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Jeanette Carlomagno
The monster has arrived Under my skin it lives Alone searching for air Fear of my death arrives Fear as I leave Have I confessed my sins Or am I n...Rate it

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Gamaliel Bradford
When I was little, My life was half fear. My nerves were as brittle As nature may bear. Shapes monstrous would follow My footsteps alone, And nigh...Rate it

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Nikhil Parekh
The twin horned cow prays to God, for fear of not producing frosty rich cream milk. the scorched patch of infertile land prays to God, for fear ...Rate it

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Harold Hart Crane
The host, he says that all is well And the fire-wood glow is bright; The food has a warm and tempting smell,- But on the window licks the night. P...Rate it

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Edith Nesbit
If you were here, Hopes, dreams, ambitions, faith would disappear, Drowned in your eyes; and I should touch your hand, Forgetting all that now I un...Rate it

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Robert William Service
I know how father's strap would feel, If ever I were caught, So mother's jam I did not steal, Though theft was in my thought. Then turned fourteen ...Rate it

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I Fear from my Own Fear
Rania Hosny Abdel Fattah Hassan
Fear is a normal feeling, whether it's hidden deepest inside or outside us it can appear.. •Sure, every one of us fears something, that's may be v...Rate it

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Fear. Faith and Purpose
Natasha P Tejeda
With a faith and love so deep, I try to find the answers, try to live by the answer, But I can’t see the answer, that’s i...Rate it

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Hate Not - Fear Not
Robert Graves
Kill if you must, but never hate: Man is but grass and hate is blight, The sun will scorch you soon or late, Die wholesome then, since you must fig...Rate it

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He that is down needs fear no fall,
John Bunyan
He that is down needs fear no fall, He that is low no pride; He that is humble ever shall Have God to be his guide. I am content with what I have,...Rate it

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Rejecting Your Fear
Kurt Philip Behm
I’ve always been good at making an entrance, while never choosing to stay I’ve always been good at passing through, and most often, forgetting...Rate it

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The fear of the unknown.
Valuables- we all have them Whether it's people, things or skills. That is what we live for. Obtaining valuables. When you finally manage to grasp ...Rate it

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There is no Fear
Subramanya Bharathi
The people of this world, if against they stand, There is no fear, there is no fear, nothing like fear. Although, we are counted cheap and rebuked...Rate it

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The Fear
Phillip Schofield
I bought myself a butt plug. I was living in fear, I heard my stomach going rumble & glug, That plug should stop the diarrhoeaRate it

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Embracing Your Fear
Kurt Philip Behm
I’ve always been good at making an entrance, never choosing to stay I’ve always been good at passing through, most often forgetting the day ...Rate it

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Where The Mind Is Without Fear
Rabindranath Tagore
Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high Where knowledge is free Where the world has not been broken up into fragments By narrow...Rate it

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Fear & Ignorance
Kurt Philip Behm
Get through the dialectic before the day is late Don’t wait for an invitation as they slowly shut the gate The wolf now dressed in spun wool ...Rate it

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Fear Self Indicts
Kurt Philip Behm
Victim of passion, purveyor of lies Betrayer of talent, bending the I Captive obsession, perspective now gone Fear self-indicts —when right turn...Rate it

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He That Is Down Need Fear No Fall
Louisa May Alcott
He that is down need fear no fall, He that is low no pride. He that is humble ever shall Have God to be his guide. I am content with what I have, ...Rate it

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Look not in my eyes, for fear
Alfred Edward Housman
Look not in my eyes, for fear Thy mirror true the sight I see, And there you find your face too clear And love it and be lost like me. One the ...Rate it

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A darting fear—a pomp—a tear
Emily Dickinson
A darting fear—a pomp—a tear— A waking on a morn To find that what one waked for, Inhales the different dawn. Rate it

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A Father's Fear.
Robert Crawford
The little feet that run to me, The little hands that strive To touch me at the heart, and find The heart in me alive: Oh God! if hands and feet sh...Rate it

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A Legacy Of Fear
Kurt Philip Behm
Would you rather die than be embarrassed Rather destitute than shamed Would you rather set your heart on fire, than barter out your name Does y...Rate it

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Beyond My Fear
Kurt Philip Behm
The Sage brought me to the Muse, when I was but sixteen Her face familiar, her words estranged, my fate caught in-between As years went on sh...Rate it

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Don't fear death
Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Blok
Don't fear death in earthly travels. Don't fear enemies or friends. Just listen to the words of prayers, To pass the facets of the dreads. You...Rate it

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