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Ashwani Roy
What a home is Homeless understands better No life without home!Rate it

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Earle Francis Brown
Crystal leaves on leafless branches, that appear dead. I dragged along, like the season, Carrying the load of my heart; this everlasting duress. ...Rate it

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Tynet Hayes
Door slam after door slam Argument after argument Job after job Cry after cry Love after love Homeless Explanation after explanation Apology after ...Rate it

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Saša Milivojev - THE HOMELESS
Saša Milivojev
Snow. Ice. Bitterness. Fear. Huger. Distress. Darkness. Hopelessness. Without water and electricity. Without liberty. Nobody, just me, and a c...Rate it

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Call Of The Homeless 2(Haiku)
Cocoa Shawnee
A familiar sight, has not been fully addressed, phone goes unanswered. Copyright 1/16/2016 Cocoa ShawneeRate it

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Homeless but not speechless
Tom Christie
I saw you You saw me I saw you looking You saw me when I saw you looking at me I looked right into your eye But you wouldn't dare hold a st...Rate it

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Homeless In The Homeland
Wallace Dean LaBenne
There's no place for the homeless and there's no place like home. With no permanent address in limbo they must roam. Dispossessed in their homelan...Rate it

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homeless man
Curtis Allison
i'm a homeless man, down on my luck. i walk for miles . and thay call it. love her miles, for my moma. finding out she have past away . so i walk ...Rate it

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Leticia Waltz
HOMELESS SOULS By Leticia Waltz I have been wounded I have been hurt I struggle with my emotions I hear the bombs I see the fear in my own eyes I ...Rate it

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Homeless- In All My Mind; Body And Soul.
Nikhil Parekh
It was you who infact abruptly went away from my invincibly compassionate eyes; but strangely this left me haplessly and gruesomely blind in all my...Rate it

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Victoria Smith
Huddled up in a doorway, Watching the world go past, The numbness of his fingertips, Not knowing how long he'll last. People pass and give him loo...Rate it

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Anup Dutta
THE FORGOTTEN – Homeless As I woke up in the morning The clouds are raging on me, without any warning I surrender to their gestures and their thr...Rate it

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The Homeless Man
Lynford Dennis
Along came the homeless man, Walking aimlessly as he can. Sweat falling off his bald head Carrying a worn out bag, As heavy as lead. With the hot s...Rate it

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