List of poems by Jawahar Gupta 186 total

An elephant and an ant 4 ViewsRate it
Beauty is the god'S creation 3 ViewsRate it
Blue 3 ViewsRate it
Jawahar gupta......... Believe,!!! 3 ViewsRate it
A fraction of the whole 2 ViewsRate it
Becoming of pure soul 2 ViewsRate it
Infinite Gratitude 2 ViewsRate it
Mother 2 ViewsRate it
My beloved is everywhere 2 ViewsRate it
Purpose and passion 2 ViewsRate it
Unburied beauty 2 ViewsRate it
*time to turn the page* 1 ViewRate it
.. I will meet you there 1 ViewRate it
A day that can change life 1 ViewRate it
And sometimes 1 ViewRate it
Do you still remember me ? 1 ViewRate it
Eden garden 1 ViewRate it
Essence 1 ViewRate it
Eternal Truth 1 ViewRate it
From a seed of Ecstasy 1 ViewRate it
Pearls and you 1 ViewRate it
Playing wedding and wedding 1 ViewRate it
Pure and original nature 1 ViewRate it
Rise and fall 1 ViewRate it
Staring out of window 1 ViewRate it
The holy water 1 ViewRate it
Time bound 1 ViewRate it
Together we stand 1 ViewRate it
Unique freedom 1 ViewRate it
Where precious pearls surge 123. 1 ViewRate it
Who walks with god 1 ViewRate it
Yawn of the vivacious clouds ((r)) 1 ViewRate it
Your words feed me 1 ViewRate it
*prove and probe* 0 ViewsRate it
........How fast the days end......... 0 ViewsRate it
...Angel, saint or quaint 0 ViewsRate it
/// imbibe my inner honey /// 0 ViewsRate it
After my retirement 0 ViewsRate it
All days are not same 0 ViewsRate it
All is well 0 ViewsRate it
Anything is possible 0 ViewsRate it
Art of Love 0 ViewsRate it
As the night ends 0 ViewsRate it
Autograph 0 ViewsRate it
Awakening from deep slumber 0 ViewsRate it
Awakening in the ignorant night 0 ViewsRate it
Barefoot on green grass 0 ViewsRate it
Be a beautiful sensation 0 ViewsRate it
Be a bee 0 ViewsRate it
Become What No one Wants to Become 0 ViewsRate it
Beyond wind and water 0 ViewsRate it
BLACK PEARL(Haiku/Senryu) 0 ViewsRate it
Born every moment 0 ViewsRate it
Brain in sight 0 ViewsRate it
Brave youth of my universe 0 ViewsRate it
Change Everything 0 ViewsRate it
Choice or choice less or no choice 0 ViewsRate it
Classic love mania,my valentine 0 ViewsRate it
Coming events cast their shadows before 0 ViewsRate it
Complete unfinished painting 0 ViewsRate it
Connect my lost touch, 0 ViewsRate it
Cosmic nest 0 ViewsRate it
Courage is what makes you master 0 ViewsRate it
Defying mist 0 ViewsRate it
Diamond script of imperishable 0 ViewsRate it
Divine joy 0 ViewsRate it
Do better than before 0 ViewsRate it
Don'T correct me with red ink 0 ViewsRate it
Enjoy everyday fresh fruits 0 ViewsRate it
Enjoy the moment 0 ViewsRate it
Everyone busy 0 ViewsRate it
EXPLORE AND UNDERSTAND(Haiku/Senryu) 0 ViewsRate it
Eye to eye 0 ViewsRate it
Eyesight 0 ViewsRate it
Fate means a million things 0 ViewsRate it
Flames of desire 0 ViewsRate it
Fragrance in the wind 0 ViewsRate it
Free sale 0 ViewsRate it
Freedom From The Dependence 0 ViewsRate it
Give me your hand 0 ViewsRate it
GLORY OF BEAUTY(Haiku/Senryu) 0 ViewsRate it
Golden swan 0 ViewsRate it
Great gift of reunion 0 ViewsRate it
Guaranty of life 0 ViewsRate it
Happy Friendship Day 0 ViewsRate it
Happy holi ,,indian festival of colors 0 ViewsRate it
HOLY HEALING(Haiku/Senryu) 4527 0 ViewsRate it
Hope makes life bright 0 ViewsRate it
House in undivided kingdom 0 ViewsRate it
House of jasmine 0 ViewsRate it
Hunger for enrapture 0 ViewsRate it
I Am Child of Divine Goddess 0 ViewsRate it
I am not an unwritten word 0 ViewsRate it
