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Lisa Ann Hill
People run  People train People get in the way I'm just saying Not trying to put the blame Gotta leave it with the rain Gotta stay on pace To win...Rate it

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Monica Mackness
A race to win hearts and turn away from evil Preventing the minds Delusional worlds to allow the soul urge. The more you know, the more you seek ...Rate it

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Satya Pattnaik
We are in the race body moves daily with bundlesof desire pass through narrow lanes struggle to grab the world of comfort without leaving space fo...Rate it

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Keza bahunde
Race, race, race. How you mad that I have this color on my face? I don’t know if I’m speaking facts or not but I just want to put this out. I may b...Rate it

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For Spiritual Brothers and Sisters &All Human Race on Earth
Astghick Moradkhanians
It is essential putting loving God First in your life! Then, you will restore compassion, ...Rate it

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[flamingos run race]
Sonia Walker
flamingos run race whirring scene of flashing pink speeding to front yardsRate it

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God's Master plan for human race by astghick moradkhanians
Astghick Moradkhanians
The mystery of master plan on earth;must be someone special so near and dear to God;and trust worthy to carry this God's mission on earth! The myst...Rate it

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Ah what avails the sceptred race,
Walter Savage Landor
Ah what avails the sceptred race, Ah what the form divine! What every virtue, every grace! Rose Aylmer, all were thine. Rose Aylmer, whom these wak...Rate it

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Atalanta's Race
William Morris
Through thick Arcadian woods a hunter went, Following the beasts upon a fresh spring day; But since his horn-tipped bow but seldom bent, Now at ...Rate it

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Damned Human Race
Kurt Philip Behm
You may not like it, you may not agree But religions’ the problem, the real enemy A blind ideology, that kills to maintain A false image o...Rate it

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Death Race
Shatana Brown
Time Such a delicate virtue, but in the human mind, minor, practically nothing In life, only two checkpoints, life and death One race Trillions o...Rate it

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From Tuscan Came My Lady's Worthy Race
Henry Howard
From Tuscan came my lady's worthy race; Fair Florence was sometime her ancient seat. The western isle whose pleasant shore doth face Wild Camber's ...Rate it

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Human Race
Wallace Dean LaBenne
The human race is clueless The human race is smart The human race is everything from waste to art The human race is hapless The human race is fate...Rate it

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Human Race
Fernanda Costa
Sometimes life is so unfair, people who want children cannot bare While others can and just don't care Some couples want so badly to have a child ...Rate it

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Hymn To The Patriarchs. Or Of The Beginnings Of The Human Race.
Giacomo Leopardi
Illustrious fathers of the human race, Of you, the song of your afflicted sons Will chant the praise; of you, more dear, by far, Unto the Great Dis...Rate it

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I belong to human race
Anjam Abbas
A storm in the tea cup I belong to human race The crown of the creation Truth is my worst enemy Lies are my girlfriends Sitting on the wings of f...Rate it

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Ma Race
Emile Verhaeren
Je suis le fils de cette race Dont les cerveaux plus que les dents Sont solides et sont ardents Et sont voraces. Je suis le fils de cette race ...Rate it

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My race
Laulindah Shiku
To well meaning voices and mockers alike Who scream to my heart "give chase" For this truth I implore, do brace. Your alarm clocks of me...Rate it

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Race against Time
Dominick Harvey
Revolving doors open and close Shaking old habits no longer in fear Consuming courage taking a heaping dose Racing against time spirited away from ...Rate it

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race card
Wesley Morin
everybody's got to get their fix and kicks in a hung jury at the court of public opinion you're that "one in a million" you're the villain you're t...Rate it

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Race Of Life
Elma Bautista Cornell
The way to winning in the race is not by just trying to lead neither giving your best to win nor getting the price it pays. Defeat is another part ...Rate it

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Race Of Veterans
Walt Whitman
RACE of veterans! Race of victors! Race of the soil, ready for conflict! race of the conquering march! (No more credulity's race, abiding...Rate it

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Race Suicide
Edgar Lee Masters
'Get children,' says Commodus. Why unbar The portals of the earth? Pre-natal dead If you had entered here the god of war Had slaughtered you to ...Rate it

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Rio Grande's Last Race
Andrew Barton Paterson
Now this was what Macpherson told While waiting in the stand; A reckless rider, over-bold, The only man with hands to hold The rushing Rio Gran...Rate it

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The Claiming Race
Kurt Philip Behm
Fame means part of you Maybe all of you Belongs to someone else Someone vicarious in their intent Insatiable given their adulation Proprietary, Es...Rate it

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