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Samuel Taylor Coleridge was an English poet, literary critic and philosopher who, with his friend William Wordsworth, was a founder of the Romantic Movement in England and a member of the Lake Poets.

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Time, Real And Imaginary
 932 ViewsRate it
Something Childish, But Very Natural
 555 ViewsRate it
What Is Life?
 501 ViewsRate it
 452 ViewsRate it
Whom should I choose for my Judge? (fragment)
 433 ViewsRate it
The Alienated Mistress; A Madrigal. (From An Unfinished Melodrama)
 431 ViewsRate it
Glycine's Song
 428 ViewsRate it
 420 ViewsRate it
The Knight's Tomb
 418 ViewsRate it
The Moon, how definite its orb! (fragment)
 408 ViewsRate it
To A Lady, Offended By A Sportive Observation That Women Have No Souls
 408 ViewsRate it
Reason 403 ViewsRate it
Domestic Peace
 369 ViewsRate it
The Virgin's Cradle-Hymn. Copied From A Print Of The Virgin, In A Roman Catholic Village In Germany 347 ViewsRate it
(Fragment 2) I know 'tis but a Dream, yet feel more anguish 287 ViewsRate it
Kubla Khan
 259 ViewsRate it
 243 ViewsRate it
What if you slept ...
 240 ViewsRate it
The Destiny Of Nations. A Vision.
 227 ViewsRate it
The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner
 218 ViewsRate it
 215 ViewsRate it
A Child's Evening Prayer
 212 ViewsRate it
Water Ballad
 212 ViewsRate it
A Couplet, Written In A Volume Of Poems Presented By Mr. Coleridge To Dr. A.
 200 ViewsRate it
 195 ViewsRate it
 190 ViewsRate it
Come, come thou bleak December wind (fragment)
 190 ViewsRate it
Rime Of The Ancient Mariner, The
 184 ViewsRate it
A Christmas Carol
 183 ViewsRate it
Human Life
 178 ViewsRate it
Answer To A Child's Question
 174 ViewsRate it
To Nature
 173 ViewsRate it
Aeolian Harp, The
 168 ViewsRate it
To A Young Lady. On Her Recovery From A Fever
 163 ViewsRate it
Phantom Or Fact? A Dialogue In Verse
 158 ViewsRate it
The Ballad Of The Dark Ladie. A Fragment.
 158 ViewsRate it
Duty Surviving Self-Love 156 ViewsRate it
 156 ViewsRate it
France: An Ode
 154 ViewsRate it
Youth And Age
 154 ViewsRate it
The Netherlands (fragment)
 151 ViewsRate it
To William Wordsworth
 151 ViewsRate it
Sonnet II. On A Discovery Made Too Late
 150 ViewsRate it
Reflections On Having Left A Place Of Retirement
 149 ViewsRate it
The Three Graves. A Fragment Of A Sexton's Tale
 148 ViewsRate it
Frost At Midnight
 147 ViewsRate it
The Complaint Of Ninathoma
 146 ViewsRate it
The Hour When We Shall Meet Again
 146 ViewsRate it
Constancy To An Ideal Object
 145 ViewsRate it
To An Infant
 145 ViewsRate it
Ode To The Departing Year
 144 ViewsRate it
On Revisiting The Sea-Shore, After Long Absence, Under Strong Medical Recommendation Not To Bathe
 144 ViewsRate it
To C. Lloyd, On His Proposing To Domesticate With The Author
 144 ViewsRate it
Lines On Observing A Blossom On The First Of February, 1796
 143 ViewsRate it
Elegy, Imitated From One Of Akenside's Blank-Verse Inscriptions
 141 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XI. To Sheridan
 141 ViewsRate it
Lines Written In The Album At Elbingerode, In The Hartz Forest
 140 ViewsRate it
Sonnet: To The River Otter
 140 ViewsRate it
The Foster Mother's Tale. A Dramatic Fragment
 140 ViewsRate it
Lines Written At The King's-Arms, Ross, Formerly The House Of The 'Man Of Ross'
 139 ViewsRate it
The Lime-tree Bower my Prison [Addressed to Charles Lamb, o
 139 ViewsRate it
A Soliloquy Of The Full Moon, She Being In A Mad Passion
 138 ViewsRate it
To A Primrose
 137 ViewsRate it
Lines To W. L. While He Sang A Song To Purcell's Music
 136 ViewsRate it
The Blossing Of The Solitary Date-Tree
 136 ViewsRate it
The Eolian Harp
 135 ViewsRate it
Fancy In Nubibus, Or The Poet In The Clouds
 134 ViewsRate it
Epitaph On An Infant 134 ViewsRate it
Hymn before Sun-rise, in the Vale of Chamouni
 134 ViewsRate it
The Improvisatore
 134 ViewsRate it
The Pains Of Sleep
 132 ViewsRate it
To Asra
 132 ViewsRate it
To A Young Ass, Its Mother Being Tethered Near It
 131 ViewsRate it
 130 ViewsRate it
Improvisatore, The
 130 ViewsRate it
Sonnet V.