I will always be yours 0 ViewsRate it
I will meet you there 0 ViewsRate it
Imploring 0 ViewsRate it
Inevitable union of eternal souls 0 ViewsRate it
Joy of becoming the mother 0 ViewsRate it
Learned 0 ViewsRate it
Life Never Ends 0 ViewsRate it
Lips of the tulips 0 ViewsRate it
Lips of the tulips...... 0 ViewsRate it
Live now 0 ViewsRate it
Locket on your breast 0 ViewsRate it
Look beyond 0 ViewsRate it
Look into mirror eye to eye 0 ViewsRate it
Lost innocence 0 ViewsRate it
Love ,smile and always smile 0 ViewsRate it
LOVE LOVES THE LOVE TO ALL ON Poetry,com 0 ViewsRate it
Love Name 0 ViewsRate it
Love to walk the lane 124. 0 ViewsRate it
Lovely flower 4443 0 ViewsRate it
Loveria 0 ViewsRate it
Loving god of good luck 0 ViewsRate it
Loving music of your sacred breast 0 ViewsRate it
May one day I know 0 ViewsRate it
Memory of Home 0 ViewsRate it
Moon and sun are our family 0 ViewsRate it
My Colorful Destination 0 ViewsRate it
Name,game and fame 0 ViewsRate it
No birthday celebration was suspended 59. 0 ViewsRate it
Non- duality 0 ViewsRate it
Nothing to boast 0 ViewsRate it
On Becoming Buddha 0 ViewsRate it
On becoming Mother 0 ViewsRate it
One day we return everything 0 ViewsRate it
Oranges are not the only fruits 0 ViewsRate it
Path and the way 0 ViewsRate it
Pure soul 0 ViewsRate it
Real worth reflection 0 ViewsRate it
Refreshing showers 0 ViewsRate it
Relish homemade food 58. 0 ViewsRate it
Resting on your flower 0 ViewsRate it
Sacred soul 4445 0 ViewsRate it
SACRED(Haiku/Senryu) 4526. 0 ViewsRate it
Sail beyond the sunset 0 ViewsRate it
Scent of summer rain 0 ViewsRate it
Sing a song of Peace 0 ViewsRate it
Smile with your heart 0 ViewsRate it
Snow flake 0 ViewsRate it
Song of life 0 ViewsRate it
Song of purpose 0 ViewsRate it
Speaking vibrant colors 0 ViewsRate it
Spiritual healing 0 ViewsRate it
STELLA(Haiku/Senryu) 0 ViewsRate it
Supernal hands 0 ViewsRate it
Take me Inside 0 ViewsRate it
Talent I Need 0 ViewsRate it
The cat in the hat 4444 0 ViewsRate it
The dancing breast of nature 0 ViewsRate it
The death of a bud 0 ViewsRate it
The divine feminine sacred energy 0 ViewsRate it
The freedom from the known 0 ViewsRate it
The holy light 0 ViewsRate it
The music of twilight 0 ViewsRate it
The naked 0 ViewsRate it
The paradise of present 0 ViewsRate it
The song of inspiration 0 ViewsRate it
The spirit of togetherness 0 ViewsRate it
The unique freedom 0 ViewsRate it
The way you are 0 ViewsRate it
Thousand petal eyes 0 ViewsRate it
Touching the lovely wind 0 ViewsRate it
Trust Words 0 ViewsRate it
Understanding 0 ViewsRate it
VENUS &JUPITER(Haiku/Senryu) 0 ViewsRate it
We are made to understand 0 ViewsRate it
Wheel of Excellence 0 ViewsRate it
Wherever you stand be the soul of that place 0 ViewsRate it
Who lives within me... 0 ViewsRate it
Wish the will 0 ViewsRate it
Word from a saint 0 ViewsRate it
Words of classic literature 122. 0 ViewsRate it
Words of wife to dying husband 0 ViewsRate it
Yawn of the vivacious clouds 0 ViewsRate it
You are my love 0 ViewsRate it
You know me better 0 ViewsRate it
You never get true repeat 0 ViewsRate it
Your garden has pure flowers 0 ViewsRate it
Your image is fantastic 0 ViewsRate it
Your real home 0 ViewsRate it
Your touch makes me like you 0 ViewsRate it
Your Touch Transforms Me 0 ViewsRate it
Your words are fruits of your heart 0 ViewsRate it
~~~~ you are the best 0 ViewsRate it

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