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Work Cycle

Its been a long day
I just want to go home
And relax
Kick my shoes off
Fall into bed
Only to rest
Not to sleep
Just to ease
The aches and pains
Maybe watch a movie
Eat a decent meal
Something for me
As a reward
For being so great

by John W Jackson Jr.

added 6 months ago
Don't Give Up

Sometimes things just don’t
Go as good as you want.
In our imperfect world
That is to be expected.
There’s problems with this and
Problems with that.
It can be overbearing.
If you’re feeling like you just
Can’t take it no more.
Don’t give up.

by John W Jackson Jr.

added 2 years ago
Dentist Alternative

A patient told the dentist, “To tell the truth,
I don’t like gas or needles, not since my youth”.
That’s when the dentist said,
“Here’s some Viagra instead,
To make something to hold when I pull that...

by John W Jackson Jr.

added 2 years ago
A Whole New World

I live in this world.
It is beautiful to me.
I have many friends.
They say there’s more to see.
I really don’t care.
Some of them tease me.
They brag about their view.
They have hope for me.
Maybe someday I’ll see it too.
I don’t care.

by John W Jackson Jr.

added 2 years ago
First Sunrise

I was blind
But now I see.
It has opened up
A whole new world to me.
This morning I am sitting
On a blanket in the sand.
Waiting for something
That’s supposed to be grand.
I have been told
That there will never be
Anything more beautiful
For me to...

by John W Jackson Jr.

added 2 years ago

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I took the quiz about 10 times until I finally got them all correct.

6 months ago

Actually I went to add it and remembered I did already. It's called "Lonely Friend".

2 years ago

I'm glad you feel that way because that is what I was trying to convey. I feel it is important to give encouragement in any way possible. You never know who is on their last straw. I have an early poem of mine about the dangers of the internet but I'm reluctant to post it. It was intended to be mostly informational and it's not the best of poems. I still may do it. 

2 years ago

I didn't realize that some of the ended abruptly, especially the free verse ones. Please give me an example of a couple of them so I can see what you mean. Yes, that's why I like free verse also. My mind still wants to make it rhyme at times so I need to ready myself each time. I'm a stickler for spelling and I do use a thesaurus when I can't think of anything or I want to use something other than the normal words I use. A grammar guide I never even considered. I'm going to read yours again now. I hope to discover something I missed the first time around. 

2 years ago

I'm ready to post it now. It's called "Don't Give Up". It's not a well written as yours but I'm not quite at that level yet.

2 years ago

It's great how true love can just turn our way of thinking around completely.

2 years ago

I forgot to mention that Free Verse is probably my favorite type of poetry to read and write. I have written only 7 or 8 of them but nothing on this level yet. If you care to find the ones I did write and give me some advice, I'd appreciate it. 

2 years ago

Damn! That was intense. It had me captivated the entire time. I don't believe I'll ever be able to express myself so elegantly. Maybe in time and maybe in rhyme I'll get to this level.

2 years ago

I loved it. It also gave me an idea for a poem that I finished right after reading yours. It's called "First Sunset". Thanks for the idea and the beautiful poem.

2 years ago

I tried to read this last night right before bed. I didn't get it. This morning I tried again and I understood it completely. Every stanza well written. I hope to be able to express myself in poem like this someday. 

2 years ago

This made me think about our government. So much talk and so little action.

2 years ago

Interesting topic. It gave me an idea of a poem I should write. I hope to be able to express as much passion as you did here.

2 years ago

Well the ending surprised me. I never watched Oprah but this poem made me think of every good mother in the world.

2 years ago

For me this tells a story of a homeless lady being ignored in the streets. Even when she dies, no one notices or respects her. It's sad to think that this probably happens more often then we'd like to believe. 

2 years ago

My take on it sees an excessive gambler always hoping for that big score. Always seeing his mistakes after it's too late. Nice writing. It kept me engrossed throughout.

2 years ago


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