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The Dark Hills
Edwin Arlington Robinson
Dark hills at evening in the west, Where sunset hovers like a sound Of golden horns that sang to rest Old bones of warriors under ground, Far n...Rate it

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An Ode To The Hills
Archibald Lampman
AEons ago ye were, Before the struggling changeful race of man Wrought into being, ere the tragic stir Of human toil and deep desire began: So shal...Rate it

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The Bridge To The Highest Hills
Mario William Vitale
the years become minutes the minutes years thank him for the laughter and tears only an occasional resting point flying horses carry me without fe...Rate it

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"Alter? When The Hills Do."
Emily Elizabeth Dickinson
Alter? When the hills do. Falter? When the sun Question if his glory Be the perfect one. Surfeit? When the daffodil Doth of the dew: Even as he...Rate it

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A Song For The Hills.
Charles Hamilton Musgrove
Here is the freedom men die for,--die for but never know; Here is the peace they pray for shrined in eternal snow; Down on the plain the city moans...Rate it

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All the Hills and Vales Along
Charles Hamilton Sorley
All the hills and vales along Earth is bursting into song, And the singers are the chaps Who are going to die perhaps. O sing, marching men, Till t...Rate it

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Alter! When the Hills do
Emily Dickinson
Alter! When the Hills do— Falter! When the Sun Question if His Glory Be the Perfect One— Surfeit! When the Daffodil Doth of the Dew— Even as Herse...Rate it

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Among the Hills
John Greenleaf Whittier
PRELUDE ALONG the roadside, like the flowers of gold That tawny Incas for their gardens wrought, Heavy with sunshine droops the golden-rod, And the...Rate it

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An altered look about the hills
Emily Dickinson
An altered look about the hills— A Tyrian light the village fills— A wider sunrise in the morn— A deeper twilight on the lawn— A print of a vermill...Rate it

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April in the Hills
Archibald Lampman
To-day the world is wide and fair With sunny fields of lucid air, And waters dancing everywhere; The snow is almost gone; The noon is builded high ...Rate it

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As Through the Wild Green Hills of Wyre
Alfred Edward Housman
As through the wild green hills of Wyre The train ran, changing sky and shire, And far behind, a fading crest, Low in the forsaken west Sank th...Rate it

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Between Two Hills
Carl Sandburg
Between two hills The old town stands. The houses loom And the roofs and trees And the dusk and the dark, The damp and the dew Are there. T...Rate it

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Beyond the Sunset are the Hills of God.
Fannie Isabelle Sherrick
Gleaming folds of read and gold linger in the western sky; Fleecy clouds of purest tint, mingle with the purple dye. Faintly to the dreamy mind...Rate it

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Composed After A Journey Across The Hambleton Hills, Yorkshire
William Wordsworth
DARK and more dark the shades of evening fell; The wished-for point was reached--but at an hour When little could be gained from that rich dower Of...Rate it

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Distant Hills
John Clare
What is there in those distant hills My fancy longs to see, That many a mood of joy instils? Say what can fancy be? Do old oaks thicken all the wo...Rate it

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Earlier Poems : Sunrise On The Hills
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
I stood upon the hills, when heaven's wide arch Was glorious with the sun's returning march, And woods were brightened, and soft gales Went forth t...Rate it

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Fire On The Hills
Robinson Jeffers
The deer were bounding like blown leaves Under the smoke in front the roaring wave of the brush-fire; I thought of the smaller lives that were caug...Rate it

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Goodbye Hills and Shores
Kartel Onyekachi Chidiagba
Goodbye Hills and Shores Like glue, wished you by my side. Came rallying for you my diva, so sonorous as serenade. The stunning vista of an Idyll s...Rate it

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Hills of Whroo
Edward Harrington
'Far below us in a hollow Slumber'ing in the morning haze, Lay the quaint, old mining township, Relic of the Roaring Days. Through its empty str...Rate it

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I will look up to the Hills
Sunday Aideloje
I will look up to the hills When I am defied with the test of life When reality struggle my dreams to the fall And hopes collapse like a sac Then, ...Rate it

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Lines Written Among The Euganean Hills
Percy Bysshe Shelley
Many a green isle needs must be In the deep wide sea of Misery, Or the mariner, worn and wan, Never thus could voyage on - Day and night, and nigh...Rate it

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Love In The Summer Hills
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
Love in the summer hills, With youth to mock at ills, And kisses sweet to cheat Our idle tears away. What else has Time in store, Till Life shall c...Rate it

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My Faith is larger than the Hills
Emily Dickinson
My Faith is larger than the Hills— So when the Hills decay— My Faith must take the Purple Wheel To show the Sun the way— 'Tis first He steps upon ...Rate it

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Noonday Hills.
Robert Crawford
The silent blue haze in the noonday hills Is deep with glory, as the very air Were an alembic. Rate it

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October Hills
John Rollin Ridge
I look upon the purple hills That rise in steps to yonder peaks, And all my soul their silence thrills And to my heart their beauty speak...Rate it

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