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  April 2021     17 hours ago

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'Tell Me What You Want To Read'

Throughout my 'career',
As a student in elementary school.
The essays we were assigned to write,
My teachers disbelieved,
I had written my essays...
Without assistance.
And I was accused repeatedly,
For writing something done.
Not to come...

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

added 1 day ago
The Is Of It As Is To Be...

The is of it as is to be...
Has its way in time become accepted.

Although rejected to be unacceptable.

Yet with unconcerned and neglect,
Is what it is.
Having many to adopt the normalcy,
Of whatever it is to expect it.
And sought to seek,...

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

added 1 day ago

So much today,
Has been tolerated.
As a way of life to live it.
To have disrespect,
Division between different ethnicities.
And this to do to pride,
In a society to normalize and accept...
To defend, protect and pledged to be,
Greater than...

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

added 1 day ago
More Is Wanted Not To Need.

You want more.
And I want more.
Few are heard to pray for less,
Than they had before.

Everybody wants to get more not less.
To flaunt and show,
That they're better than the rest.
Everybody wants somebody to impress.
With what they have for...

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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added 2 days ago
Saying Yes

How can anyone say 'Yes'.
To a doing and accept.
Without having the knowledge,
Of what from them is expected.

And then in the midst to begin,
A belief to think easy.
From observing it done,
By others made to look that way.
To discover and...

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

added 3 days ago

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So much I appreciate the responses I have received for my poetic submissions. And, after so many countless of years too. I can only express 'thank you'. Lawrence

1 day ago

Hi, Dianejean57. Thank you once again. Lawrence

1 day ago

Hi, alexw.30385, thank you. This poem is more a reflection of myself. Yes. Many years ago, having interests in the performing arts, taking lessons in this and that. I loved to sing, dance and play baseball. I began taking acting lessons. Yep! Thinking it was easy. As I grew up, I was told my own words to say, was not accepted. I thought 'this' was acting. Now I realize how difficult it is to make look easy. It isn't. I don't say 'Yes' to anything anymore. Until I know exactly what's involved. Thank you again. Lawrence 

1 day ago

Kendal? Your 'One Tomorrow', in my opinion, is fantastic. It's simplicity say more than your words express.
Inspirational it is! Thank you. Lawrence

1 day ago

Hi, I age and grow older I've begun to realize we may all appear to have different life experiences. Yet, how we feel inside?
Is familiar. lsp

1 day ago

Thank you, Dianejean 57. Your poem, 'My White Dove' is very interesting. I have experienced seeing 'Morning Doves' They are kind of golden brown in color. I am told Doves appear to people who are peaceful and blessed. But few are familiar with 'Morning Doves'. Almost like a Rose most perceive are just red in color but are not. I really liked your poem. Thanks again for sharing. Peace/Blessings, Lawrence 

2 days ago

Hi, much do I appreciate your comments. Yes. When time permits and soon, I'll read your submissions as well. Thanks again, Peace/Blessings. Lawrence

2 days ago

Hi, Soul_00. Very much dud I enjoy your comments. All of us who are 'fortunate& blessed to witness these times. Have been given the freedom to both 'imagine and obsorb' what to us is presented. Yet, so many believe to assume, they can rule and control over what is happening. To have been deluded and fictioned historically. This experience of life we have, is not of our creation to decide which way of life is best for everyone to live. Thank you once again for your comments. lsp 

4 days ago

So much I relate to your 'God Knocked On My Heart' especially the line when God asks, 'How high you wanna fly?' Very nice. lsp

7 days ago

Hi,amandak, much do I appreciate your reading my 'criticisms'. We all experience some form of this. Again, thank you.

7 days ago

Thank you, Dianejean57.

13 days ago

Chris? 'Wrapped Up In You' brilliantly written. From beginning to end. Yes! Within your expression so much you allow to confess just how you feel. After MANY years of my own poetic writings, I am only recently unpeeling to reveal what it is deeply felt. Easy I've become to realize isn't easy. Thank you. L 

25 days ago

Mr. Chris E. Morganroth IV? You, sir, are a tremendous artist. Your approach reminds me of Poe. Heartfelt. Deep in expression. Yet, available to the reader. That to do, is an accomplishment. Basic in delivery. Yet touches emotions few poets are unable to commit the doing of it. Congratulations! L 

25 days ago

Geeessshhh, this is terrific imagery.

25 days ago

Hmmm, 'Amazing' Huh? Well...okay! (Smile)

28 days ago


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