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Lines For An Album
James Whitcomb Riley
I would not trace the hackneyed phrase Of shallow words and empty praise, And prate of 'peace' till one might think My foolish pen was drunk with i...Rate it

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"Photo Album"
Nadhri Mahal
An album, On the desk, Open it! Pictures there, Fill the page, Memories! Take you back, To the times, Of your life!Rate it

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- Smoke 3 Miles Away - (1st poem of my album #4, "For the Children")
Miguel V. Melendez Sv
In and out Smoke 20 cigarettes Harmed and calmed Smoke 3 miles away One hand in the feed hole You cough rough and tough I want my little siblings t...Rate it

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Family Album
Margaret B. Ingraham
Each time I open the tattered book I find myself drawn in by the angle of my father's chin and his father's before him and how my brother's small h...Rate it

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Family Album
William Flynn
Pictures in the family book. It's time to take another look. That's Grandpa Billy when he had his farm. Yes, and Grandma Sarah holding his arm. Lo...Rate it

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From An Album Of 1604
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
HOPE provides wings to thought, and love to hope. Rise up to Cynthia, love, when night is clearest, And say, that as on high her figure changeth, S...Rate it

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I en ung norsk Componists Album, da han reiste til Rom
Hans Christian Andersen
I en ung norsk Componists Album, da han reiste til Rom Flyv ungdomssund til den evige Stad, Kom Dig selv og begeistret tilbage, Og Norden ved Di...Rate it

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In a Lady's Album
Marcus Clarke
WHAT can I write in thee, O dainty book, About whose daintiness faint perfume lingers— Into whose pages dainty ladies look, And turn thy da...Rate it

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In An Album
Arthur Sherburne Hardy
Like the south-flying swallow the summer has flown, Like a fast-falling star, from unknown to unknown Life flashes and falters and fails from our s...Rate it

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Introduction to an Album
John Henry Newman
I am a harp of many chords, and each Strung by a separate hand;—most musical My notes, discoursing with the mental sense, Not the outward ear. T...Rate it

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Lines For A Friend’s Album
Joanna Baillie
LINES , in addition to the treasure Of poesy, culled for the pleasure Of beau and belle and gentle dame, When seated round the evening flame, What ...Rate it

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Lines For Lizer-Jane's Album.
Joseph Furphy
No two leaves that wave in Arden, No two grass blades on the plain, No two flowers that gem the garden, Show as twins in form or vein, No two g...Rate it

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Lines Written In A Lady's Album
Joseph Rodman Drake
GRANT me, I cried, some spell of art, To turn with all a lover's care, That spotless page, my Eva's heart, And write my burning wishes there. ...Rate it

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Lines Written In A Young Lady's Album
George W Sands
'Tis not in youth, when life is new, when but to live is sweet, When Pleasure strews her starlike flow'rs beneath our careless feet, When Hope, tha...Rate it

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Lines written In An Album
Helen Maria Williams
OF THE BARONESS D' H---, TO HER TWO DAUGHTERS. BRIGHT nymphs, of NEWA'S banks the pride, Receive, before we part, For you, and your maternal ...Rate it

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Lines Written In An Album, At Malta
George Gordon Lord Byron
As o'er the cold sepulchral stone Some name arrests the passer-by; Thus, when thou view'st this page alone, May mine attract thy pensive eye! And ...Rate it

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Lines Written In The Album At Elbingerode, In The Hartz Forest
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
I stood on Brocken's sovran height, and saw Woods crowding upon woods, hills over hills A surging scene, and only limited By the blue distance. Hea...Rate it

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Nature and Art For an Album
John Henry Newman
'Man goeth forth' with reckless trust Upon his wealth of mind, As if in self a thing of dust Creative skill might find; He schemes and toils; s...Rate it

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On Being Asked To Write In Miss Westwood's Album
Charles Lamb
My feeble Muse, that fain her best would Write, at command of Frances Westwood, But feels her wits not in their best mood, Fell lately on some idle...Rate it

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Photo Album
Ehsan Sehgal
Whenever I look at Album Memories ring a bell a lot And old photos tell a lot My tears start to escape From the boat of eyesRate it

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The Pen And The Album
William Makepeace Thackeray
'I am Miss Catherine's book,' the album speaks; 'I've lain among your tomes these many weeks; I'm tired of their old coats and yellow cheeks. 'Qui...Rate it

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To A Young Girl With An Album
Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon
Gentle Lily with this Album my warmest wishes take, I know its pages oft thou’lt ope and prize it for my sake, For, though a trifling offering, it ...Rate it

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Verses Written In An Album
Thomas Hood
Far above the hollow Tempest, and its moan, Singeth bright Apollo In his golden zone,— Cloud doth never shade him, Nor a storm invade him, On...Rate it

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Written in a Lady's Album
Joseph Rodman Drake
Grant me, I cried, some spell of art, To turn with all a lover's care, That spotless page, my Eva's heart, And write my burning wishes there. ...Rate it

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Written In A Young Lady's Album
Friedrich Schiller
Sweet friend, the world, like some fair infant blessed, Radiant with sportive grace, around thee plays; Yet 'tis not as depicted in thy breast-- ...Rate it

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