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my valentine illuminati
Broken Joe
Sharp staggering pain equipped with poison, You took my breath away as it coursed through my veins, Collapse to the floor, funerary kiss wake me up...Rate it

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Night before Valentine's
karl stuber
It was the night before valentines day Was much stirring in the housing complex Fishnet stockings were hung out of the way In hopes that love wo...Rate it

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Oh Valentine
I shall not need candy rings To tell you why my heart sings In my smile blooms a thousand carnations To express my pink infatuations I still rememb...Rate it

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On Mrs Mendez' Birthday, Who Was Born On Valentine's Day
James Thomson
Thine is the gentle day of love, When youths and virgins try their fate; When, deep retiring to the grove, Each feathered songster weds his mate. ...Rate it

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On the Lady Elizabeth, and Count Palatine Being Married on St. Valentine's Day
John Donne
Hail Bishop Valentine, whose day this is, All the air is thy Diocese, And all the chirping choristers And other birds are thy parishioners, Tho...Rate it

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Redder Than The Reddest Of Rose—my Valentine.
Nikhil Parekh
Redder than the reddest of rose was your ecstatically silken shadow; sensuously engulfed under the unparalleled flaming rays of Sun—as you gleefull...Rate it

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Saint Valentine's Day
Wallace Dean LaBenne
Long have I sought for words e'er wrought, to raise my own heart themes; that I might say in some quaint way "I love you" toward extremes. Yet, wor...Rate it

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St. Valentine's Day
Edith Nesbit
The South is a dream of flowers With a jewel for sky and sea, Rose-crowns for the dancing hours, Gold fruits upon every tree; But cold fr...Rate it

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St. Valentine's Day
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
TO-DAY, all day, I rode upon the down, With hounds and horsemen, a brave company On this side in its glory lay the sea, On that the Sussex weald...Rate it

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Jean Blewett
The girl's a slender thing and fair, With dimpled cheek and eyes ashine; The youth is tall, with bashful air. Heigho! a fond and foolish pair- The ...Rate it

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Sweet Valentine
Lynford Dennis
Oh my sweet valentine, Please stay forever mine Heaven must have sent you, For love to start anew, You are deep in my thought, Listening to the bea...Rate it

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The Beggar's Valentine
Vachel Lindsay
Kiss me and comfort my heart Maiden honest and fine. I am the pilgrim boy Lame, but hunting the shrine; Fleeing away from the sweets, Seeking...Rate it

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The Boys Of The House: For Valentine and Hubert Blake
Katharine Tynan
Young martyrs of the war, Who with your bright eyes star The shadows grey; Who steal at dawn and gloam In each beloved room So pale, so gay. Boys ...Rate it

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The Valentine Wreath
James Montgomery
Rosy red the hills appear With the light of morning, Beauteous clouds, in aether clear, All the east adorning; White through the mist the meadows s...Rate it

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To A Proud Beauty ('A Valentine')
Adam Lindsay Gordon
Though I have loved you well, I ween, And you, too, fancied me, Your heart hath too divided been A constant heart to be. And like the gay and youth...Rate it

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To A Valentine
William Strode
Faire Valentine, since once your welcome hand Did cull mee out wrapt in a paper band, Vouchsafe the same hand still, to shew thereby That Fortune d...Rate it

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To His Fairest Valentine, Mrs. A.L.
Richard Lovelace
"Come, pretty birds, present your lays, And learn to chaunt a goddess praise; Ye wood-nymphs, let your voices be Employ'd to serve her deity: A...Rate it

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To Kate. (In Lieu Of A Valentine)
Ellis Parker Butler
Sweet Love and I had oft communed; We were, indeed, great friends, And oft I sought his office, near Where Courtship Alley ends. I used to sit wit...Rate it

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To my forever Valentine.John
Taleshia G MCcray
From the first time you looked into my eyes,i knew how deeply i loved you. From the first time you kissed my lips,our love was sealed forever. From...Rate it

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To My Valentine
You are the special one in my life, Who makes me smile every day. You make my heart sing, All of the words that I cannot say. Through all of the su...Rate it

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Twas The day Before Valentine
Sandra Meadows
Twas the day before valentine. All real and caring hearts were aroused. The love interest was felt higher than the clouds. Can love grow stronger y...Rate it

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Valentine 2007
Kumar Nmn Kamal
Snow falls soft Snow falls subtle In a glass of Champagne her eyes unforgetful swirl in bubbles Valentine 2007 My hearts a little saddened feeling ...Rate it

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Valentine Brown
Aogán Ó Rathaille
Because all night my mind inclines to wander and to rave, Because the English dogs have made Ireland a green grave, Because all of Munster's glory ...Rate it

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Valentine by a Telegraph Clerk
James Clerk Maxwell
The tendrils of my soul are twined With thine, though many a mile apart. And thine in close coiled circuits wind Around the needle of my heart. Co...Rate it

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Valentine Candies Are Almost Gone
Sandra Meadows
The valentine candies are almost gone. So what will you take home? A bunch of lies. Tears in your fake eyes. A lame excuse. Trying to induce a truc...Rate it

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