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When You Come Home
Katharine Tynan
All will be right when you come home, dear lad, But oh, 'tis long of coming that you are! Everything's wrong with all the world and sad; There are ...Rate it

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When You Come Home To Collies, They Naturally Greet You
Stephen Colley
a lot like a bat out of heaven who’s high on batnip and flat out, hell bent, in full cry just as if you’d been missing for decades. That done, thes...Rate it

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When You Get Home, Remember Me
Henry Clay Work
Lieutenant De Long, commanding the Jeannette Artic Expedition, having seen his vessel crushed by the ice, undertook a perilous journey through the ...Rate it

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When You Hold Me In Your Arms I Feel Like I'm At Home
Wallace Dean LaBenne
Castles Of Sand When you build castles of sand I feel like I'm a king There's no majesty as grand Resplendent everything When you take my hand in y...Rate it

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When You Meet a Man from Your Own Home Town
Franklin P. Adams
Sing, O Muse, in treble clef, A little song of the A.E.F., And pardon me, please, if I give vent To something akin to sentiment. But we have ou...Rate it

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When Your Sins Come Home to Roost
Henry Lawson
When you fear the barber’s mirror when you go to get a crop, Or in sorrow every morning comb your hair across the top: When you titivate and do the...Rate it

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Where Home Was
Augusta Davies Webster
'TWAS yesterday; 'twas long ago: And for this flaunting grimy street, And for this crowding to and fro, And thud and roar of wheels and feet, Were ...Rate it

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Where is my home
Kirya michael owen
Where is my home All wandering in the world After everyday dreams and illusions Directing me to the place I ever stayed The place of my joy An...Rate it

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Where Thou art—that—is Home
Emily Dickinson
Where Thou art—that—is Home— Cashmere—or Calvary—the same— Degree—or Shame— I scarce esteem Location's Name— So I may Come— What Thou dost—is Deli...Rate it

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While at Home
Inge Meldgaard
Baking a special cake for your celebration, I pause, savouring the moment, the warmth. ----- Cinquain - Invented and published by Adelaide Crapsey...Rate it

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Who Goes Home?
Gilbert Keith Chesterton
In the city set upon slime and loam They cry in their parliament 'Who goes home?' And there comes no answer in arch or dome, ...Rate it

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Winter Evening At Home
William Lisle Bowles
Fair Moon, that at the chilly day's decline Of sharp December through my cottage pane Dost lovely look, smiling, though in thy wane! In thought, to...Rate it

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Work from Home
Bhupathi Prabhakara Rao
Blessed was I on a rainy day, I felt, Of absence from stringent office To enjoy on-line work from humming home Away from time bound duty Close to d...Rate it

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Worthy Art Thou, Returning Home
Walther von der Vogelweide
Worthy art thou, returning home, the bell For thee should ring, and crowds come gathering round To gaze, how as a gladdening miracle Thou com'st, o...Rate it

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Writin' Back To The Home-Folks
James Whitcomb Riley
My dear old friends--It jes beats all, The way you write a letter So's ever' _last_ line beats the _first_, And ever' _next_-un's better!-- W'y, ev...Rate it

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You are Home
'Jo Reyes'
In a world of hate and sadness In a moment lost in madness The skies darken in the sunlight Darkness blinds there is no sight The spirit dies and...Rate it

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You Can Always Come Home
Daniel Millard
Come home to yourself Come home to yourself Come home by going within Come home by practicing yoga Just come home You are safe and loved Yes, you a...Rate it

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you'll only see me at home
Himid Omar
you'll only see me at home, whether i'm happy or sad alone. you will not see me shed tears, although i'm in pain and a great fear. i will always sh...Rate it

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Your Home
Ahmad Al_khatat
Everything changed quickly in life, But your home stayed the same. Standing and holding roses in hands, Breathing our last breaths to see you last...Rate it

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Your real home
Jawahar Gupta
Voice Potion or poison Convince your innocence Your heart's desire the Voice you hear And this call cannot be denied. The Holy Child remains...Rate it

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