 130 ViewsRate it
Lines Composed In A Concert-Room
 129 ViewsRate it
Lines To A Beautiful Spring In A Village
 126 ViewsRate it
The Presence Of Love
 125 ViewsRate it
 123 ViewsRate it
Recollections Of Love
 123 ViewsRate it
 121 ViewsRate it
To A Young Lady, With A Poem On The French Revolution
 119 ViewsRate it
To the Nightingale
 119 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XVIII. To The Autumnal Moon
 118 ViewsRate it
Fire, Famine, And Slaughter : A War Eclogue
 117 ViewsRate it
The Raven. Christmas Tale, Told By A School-Boy To His Little Brothers And Sisters
 117 ViewsRate it
Melancholy. A Fragment.
 115 ViewsRate it
A Day Dream
 114 ViewsRate it
Love's Apparition and Evanishment: An Allegoric Romance
 114 ViewsRate it
Imitated From The Welsh
 112 ViewsRate it
Work Without Hope
 111 ViewsRate it
A Mathematical Problem
 110 ViewsRate it
Suicide's Argument, The
 110 ViewsRate it
The Good, Great Man
 110 ViewsRate it
 109 ViewsRate it
When Hope but made Tranquillity be felt (fragment) 109 ViewsRate it
To the Reverend George Coleridge, of Ottery St. Mary, Devon
 108 ViewsRate it
Pains Of Sleep, The
 107 ViewsRate it
 106 ViewsRate it
 105 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XII. To Mrs. Siddons
 105 ViewsRate it
The Garden Of Boccaccio
 105 ViewsRate it
Written In Early Youth. The Time,--An Autumnal Evening
 105 ViewsRate it
Lines Suggested By The Last Words Of Berengarius. Ob. Anno Dom. 1088
 104 ViewsRate it
To Sara
 104 ViewsRate it
Ode To Sara, In Answer To A Letter From Bristol
 103 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XIV. Composed While Climbing The Left Ascent Of Brockley Coomb, In The County Of Somerset
 103 ViewsRate it
Tell's Birth-Place. Imitated From Stolberg
 103 ViewsRate it
Ode To Tranquillity
 102 ViewsRate it
 101 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XXI.
 101 ViewsRate it
A Tombless Epitaph
 100 ViewsRate it
Sonnet VII. To Burke
 98 ViewsRate it
Sonnet VIII. To Mercy
 97 ViewsRate it
To A Friend, With An Unfinished Poem
 97 ViewsRate it
Fears In Solitude
 96 ViewsRate it
From 'Religious Musings'
 96 ViewsRate it
Metrical Feet
 96 ViewsRate it
Addressed To A Young Man Of Fortune Who Abandoned Himself To An Indolent And Causeless Melancholy
 95 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XXII. To Simplicity
 95 ViewsRate it
The Blossoming Of The Solitary Date-Tree. A Lament
 95 ViewsRate it
To An Unfortunate Woman At The Theatre
 95 ViewsRate it
Dejection: An Ode
 94 ViewsRate it
The Sigh
 94 ViewsRate it
Blossing Of The Solitary Date-Tree, The
 92 ViewsRate it
The Suicide's Argument
 91 ViewsRate it
On The Christening Of A Friend's Child
 90 ViewsRate it
As some vast Tropic tree, itself a wood (fragment)
 89 ViewsRate it
Religious Musings : A Desultory Poem Written On The Christmas Eve Of 1794
 89 ViewsRate it
This Lime-Tree Bower My Prison
 89 ViewsRate it
On A Connubial Rupture In High Life
 88 ViewsRate it
Sonnet X. To Erskine
 88 ViewsRate it
Composed At Clevedon, Somersetshire
 86 ViewsRate it
 84 ViewsRate it
The Devil's Thoughts
 84 ViewsRate it
To A Friend, In Answer To A Melancholy Letter
 84 ViewsRate it
Brockley Coomb
 82 ViewsRate it
Inscription For A Fountain On A Heath
 82 ViewsRate it
On A Ruined house In A Romantic Country
 82 ViewsRate it
The Night-Scene : A Dramatic Fragment.
