of Amor Threatening
Herman Melville
Fear me, virgin whosoever Taking pride from love exempt, Fear me, slighted. Never, never Brave me, nor my fury tempt: Downy wings, but wroth they b...Rate it

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Lines written under the Conviction That It Is Not Wise to Read Mathematics in November after One’s Fire Is Out
James Clerk Maxwell
In the sad November time, When the leaf has left the lime, And the Cam, with sludge and slime, Plasters his ugly channel, While, with sober ste...Rate it

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Look under my table
Sean L Sanders
Tears bleeding like the reddest of a red rose, I dream of daydreaming, Quiet frost bitten moment succumbed with desire, look under my table, Sear...Rate it

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Media under attack (Bangladesh)
Hashan Mannan
The news paper and it's reporter, Two important factors of mass media. One is accomplisment of the other, Without one, the other is dim and dull. I...Rate it

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Meditation under Stars
George Meredith
What links are ours with orbs that are So resolutely far: The solitary asks, and they Give radiance as from a shield: Still at the death of day, Th...Rate it

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Monster Under My Bed
Wendy Rose
There is a monster under my bed There is a monster behind the door I saw a shadow at my window Look just there - it crossed the floor Please do...Rate it

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Robert Herrick
Among the myrtles as I walk'd Love and my sighs thus intertalk'd: Tell me, said I, in deep distress, Where I may find my Shepherdess? --Thou fool, ...Rate it

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