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I would rather not say ...
Everyone has to evolve Everything has to change Nothing can last forever Nothing can stay the same I'm hanging onto a dying rope Desperately hangin...Rate it

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A Changing Stew
kurt philip behm
I’m predisposed to Italian food, even when it’s bad I’d rather live in a period house, old windows poorly clad I tend to favor contact sports...Rate it

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An Ever Changing Tide
Kurt Philip Behm
Stretching and pulling, the Universe goes on Cosmology’s wonderment, each day a new dawn The Spacetime Continuum, today’s Top 40 hit Tomor...Rate it

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Changing cars
Betty Helen Collins
seduced by soft comfort, swanky colour smooth clutch and efficient brakes no little red lights flickering warning of heat, of low coolant: I respon...Rate it

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Changing Colors
Melita Catalina Warren
When nature cycles everything dies. While days pass one grows wise. Some embark on an ingenious enterprise, Fluttering about like butterflies. Na...Rate it

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Changing Faces Of Weather
Nikhil Parekh
Flashes of red swept across my eyes, blended with infinite dust particles of atmosphere, as fireballs of Sun blazed through the sky, penetrating...Rate it

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Changing Life
Forrest Griffith
As I sat in my chair on the front of the porch, enjoying some tea and my afternoon snack, I pondered on living my life as I had, alone, and without...Rate it

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Changing pace
Carole A. Delger
When time moves this fast stop and take a step to the side take any foot and shake it then step back into your original space Wow, you just had a m...Rate it

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Changing Seasons
Kenny Pariseau
You were planted upon this big world as an exotic, beautiful long sought out flower, a very special flower with wonderful life changing healing pro...Rate it

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Changing seasons
Sunil Bhatia
Crossing yet another bridge, Standing next to the pond, With leaves falling next to footsteps Printed on the soggy land, The changing seasons brin...Rate it

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Changing storm
I do believe in quiet times, In Birds that sing and flowers that bloom. Yet the people who live in that constant lie, Won’t believe the storm, thei...Rate it

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Changing Tides
Bobby Ferguson
We look to the heavens, we see many stars though wee see millions, there's only one mars, Our lifetime is special, by knowledge we gain speak of ou...Rate it

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Changing Time
Paul Laurence Dunbar
THE cloud looked in at the window, And said to the day, 'Be dark!' And the roguish rain tapped hard on the pane, To stifle the song of the lark. Th...Rate it

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Changing Times
BlackAngel Evo
Madness running around at every corner Dark strangers with candy canes Hate flying everywhere Barely dresses women adorned on street lanes Remembe...Rate it

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Ever Changing
Kurt Philip Behm
Music can only be heard one way, words have a different refrain Melody imprisoned by note and score, what’s written when read apt to change Th...Rate it

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Life Changing Events
Wallace Dean LaBenne
There are life-changing events that alter heart and soul: ordinary episodes can modify the whole. Leaving parents to start school embarks independ...Rate it

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Life Changing for the Good
Donald Vess
I use to be the one they pushed around in my youth, I use to be the laugh of a joke told by a friend, I use to be the one they hated to see coming....Rate it

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The Changing of Seasons
I'll wait for you like I waited for Winter. Oh, How I waited for that snow to fall. I waited for what seemed like forever; But once it fell, I just...Rate it

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The inevitable changing of human hearts
Megan Brown
Some hearts change in an instant. For others, it takes time. However your heart changes I hope it's always mine.Rate it

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