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Today started slow for me
my thoughts they weigh me down,
I have to change the mood I'm in-
because in an ocean-world I'll drown,
I think of a happy place or thought
and see my face with a smile,
remember someone needs my love
forever- not just a ...

by Michael A Watkins

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7 days ago

World Struggle.

Right after the pandemic
comes the worse thing could happen,
a building filled with our loved ones
all of a sudden just collapsed-in,
Republican Vs Democrat-
a Governor being recalled,
fear of another capital attack
makes a hostage of us all,

by Michael A. Watkins

added by michaelw.21046
20 days ago

My Team.

we got Manny and Tatis jr.
cronenworth and Myers,
with the spirit to win games
the whole city's on fire,
I think this is the season
when God answers my prayer,
with a run for the world series
to quiet the naysayer,
the friar-faithful stands as 1...

by Michael A. Watkins

added by michaelw.21046
1 month ago

Hurt & Pain.

One of you can be treated
with a few pills of meds,
the other one is internal
if not treated you could be dead,
if you stub your big toe
or cut your hand with a knife,
it's a few minutes of discomfort
that wont emotionally effect your life,
so hur...

by Michael A. Watkins

added by michaelw.21046
1 month ago

Never Forget.

Overseas-Mother nature has found enemies
But why, doesn't she know we're all God's children
can't you see,
War is fought behind the desk of the unfriendly
who'll never see the inside of the penitentiary,
When waters washed away tens of thousand
a ...

by Michael A. Watkins

added by michaelw.21046
1 month ago

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I would really love to hear your thoughts and opinions as my goal is to someday write a book of poems.

7 days ago

I want to someday have a book of poems ( 2-3 ) I love writing and reading and to connect with people through words and experiences is a forever gift to give and receive.

1 month ago


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