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Christina Georgina Rossetti
What is pink? a rose is pink By a fountain's brink. What is red? a poppy's red In its barley bed. What is blue? the sky is blue Where the clou...Rate it

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When you color me, Color me Black
Dolores M. Johnson
When you color me, color me black Bold, beautiful, bountiful and benevolent When you color me, color me black Learned, lifted, limitless and lovin...Rate it

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Red Is The Color Of Blood
Conrad Potter Aiken
Red is the color of blood, and I will seek it: I have sought it in the grass. It is the color of steep sun seen through eyelids. It is hidden u...Rate it

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A Bit Of Color
Arthur Macy
Oh, damsel fair at the Porte Maillot, With the soft blue eyes that haunt me so, Pray what should I do When a girl like...Rate it

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A Water-Color
James Whitcomb Riley
Low hidden in among the forest trees An artist's tilted easel, ankle-deep In tousled ferns and mosses, and in these A fluffy water-spaniel, half as...Rate it

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All Blood Is Red. All Bones Are White. All Sweat Is Golden. For It Is Not The Color Of Our Skins, Bu
Nikhil Parekh
There might exist eyes; in an infinite shades and shapes on the trajectory of this fathomlessly eclectic Universe, There might exist hair; in an...Rate it

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Emily Dickinson
Color—Caste—Denomination— These—are Time's Affair— Death's diviner Classifying Does not know they are— As in sleep—All Hue forgotten— Tenets—put b...Rate it

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Ensign Epps, The Color-Bearer
John Boyle O'Reilly
ENSIGN EPPS, at the battle of Flanders, Sowed a seed of glory and duty That flowers and flames in height and beauty Like a crimson lily with heart ...Rate it

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In Color
Kurt Philip Behm
Space in meters, words in rhyme Life in color —truth sublime (Villanova Pennsylvania: December, 2016)Rate it

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In light and color
Mark cloutier
The night casts lights Of the darkest of stars That fall like the moon In bloody view As the sun bathes the day In light and color Of the bluest wa...Rate it

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Rebel Color-Bearers At Shiloh
Herman Melville
_A plea against the vindictive cry raised by civilians shortly after the surrender at Appomattox_ The color-bearers facing death White in the whir...Rate it

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Sinfonia Color de Fresa Con Leche
Jose Asuncion Silva
A los colibríes decadentes Rítmica Reina lírica! Con venusinos cantos de sol y rosa, de mirra y laca y polícromos cromos de tonos mil oye los c...Rate it

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Sketch In Natural Color
Nikhil Parekh
Water seeped fast through the tall drainpipe, muddy pools of liquid inhabited desolate patches of the street, bed sheets of road dust were drench...Rate it

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The Color of a Queen, is this
Emily Dickinson
The Color of a Queen, is this— The Color of a Sun At setting—this and Amber— Beryl—and this, at Noon— And when at night—Auroran widths Fling sudde...Rate it

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The Color Of My Cheeks
Nikhil Parekh
The color of my cheeks was whiter than the innocuous Moon; when I just got up from sleep with the first rays of ethereal dawn, The color of my ...Rate it

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The Color of the Grave is Green
Emily Dickinson
The Color of the Grave is Green— The Outer Grave—I mean— You would not know it from the Field— Except it own a Stone— To help the fond—to find it—...Rate it

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The Color Sergeant
James Weldon Johnson
(On an Incident at the Battle of San Juan Hill) Under a burning tropic sun, With comrades around him lying, A trooper of the sable Tenth Lay wound...Rate it

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The Great Sin Of Prejudice Against Color
Sojourner Truth
Children, who made your skin white? Was it not God? Who made mine black? Was it not the same God? Am I to blame, therefore, because my skin i...Rate it

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The spiritual athlete often changes the color of his clothes
The spiritual athlete often changes the color of his clothes, and his mind remains gray and loveless. He sits inside a shrine room all day, so tha...Rate it

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Unbearable Beauty in the Color Grey
Elaine C. George
Unbearable Beauty in the Color Grey On a day bathed in so many shades of misty grey There upon those rugged cliffs above the Fundy Bay Heart pou...Rate it

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