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A Desolate Shore
William Ernest Henley
A desolate shore, The sinister seduction of the Moon, The menace of the irreclaimable Sea. Flaunting, tawdry and grim, From cloud to cloud along h...Rate it

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A Sea-Shore Grave. To M. J. L.
Sidney Lanier
By Sidney and Clifford Lanier. O wish that's vainer than the plash Of these wave-whimsies on the shore: "Give us a pearl to fill the gash -- God...Rate it

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A Shore Twilight
Lucy Maud Montgomery
Lo, find we here when the ripe day is o'er A kingdom of enchantment by the shore! Behold the sky with early stars ashine, A jewelled flagon brimm...Rate it

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A Song By The Shore.
Bliss Carman (William)
"Lose and love" is love's first art; So it was with thee and me, For I first beheld thy heart On the night I last saw thee. Pine-woods and mysterie...Rate it

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Across the Sea Along the Shore
Arthur Hugh Clough
Across the sea, along the shore, In numbers more and ever more, From lonely hut and busy town, The valley through, the mountain down, What was it y...Rate it

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Adieu, Adieu! My Native Shore
George Gordon Lord Byron
Adieu, adieu! my native shore Fades o'ver the waters blue; The night-winds sigh, the breakers roar, And shrieks the wild sea-mew. Yon sun that sets...Rate it

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By Broad Potomac's Shore
Walt Whitman
BY broad Potomac's shore--again, old tongue! (Still uttering--still ejaculating--canst never cease this babble?) Again, old heart so gay-...Rate it

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By That Lake, Whose Gloomy Shore
Thomas Moore
By that Lake, whose gloomy shore Sky-lark never warbles o'er, Where the cliff hangs high and steep, Young Saint Kevin stole to sleep. "Here, at ...Rate it

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Down on the Shore
William Allingham
Down on the shore, on the sunny shore! Where the salt smell cheers the land; Where the tide moves bright under boundless light, And the surge on ...Rate it

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Fairies On The Sea Shore. By Howard
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
FIRST FAIRY. MY home and haunt are in every leaf, Whose life is a summer day, bright and brief,-- I live in the depths of the tulip's bower, I wea...Rate it

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Far Off-Shore
Herman Melville
Look, the raft, a signal flying, Thin--a shred; None upon the lashed spars lying, Quick or dead. Cries the sea-fowl, hovering over, 'Crew, the cre...Rate it

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From The Shore
Carl Sandburg
A lone gray bird, Dim-dipping, far-flying, Alone in the shadows and grandeurs and tumults Of night and the sea And the stars and storms. Out ...Rate it

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Huge Vapours Brood Above the Clifted Shore
Charlotte Smith
Huge vapours brood above the clifted shore, Night o'er the ocean settles, dark and mute, Save where is heard the repercussive roar Of drowsy billow...Rate it

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In Memoriam A. H. H.: 83. Dip down upon the northern shore
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Dip down upon the northern shore O sweet new-year delaying long; Thou doest expectant nature wrong; Delaying long, delay no mo...Rate it

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Morning along Shore
Lucy Maud Montgomery
Hark, oh hark the elfin laughter All the little waves along, As if echoes speeding after Mocked a merry merman's song! All the gulls are out, del...Rate it

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Night, on the Sea-shore
Louisa Stuart Costello
I have fled from all, and none can now My way, my wanderings see; The waters widely round me flow— I feel that I am free! Oh! who can...Rate it

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Now Finale To The Shore
Walt Whitman
NOW finale to the shore! Now, land and life, finale, and farewell! Now Voyager depart! (much, much for thee is yet in store;) Often enough...Rate it

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Off Shore
Celia Thaxter
Rock, little boat, beneath the quiet sky, Only the stars behod us where we lie, - Only the stars and yonder brightening moon On the wide sea to-ni...Rate it

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Old Jim Shore
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
He prospered in an olden day When down the rutted waggon track, Thro' scenes that seem a world away, His bullocks lumbered forth and back; A tall o...Rate it

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On an Italian Shore
Constantine P. Cavafy
Kimos, son of Menedoros, a young Greek-Italian, devotes his life to amusing himself, like most young men in Greater Greece brought up in the lap of...Rate it

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On Revisiting The Sea-Shore, After Long Absence, Under Strong Medical Recommendation Not To Bathe
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
God be with thee, gladsome Ocean! How gladly greet I thee once more! Ships and waves, and ceaseless motion, And men rejoicing on thy shore. Dissu...Rate it

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On the shore of river
Hakikur Rahman
On the shore of the river I'm standing alone When the boat arrives on the shore Helmsman-free. The boat is mine not visible yet But, thinking abou...Rate it

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Rain Along Shore
Lucy Maud Montgomery
Wan white mists upon the sea, East wind harping mournfully All the sunken reefs along, Wail and heart-break in its song, But adown the placid bay F...Rate it

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Robert Herrick
What though the sea be calm? Trust to the shore; Ships have been drown'd, where late they danced before. Rate it

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Sea-Shore Memories
Walt Whitman
OUT of the cradle endlessly rocking, Out of the mocking-bird's throat, the musical shuttle, Out of the Ninth-month midnight, Over the ...Rate it

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