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I write poetry under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. I am a strong believer in God as He has healed me multiple times and pulled me out of many trials. I hope my poetry would inspire and encourage people to never give up.

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Intense and perplexed, my struggles I face, in pain but amazed to learn patience' pace. How lonely they seem those days of suspense, nights pass in a dream of met needs and requests. Dawn comes in and brings reality's signs an old song to sing w...

by Donka Kristeva

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12 days ago

Eyes and expectations have turned toward the models of strength and precision, endurance and vision. Inspiring, prompting, Olympians breathe the hopes of people and nations. Defying division, they build invisible bridges of unity, friendship and l...

by Donka Kristeva

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12 days ago
Emotions Belong To Us

Yes, I understand, or do I truly so-- the mysteries if inner man, the depths of human soul? For I am earthborn and, indeed, my flesh is may of clay my insight, tiny as a seed dispersed the Milky Way. I understand, or do I, the vast complexities ...

by Donka Kristeva

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12 days ago
Simple Love

Simple and true is my love, Lord, for you, You keep me in pace, less I lose sight of Your grace. Lover of my soul, You are all I long for. Compassionate, tender, You fill me with wonder. However my path may weave, Your mercy is what I need, for if...

by Donka Kristeva

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2 months ago

The shorter days of Fall, the harvest reaped, the walk upon the golden carpet of falling and decaying leaves, the half-bare darkened leaves reminded me that quietude and letting go of wishes and unfruitful dreams will gather and unfold-- in seas...

by Donka Kristeva

added by donka_k
3 months ago

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