 82 ViewsRate it
On Donne's Poetry 81 ViewsRate it
 81 ViewsRate it
Absence: A Farewell Ode On Quitting School For Jesus College
 80 ViewsRate it
The Faded Flower
 80 ViewsRate it
The Pang More Sharp Than All. An Allegory
 79 ViewsRate it
 78 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XVII. Composed On A Journey Homeward; The Author Having Received Intelligence Of The Birth Of A Son
 78 ViewsRate it
The Dungeon
 78 ViewsRate it
The Visit Of The Gods. Imitated From Schiller
 78 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XX.
 77 ViewsRate it
Sonnet III.
 76 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XIX. To A Friend, Who Asked How I Felt When The Nurse First Presented My Infant To Me
 76 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XV. To Schiller
 76 ViewsRate it
The Keepsake
 76 ViewsRate it
To An Unfortunate Woman, Whom The Author Had Known In The Days Of Her Innocence 76 ViewsRate it
Sea-ward, white gleaming thro' the busy scud (fragment) 75 ViewsRate it
The Rose
 75 ViewsRate it
The Exchange
 74 ViewsRate it
Home-Sick. Written In Germany
 73 ViewsRate it
Lines Written After A Walk Before Supper
 71 ViewsRate it
The Aeolian Harp
 71 ViewsRate it
The Three Sorts of Friends (fragment)
 71 ViewsRate it
In The Manner Of Spenser
 70 ViewsRate it
Lewti, Or The Circassian Love-Chaunt
 66 ViewsRate it
About The Nightingale
 64 ViewsRate it
Aplolgia Pro Vita Sua 64 ViewsRate it
Songs of the Pixies
 64 ViewsRate it
 63 ViewsRate it
On An Infant Which Died Before Baptism
 63 ViewsRate it
Monody On The Death Of Chatterton
 62 ViewsRate it
The Two Founts. Stanzas Addressed To A Lady On Her Recovery, With Unblemished Looks, From A Severe Attack of Pain
 62 ViewsRate it
Presence Of Love, The
 61 ViewsRate it
Sonnet VI.
 61 ViewsRate it
To The River Otter
 59 ViewsRate it
Imitated From Ossian
 56 ViewsRate it
Ode To Georgiana, Duchess Of Devonshire, On The Twenty-Fourth Stanza In Her 'Passage Over Mount Gothard.'
 56 ViewsRate it
Sonnet IX. To Priestley
 56 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XIII. To La Fayette
 56 ViewsRate it
The Happy Husband
 56 ViewsRate it
The Visionary Hope
 56 ViewsRate it
The Nightingale
 54 ViewsRate it
To A Lady, With Falconer's 'Shipwreck'
 53 ViewsRate it
I know 'tis but a Dream, yet feel more anguish (fragment) 52 ViewsRate it
Lines On A Friend, Who Died Of A Frenzy Fever, Induced By Calumnious Reports
 45 ViewsRate it
To The Rev. George Coleridge
 43 ViewsRate it
Thicker than rain-drops on November thorn (fragment) 42 ViewsRate it
 41 ViewsRate it
To A Friend Who Had Declared His Intention Of Writing No More Poetry
 39 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XVI. To Earl Stanhope 33 ViewsRate it
A Mathematical Problem (A humorous student-days poem on geometry)
 19 ViewsRate it
Apologia pro Vita Sua 15 ViewsRate it
the beauty of snow
 5 ViewsRate it

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