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Sidney Lanier was a poet, writer, composer, critic, professor of literature at Johns Hopkins and first flutist with the Peabody Symphony Orchestra in Baltiimore. He wrote the Centennial cantata for the opening ceremony of the 1876 Centennial celebration in Philadelphia.

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Marsh Song -- At Sunset.
 412 ViewsRate it
The Ship Of Earth.
 389 ViewsRate it
To ----, With A Rose
 361 ViewsRate it
The Stirrup-Cup
 327 ViewsRate it
The Marshes of Glynn
 205 ViewsRate it
Baby Charley.
 196 ViewsRate it
Hymns Of The Marshes.
 164 ViewsRate it
A Ballad Of The Trees And The Master
 149 ViewsRate it
The Centennial Cantata.
 140 ViewsRate it
Song Of The Chattahoochee
 137 ViewsRate it
Life And Song.
 135 ViewsRate it
In The Foam.
 131 ViewsRate it
The Symphony
 129 ViewsRate it
 124 ViewsRate it
In Absence.
 123 ViewsRate it
Souls And Rain-Drops
 123 ViewsRate it
To Nannette Falk-Auerbach
 122 ViewsRate it
 121 ViewsRate it
A Sunrise Song.
 120 ViewsRate it
The Raven Days
 119 ViewsRate it
 117 ViewsRate it
On Huntingdon's "Miranda"
 117 ViewsRate it
At First. To Charlotte Cushman.
 116 ViewsRate it
 116 ViewsRate it
On A Palmetto
 116 ViewsRate it
Owl Against Robin
 115 ViewsRate it
A Florida Sunday.
 114 ViewsRate it
Spring Greeting
 114 ViewsRate it
To J. D. H.
 114 ViewsRate it
A Florida Ghost.
 113 ViewsRate it
Tampa Robins
 113 ViewsRate it
To Richard Wagner.
 113 ViewsRate it
Laus Mariae
 112 ViewsRate it
 112 ViewsRate it
The Palm And The Pine
 108 ViewsRate it
 104 ViewsRate it
An Frau Nannette Falk-Auerbach. 101 ViewsRate it
Marsh Hymns
 100 ViewsRate it
Night And Day
 100 ViewsRate it
My Springs
 98 ViewsRate it
How Love Looked For Hell.
 97 ViewsRate it
The Power Of Prayer
 93 ViewsRate it
To Wilhelmina
 93 ViewsRate it
The Crystal
 92 ViewsRate it
A song of Love
 89 ViewsRate it
A Sea-Shore Grave. To M. J. L.
 89 ViewsRate it
Control 87 ViewsRate it
The Wedding
 86 ViewsRate it
 84 ViewsRate it
 83 ViewsRate it
The Dove
 83 ViewsRate it
A Song Of The Future.
 82 ViewsRate it
To My Class: On Certain Fruits And Flowers Sent Me In Sickness
 80 ViewsRate it
The Battle of Lexington
 79 ViewsRate it
On Violet's Wafers, Sent Me When I Was Ill
 77 ViewsRate it
Uncle Jim's Baptist Revival Hymn
 77 ViewsRate it
The Golden Wedding Of Sterling And Sarah Lanier, September 27, 1868.
 75 ViewsRate it
Struggle 74 ViewsRate it
The Mocking-Bird
 73 ViewsRate it
 72 ViewsRate it
 72 ViewsRate it
The Song Of The Chattahoochee
 71 ViewsRate it
A Dedication. To Charlotte Cushman.
 69 ViewsRate it
Our Hills
 68 ViewsRate it
From The Flats.
 67 ViewsRate it
To ----
 66 ViewsRate it
An Evening Song.
 64 ViewsRate it
A Song Of Eternity In Time
 62 ViewsRate it
To Baynard Taylor
 60 ViewsRate it
To Dr. Thomas Shearer 59 ViewsRate it
 56 ViewsRate it
The Tournament
 56 ViewsRate it
A Birthday Song. To S. G.
 52 ViewsRate it
The Bee
 51 ViewsRate it
Nine from Eight
 48 ViewsRate it
Thou And I
 48 ViewsRate it
To Beethoven
 48 ViewsRate it
To Our Mocking-Bird
 48 ViewsRate it
The Dying Words Of Stonewall Jackson
 47 ViewsRate it
Laughter In The Senate
 46 ViewsRate it
Special Pleading
 45 ViewsRate it
To: Frau Nannette Falk-Auerbach 44 ViewsRate it
The Hard Times In Elfland
 43 ViewsRate it
The Revenge Of Hamish
 43 ViewsRate it
Ode To The Johns Hopkins University
 41 ViewsRate it
Jones's Porvate Argyment 39 ViewsRate it
 37 ViewsRate it
The Harlequin Of Dreams
 37 ViewsRate it
Thar's More In the Man Than Thar Is In The Land
 35 ViewsRate it
 34 ViewsRate it
 32 ViewsRate it
Under The Cedarcroft Chestnut
 32 ViewsRate it
Martha Washington
 27 ViewsRate it
Strange Jokes
 26 ViewsRate it
 26 ViewsRate it
To Charlotte Cushman
 21 ViewsRate it
A Song of Love.
 10 ViewsRate it
A Ballad of Trees and the Master.
 4 ViewsRate it
A Song of Eternity in Time.
 4 ViewsRate it

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