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Stephen Crane was an American politician from Elizabethtown who was a delegate to the Continental Congress from 1774 to 1776.

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A Slant of Sun on Dull Brown Walls
 878 ViewsRate it
I Met a Seer 755 ViewsRate it
In heaven,
 665 ViewsRate it
A youth in apparel that glittered 637 ViewsRate it
A man toiled on a burning road 621 ViewsRate it
Once I saw mountains angry 608 ViewsRate it
A spirit sped
 604 ViewsRate it
The chatter of a death-demon from a tree-top
 596 ViewsRate it
God lay dead in heaven;
 590 ViewsRate it
Little Birds of the Night
 580 ViewsRate it
The livid lightnings flashed in the clouds
 579 ViewsRate it
 575 ViewsRate it
Fast rode the knight
 574 ViewsRate it
The chatter of a death-demon from a tree-top
 571 ViewsRate it
Content 565 ViewsRate it
The ocean said to me once,
 564 ViewsRate it
Ancestry 547 ViewsRate it
A man went before a strange God
 546 ViewsRate it
I Stood Upon a Highway
 546 ViewsRate it
Once there came a man
 526 ViewsRate it
Forth went the candid man
 500 ViewsRate it
A Slant of Sun on Dull Brown Walls
 489 ViewsRate it
There was one I met upon the road 485 ViewsRate it
There was, before me,
 468 ViewsRate it
I stood upon a high place 315 ViewsRate it
Each Small Gleam Was a Voice
 192 ViewsRate it
Love walked alone.
 165 ViewsRate it
In the desert 161 ViewsRate it
There was crimson clash of war. 154 ViewsRate it
The Wayfarer 151 ViewsRate it
There was a man with tongue of wood 151 ViewsRate it
Unwind my riddle 149 ViewsRate it
Do not weep, maiden, for war is kind
 145 ViewsRate it
Black Riders Came From the Sea
 140 ViewsRate it
Places among the stars,
 139 ViewsRate it
A god in wrath 136 ViewsRate it
A man saw a ball of gold in the sky;
 135 ViewsRate it
 131 ViewsRate it
No Violets 129 ViewsRate it
Think As I Think 128 ViewsRate it
A man feared that he might find an assassin; 128 ViewsRate it
 128 ViewsRate it
You tell me this is God? 128 ViewsRate it
I was in the darkness; 127 ViewsRate it
Once a man clambering to the housetops
 127 ViewsRate it
Many workmen 125 ViewsRate it
Tell Brave Deeds of War
 124 ViewsRate it
Two or three angels 124 ViewsRate it
Why do you strive for greatness, fool?
 124 ViewsRate it
A learned man came to me once
 123 ViewsRate it
There was a great cathedral 122 ViewsRate it
There were many who went in huddled procession 122 ViewsRate it
To the maiden
 121 ViewsRate it
The Black Riders
 121 ViewsRate it
Behold, from the land of the farther suns
 120 ViewsRate it
There was a land where lived no violets 120 ViewsRate it
There was a man and a woman 119 ViewsRate it
Yes, I have a thousand tongues 119 ViewsRate it
Blistering God
 117 ViewsRate it
Should the wide world roll away 114 ViewsRate it
The Trees in the Garden Rained Flowers
 112 ViewsRate it
When the prophet, a complacent fat man 111 ViewsRate it
The successful man has thrust himself
 110 ViewsRate it
What says the sea, little shell
 109 ViewsRate it
Charity thou art a lie 107 ViewsRate it
A man said to the universe: 106 ViewsRate it
Mystic shadow
 105 ViewsRate it
I Explain
 104 ViewsRate it
If I should cast off this tattered coat, 103 ViewsRate it
It was wrong to do this, said the angel 102 ViewsRate it
I walked in a desert 100 ViewsRate it
Friend, Your White Beard Sweeps the Ground 100 ViewsRate it
The Sins of the Fathers
 99 ViewsRate it
Upon the road of my life,
 96 ViewsRate it
The sage lectured brilliantly 94 ViewsRate it
I Stood Musing in a Black World
 91 ViewsRate it
In the night
 89 ViewsRate it
God Fashioned the Ship of the World
 86 ViewsRate it
On the desert
 86 ViewsRate it
In a lonely place, 84 ViewsRate it
The Man 79 ViewsRate it
With eye and with gesture
 76 ViewsRate it
On the horizon the peaks assembled 75 ViewsRate it
Ay, workman, make me a dream
 74 ViewsRate it
Once, I knew a fine song,
 74 ViewsRate it
Three little birds in a row 74 ViewsRate it
Supposing that I should have the courage
 72 ViewsRate it
Behold, the grave of a wicked man 71 ViewsRate it
The impact of a dollar upon the heart
 71 ViewsRate it
There was set before me a mighty hill, 71 ViewsRate it
And you love me
 67 ViewsRate it
From: War Is Kind
 67 ViewsRate it
Walking in the sky, 63 ViewsRate it
If there is a witness to my little life 62 ViewsRate it
There came whisperings in the winds
 61 ViewsRate it
Blustering God,
 60 ViewsRate it
I saw a man pursuing the horizon 58 ViewsRate it
Many red devils ran from my heart 57 ViewsRate it
The Peaks
 57 ViewsRate it
I have heard the sunset song of the birches
 54 ViewsRate it
There was a man who lived a life of fire
 54 ViewsRate it
Why? 54 ViewsRate it
Tradition, thou art for suckling children 52 ViewsRate it
Have you ever made a just man? 50 ViewsRate it
A newspaper is a collection of half-injustices
 45 ViewsRate it
I heard thee laugh 43 ViewsRate it
You say you are holy,
 41 ViewsRate it
Once there was a man
 39 ViewsRate it
Tell me why 39 ViewsRate it
When a people reach the top of a hill,
 39 ViewsRate it
I looked here
 37 ViewsRate it
The way your little finger moved 35 ViewsRate it
 33 ViewsRate it
 32 ViewsRate it
What Says the Sea, Little Shell?
 32 ViewsRate it
Man, The 5 ViewsRate it

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