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Jawahar Gupta
LEARNED ======== Beauty and youth are The biggest power Learned beats The beauty and Youth..... ~~~~~Jawahar Gupta ~~~~~Rate it

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I Learned Golden Reality
Ehsan Sehgal
During my life journey; I learned the truth from liars I learned honesty from cheaters I learned generosity from stingy ones I learned mercy from ...Rate it

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A learned man came to me once
Stephen Crane
A learned man came to me once. He said, "I know the way, -- come." And I was overjoyed at this. Together we hastened. Soon, too soon, were we ...Rate it

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A Lesson Learned
To truely understand whats inside, You'd have to walk a mile in my shoes. You'd have to know my memories With the belief that you deserved it. The...Rate it

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Elegy III. On the Untimely Death of a Certain Learned Acquainance
William Shenstone
If proud Pygmalion quit his cumbrous frame, Funereal pomp the scanty tear supplies; Whilst heralds loud, with venal voice, proclaim, Lo! here the b...Rate it

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I learned—at least—what Home could be
Emily Dickinson
I learned—at least—what Home could be— How ignorant I had been Of pretty ways of Covenant— How awkward at the Hymn Round our new Fireside—but for ...Rate it

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I've Learned
Perry Campanella
I've learned that money doesn't buy class working efficiently is to earn what is relevant go through all of it - faster it will pass good behavior,...Rate it

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learned helplessness
Dawn Irick
Look there he is again, stumbling home His wife drives to the beer store to get another six pack . She wants to love him and so she gets drunk with...Rate it

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Lesson Not Learned
Ireneo Porlon Adiao
Ahmed complains he's unfairly treated Yitzhak says, you get what you deserve John is too strong to be intimidated But Ahmed, Yitzhak and John fall ...Rate it

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Lessons I Have Learned
For the worst things I have done They will forever become my deep regrets But I know my life today is to be one With you for the rest of my years ...Rate it

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Lessons Learned
James Tyack
Ain't it funny how some ponder As this life they do squander Thinkin' bout what could've been They sit in dazed glance And long for the chance To...Rate it

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Lessons Learned
doreka vaughn
Lessons Learned In life you live and learn, I have heard it said, we awake and lie down again in our own made bed. There's no such thing as a sure...Rate it

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Lessons Learned From Loss And Losing
Wallace Dean LaBenne
When our parents die we all become orphans; then on "self" rely as independent ones. When our lovers leave we draw on fresh resource; then we must...Rate it

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My Most Distinguished Guest And Learned Friend
Edna St. Vincent Millay
My most Distinguished Guest and Learned Friend, The pallid hare that runs before the day Having brought your earnest counsels to an end Now have I ...Rate it

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O you, dear trees, you have learned so much of beauty
Lesbia Harford
O you, dear trees, you have learned so much of beauty, You must have studied this only the ages long! Men have thought of God and laughter and du...Rate it

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something i learned about myself the other night(prose)
Chris Nemeth
I went out to eat the other night and I was sitting with my best friend having a rather boring conversation about work we went out on the town beca...Rate it

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Sonnet XII: That Learned Father
Michael Drayton
To the Soul That learned Father, who so firmly proves The Soul of man immortal and divine, And doth the several offices define: Anima - Gives h...Rate it

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The Lament of Toby, The Learned Pig
Thomas Hood
Oh, heavy day! oh, day of woe! To misery a poster, Why was I ever farrowed, why Not spitted for a roaster? In this world, pigs, as well as men, Mu...Rate it

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The learned persons shall not abuse and insult anybody!
Kanniappan Kanniappan
Rarest to the core, the learned persons shall not …even by mistake abuse, don't insult anybody and don't sleep in the midst of many others! They w...Rate it

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The Learned Workman
Friedrich Schiller
Ne'er does he taste the fruit of the tree that he raised with such trouble; Nothing but taste e'er enjoys that which by learning is reared. Rate it

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Things To Be Learned
They say that in life Each day brings things to be newly learned Today at age thirty, I found that to be true From none other than you Though you’r...Rate it

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To My Truely Valiant, Learned Friend; Who In His Brooke Resolv'd The Art Gladiatory Into The Mathematicks
Richard Lovelace
I. Hearke, reader! wilt be learn'd ith' warres? A gen'rall in a gowne? Strike a league with arts and scarres, And snatch from each a crowne? ...Rate it

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We learned the Whole of Love
Emily Dickinson
We learned the Whole of Love— The Alphabet—the Words— A Chapter—then the mighty Book— Then—Revelation closed— But in Each Other's eyes An Ignoranc...Rate it

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What I learned
KOLAWOLE WROTE You wouldn't mind my erroneous usage of words, I'm not that perfect in the art of pen as I am with guns. She walked towards us, sh...Rate it

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What I Learned Today
Angelina Sabia
What I learned today is that there will be a tomorrow, what I learned today is the truth is full of pain and sorrow. What I learned yesterday is ...Rate it

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