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Black lives do matter.

What matters in life
is different for you and me,
why does the color of my skin
always have to be the key,
judged at first sight-
or looked down-on or denied,
not givin a fair chance
when heaven knows I've tried,
held back for no reason-...

Michael A. Watkins
Fight-( my addiction )

I see you now for what you are
and I'm no longer afraid of you,
confused at first but not anymore
by what you think or do,
your hold on me is broken
for the first time I can think,
I wont let you control my life-
It's mine and I'm unique,
my power...

Michael A. Watkins
Shadows-( my mental health )

Shadows of my other life
in my mind to me is real,
the person that I want to be-
I cannot yet reveal,
lost to one, but am I saved-
from shadows of the two,
good and evil-right or wrong
I know not what to do,
one of us is patient-
and careful with...

Michael A. Watkins

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