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Sweet home - Haiku with 4-6-4 syllables
Asim Nehal
Birds taking leaves One by one to built nest Sweet home readyRate it

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Sweet Stay-at-Home
William Henry Davies
Sweet Stay-at-Home, sweet Well-content, Thou knowest of no strange continent; Thou hast not felt thy bosom keep A gentle motion with the deep; ...Rate it

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Tales From the Home, Episode 8
Charlene Delfin
A cold, still river surface. There's no sound in the darkness. Gripped in the hold of death gaze, Though a slight light once caressed, Glowing soft...Rate it

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The Bus Going Home
Dee Edgett
On the bus going home She writes in her journal. Ink marks scraping on bone Pages etched in blood. She is reconciled To being dragged through mud. ...Rate it

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The Caged Thrush Freed and Home Again (Villanelle)
Thomas Hardy
"Men know but little more than we, Who count us least of things terrene, How happy days are made to be! "Of such strange tidings what think ye,...Rate it

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The Cook May Go Home
Kurt Philip Behm
The last of the bread bakes silently in the oven, as feelings stir warmly inside my heart The smell and the aroma, an invitation to greatness, ...Rate it

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The Day God Called You Home
Summer Key
God looked around his garden, and he found a empty place. He looked down upon earth, and saw your tired face. He knew that you were suffering. He ...Rate it

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The Diverting History Of John Gilpin, Showing How He Went Farther Than He Intended, And Came Safe Home Again
William Cowper
John Gilpin was a citizen Of credit and renown, A trainband captain eke was he Of famous London town. John Gilpin’s spouse said to her dear: Thoug...Rate it

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The feet of people walking home
Emily Dickinson
The feet of people walking home With gayer sandals go— The Crocus— til she rises The Vassal of the snow— The lips at Hallelujah Long years of pract...Rate it

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The Girls at Home
Henry Clay Work
When the daylight fades on the tented field, And the campfire cheerfully burns, Then the Soldier's thought, like a carrier dove, To his own love ho...Rate it

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The Hock-cart, or Harvest Home
Robert Herrick
To the Right Honourable Mildmay, Earl of Westmoreland Come, sons of summer, by whose toil We are the lords of wine and oil; By whose tough labou...Rate it

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The hock-cart, or harvest home:to the right honourable mildmay, earl of westmorland
Robert Herrick
Come, Sons of Summer, by whose toil We are the lords of wine and oil: By whose tough labours, and rough hands, We rip up first, then reap our lands...Rate it

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The Home
Rabindranath Tagore
I paced alone on the road across the field while the sunset was hiding its last gold like a miser. The daylight sank deeper and deeper into the...Rate it

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The Home of Death
George MacDonald
'Death, whaur do ye bide, auld Death?' 'I bide in ilka breath,' Quo' Death; 'No i' the pyramids, No whaur the wormie rids 'Neth coffin-lids; I bide...Rate it

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The Home Of Love
Yehudah HaLevi
Ever since You were the home of love for me, my love has lived where You have lived. Because of You, I have delighted in the wrath of my enemies; l...Rate it

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The Home of My Heart
Francis William Bourdillon
Not here in the populous town, In the playhouse or mart, Not here in the ways gray and brown, Bnt afar on the green-swelling down, Is the home of m...Rate it

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The Home of Peace
Charles Harpur
Trust and treachery, wisdom, folly, Madness, mirth and melancholy, Love and hatred, thrift and pillage, All are housed in every village. And in...Rate it

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The Home Of The Spirit
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
Answer me, burning stars of night, Where is the spirit gone, That past the reach of human sight, As a swift breeze hath flown? And the stars answe...Rate it

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The Home-Coming
Robert William Service
My boy's come back; he's here at last; He came home on a special train. My longing and my ache are past, My only son is back again. He's home with ...Rate it

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The Home-Coming
Edith Nesbit
This was our house. To this we came Lighted by love with torch aflame, And in this chamber, door locked fast, I held you to my heart at last. This...Rate it

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The Home-Going
James Whitcomb Riley
We must get home--for we have been away So long it seems forever and a day! And O so very homesick we have grown, The laughter of the world is like...Rate it

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The Long Road Home
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
When I go back from Billy's place I always have to roam The mazy road, the crazy road that leads the long way home. Ma always says, "Why don't you ...Rate it

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The Old Home By The Mill
James Whitcomb Riley
This is 'The old Home by the Mill'--far we still call it so, Although the old mill, roof and sill, is all gone long ago. The old home, though, and ...Rate it

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The Old Home Calls
Lucy Maud Montgomery
Come back to me, little dancing feet that roam the wide world o'er, I long for the lilt of your flying steps in my silent rooms once more; Come bac...Rate it

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The Old-Home Folks
James Whitcomb Riley
Such was the Child-World of the long-ago-- The little world these children used to know:-- Johnty, the oldest, and the best, perhaps, Of the five h...Rate it

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