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A Valentine Card (2/15/88)
William Goresko
Today, my son, you drew me A Valentine card With pictures of dinosaurs Ringed by the words "Hugs and Kisses" Proclaiming your love for me...Rate it

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A Valentine To My Wife
Eugene Field
Accept, dear girl, this little token, And if between the lines you seek, You'll find the love I've often spoken— The love my dying lips shall spe...Rate it

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A Valentine [From A Very Little Boy To A Very Little Girl]
Arthur Macy
This is a valentine for you. Mother made it. She's real smart, I told her that I loved you true And you were my sweetheart. And then she smiled...Rate it

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A Valentine's Day Prayer
Victor Gatenby
Loving God,on this Valentine's Day, we thank you. Our love will grow stronger and deeper,so we pray. Remind us today to cherish each other. To valu...Rate it

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A Valentine's Song
Robert Louis Stevenson
MOTLEY I count the only wear That suits, in this mixed world, the truly wise, Who boldly smile upon despair And shake their bells in Grandam Grundy...Rate it

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An honest Valentine
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
Returned from the Dead-Letter Office THANK you for your kindness, Lady fair and wise, Though love's famed for blindness, Lovers--hem! for lies....Rate it

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An Intercepted Valentine
Carolyn Wells
Little Bo-Peep, will you be mine? I want you for my Valentine. You are my choice of all the girls, With your blushing cheeks and your fluttering cu...Rate it

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Autumn Valentine
Dorothy Parker
In May my heart was breaking- Oh, wide the wound, and deep! And bitter it beat at waking, And sore it split in sleep. And when it came Novembe...Rate it

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Be My Valentine
Shariq Ejaz
The intense affection that I have for you Will be explained when I'll dance with you, Say that your love is true, Roses are red because I love you....Rate it

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Be My Valentine
Rick Rhythm
Its Valentines Day a day for sweethearts And what a wonderful day it could be The magic of romance fills the air Would you like to share it with me...Rate it

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Black Valentine
Samantha Quintana
I lost my heart long ago, In the depths of the unknown. In the haze of blackened night Your eyes were bright by candle light. You took my heart int...Rate it

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Classic love mania,my valentine
Jawahar Gupta
"""I love you and that's the beginning and end of everything"" F.Scot Fitzgerald CLASSIC LOVE MANIA,MY VALENTINE ============================== Pl...Rate it

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First Valentine's Day
Barbara Cadogan
Today's a wonderful day, Because it's yours and mine. The brief, but beautiful moments we shared, Will indelibly be written in time. There's so muc...Rate it

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Funny Valentine
Chris Curasi
Cupid's poisoned arrow is no longer directed toward me love is my terminal illness a mysterious laugh with reverb it is not even scary it just leav...Rate it

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Go, Valentine
Robert Southey
Go, Valentine, and tell that lovely maid Whom fancy still will portray to my sight, How here I linger in this sullen shade, This dreary gloom of...Rate it

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Goodnight Valentine
Sandra Meadows
So very crowded our day today. So special in every way. Glad we were able to play our way. "So Happy~Happy! Valentines Day." I sincerely mean it in...Rate it

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My Last Valentine
Devin Agee
This is the shortest of stories Longest story it felt as it was lived His pretty lady he adored Her sober nobody she would hold Much tighter than a...Rate it

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My St. Valentine !
Chuang Jillian
You are the light of my life. You guide me with your wisdom, give me hope and meaning in my life. You cover my lip with warmth kisses.. and hug me ...Rate it

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My Valentine
Taleshia G MCcray
the love of my life,thinking of you,my sweet valentine l love your smile my valentine,my heart is go cazey for you,l will love to be your valentine...Rate it

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my valentine
Himid Omar
from day to night, you are my heart beat, life to death, you are my breath, you're the reason that i'm happy, my love towards you will ever last, t...Rate it

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My Valentine
Parul Begum
My Love Ujjol Brought me a dozen, Crimson roses. Fragrant gifts Romantic cards Smooth kisses Cool hugs Fragile heartRate it

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MY Valentine
Anny McNeilus
to: JKB Finding words to describe or express what you are to me.... Would mean explaining the warmth, the rush and the bliss that flow through and ...Rate it

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My Valentine
Gentiana Ruda
Be mine this Valentine and ever Let us love each other better Every minute spent with you is special Days spent with you are always happier I love ...Rate it

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My Valentine
Criss F Rosenlof
As the days turn to years, through times happy, and sad... You have stayed by my side, through the good, and the bad. My love for you grows, with...Rate it

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My Valentine Day
Vaibhav Nagar
Ocassion of roses and kisses was knocking the door, This time i will reap it,i was sure. I asked my girl friend for a date, She told me i was again...Rate it

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