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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
SONGS are like painted window-panes! In darkness wrapp'd the church remains, If from the market-place we view it; Thus sees the ignoramus through i...Rate it

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Go, songs, for ended is our brief, sweet play
Francis Thompson
Go, songs, for ended is our brief, sweet play; Go, children of swift joy and tardy sorrow: And some are sung, and that was yesterday, And some a...Rate it

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Love Songs In Age
Philip Larkin
She kept her songs, they kept so little space, The covers pleased her: One bleached from lying in a sunny place, One marked in circles by a vase of...Rate it

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Songs of Stones
Norma Odenthal
Silent hearts like stones caressed by waters of love, kissed by a whisper of wind; ripples passing through reflections of our souls; Trees of Life...Rate it

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Songs Set To Music: 20. Set By Mr. De Fesch
Matthew Prior
Since by ill fate I'm forced away, And snatch'd so soon from those dear arms, Against my will I must obey, And leave those sweet endearing charms. ...Rate it

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Songs In The Masque Of Alfred: To Alfred
James Thomson
First Spirit. Hear, Alfred, father of the state, Thy genius Heaven's high will declare! What proves the hero truly great, Is never, never to despai...Rate it

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Songs Set To Music: 4. Set By Mr. Smith
Matthew Prior
Come, weep no more, for 'tis in vain; Torment not thus your pretty heart; Think, Flavia, we may meet again, As well as that we now must part. You ...Rate it

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Songs of Angels (Sonnet)
Robert Haigh
When songs of angels reach these mortal ears, I cease my daily toil and listen well. Such glorious sounds can soothe away all fears, And every ling...Rate it

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Songs Set To Music: 6. Set By Mr. Smith
Matthew Prior
Phillis, since we have both been kind, And of each other had our fill, Tell me what pleasure you can find In forcing Nature 'gainst her will. 'Tis...Rate it

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A Coronal With His Songs And Her Days To His Lady And To Love
Ernest Christopher Dowson
Violets and leaves of vine, Into a frail, fair wreath We gather and entwine: A wreath for Love to wear, Fragrant as his own breath, To crown his br...Rate it

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Again I Sing my Songs
Morris Rosenfeld
Once again my songs I sing thee, Now the spell is broken; Brothers, yet again I bring thee Songs of love the token. Of my joy and of my sorrow Glad...Rate it

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Arab Songs
Padraic Colum
I. THE PARROT AND THE FALCON MY Afghan poet-friend With this made his message end, 'The scroll around my wall shows two the poets have known The pa...Rate it

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John Greenleaf Whittier
Still linger in our noon of time And on our Saxon tongue The echoes of the home-born hymns The Aryan mothers sung. And childhood had its litanies ...Rate it

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Dear Songs Of My Country!
Freeman Edwin Miller
Dear songs of my country! How sweetly thy measures Come stealthily stealing o'er mountain and wave, To sweeten the riches of liberty's treasures An...Rate it

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Dedication - Songs of Labor
John Greenleaf Whittier
I WOULD the gift I offer here Might graces from thy favor take, And, seen through Friendship's atmosphere, On softened lines and coloring, wear The...Rate it

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Dunce Songs : 9
Mark Van Doren
Love me little, love me long, Then we neither can be wrong: You in giving, I in taking; There is nor a heart breaking But remembers one touch, Or m...Rate it

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Faery Songs
John Keats
I. Shed no tear! oh, shed no tear! The flower will bloom another year. Weep no more! oh, weep no more! Young buds sleep in the root's white core. D...Rate it

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Four Songs Of Four Seasons
Algernon Charles Swinburne
I. WINTER IN NORTHUMBERLAND OUTSIDE the garden The wet skies harden; The gates are barred on The summer side: ...Rate it

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Home, My Little Children, Hear Are Songs For You
Robert Louis Stevenson
COME, my little children, here are songs for you; Some are short and some are long, and all, all are new. You must learn to sing them very small an...Rate it

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In Former Songs
Walt Whitman
IN former songs Pride have I sung, and Love, and passionate, joyful Life, But here I twine the strands of Patriotism and Death. ...Rate it

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In Praise of Songs that Die
Vachel Lindsay
AFTER HAVING READ A GREAT DEAL OF GOOD CURRENT POETRY IN THE MAGAZINES AND NEWSPAPERS Ah, they are passing, passing by, Wonderful songs, but born ...Rate it

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Interlude: Songs out of Sorrow
Sara Teasdale
I. Spirit's House From naked stones of agony I will build a house for me; As a mason all alone I will raise it, stone by stone, And every stone w...Rate it

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Introduction to the Songs of Innocence
William Blake
Piping down the valleys wild, Piping songs of pleasant glee, On a cloud I saw a child, And he laughing said to me: 'Pipe a song about a L...Rate it

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Love is Enough: Songs I-IX
William Morris
I1. Love is enough: though the World be a-waning . And the woods have no voice but the voice of complaining, . Though the sky ...Rate it

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Love Songs
Harriet Monroe
I I LOVE my life, but not too well To give it to thee like a flower, So it may pleasure thee to dwell Deep in its perfume but an hour. I love m...Rate it

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