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They come out loud In sayings and calm in action. Quickly it's advised Directed in one line. Attention is the key to direct. Nobody knows the way ...Rate it

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Deborrah Ann Stenberg
Authentic acknowledges each dedicated example. Boisterous is a good trait to have. Courage highlights all the struggles encountered. Devotion is a ...Rate it

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I have a voice That needs to be heard My only choice Is to speak through words Can I get your attention By saying something mean You've ignored my ...Rate it

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Matthew Greiner
The clown cries on the New York City street corner, but it's only a morph of his previous act. Behind the makeup, the same villian resides, he's on...Rate it

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BlackAngel Evo
I want to be seen I want to be heard I crave attention I know it's absurd Act like I don't care Just shrug it off All I want is attention I can't ...Rate it

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Attention In The Change Room!
Edward Willard
This poem is written for Wesley Mouton, "Mouttee" some called him, but he loved to be called "Po Devil". Moutee worked at Cote Blanche Mine in Loui...Rate it

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Pat Attention...
Donald Vess
When a blind man sees one realm after another through spiritual eyes during all of the seasons, pay attention closely to the voice that comes from ...Rate it

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Pay Attention
Carole A. Delger
I go to work each day. I deal with bombs all day. Sometimes, I have to run fast away. So if you see me running fast, you better follow me before yo...Rate it

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Stupid Attention Seeker
I dont know what to say When someone asks if I'm okay I dont want to lie, but they dont want to hear the truth For now I'll be fine, Lie their worr...Rate it

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Whimsical Attention to Eccentric Schemes
Frankie Savage
Whimsical ideas of politics and media Whimsical thoughts on culture and education Whimsical reflections on civilisation and science Droll sp...Rate it

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You've Caught My Attention
Eduard Bey
May flowers blossom, As do you, Rigorous to fulfill, Great love, a virtue, Amid this evil, Running the race, Inside, your comforter, To a heavenly ...Rate it

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