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Charles Lamb was an English essayist, poet, and antiquarian, best known for his Essays of Elia and for the children's book Tales from Shakespeare, co-authored with his sister, Mary Lamb (1764–1847). Friends with such literary luminaries as Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Robert Southey, William Wordsworth, and William Hazlitt, Lamb was at the centre of a major literary circle in England. He has been referred to by E. V. Lucas, his principal biographer, as "the most lovable figure in English literature".

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List of poems by Charles Lamb 125 total

Anger 790 ViewsRate it
Parental Recollections
 382 ViewsRate it
The Godlike
 334 ViewsRate it
Crumbs To The Birds 320 ViewsRate it
A Ballad
 247 ViewsRate it
 139 ViewsRate it
 130 ViewsRate it
The Confidant
 128 ViewsRate it
A Vision Of Repentance
 126 ViewsRate it
Conquest Of Prejudice
 126 ViewsRate it
The Triumph Of The Whale
 125 ViewsRate it
The Spartan Boy
 124 ViewsRate it
Written Christmas Day 1797
 123 ViewsRate it
Which Is The Favourite?
 122 ViewsRate it
The Ape
 121 ViewsRate it
Nurse Green
 121 ViewsRate it
The Coffee Slips
 121 ViewsRate it
The Fairy
 119 ViewsRate it
A timid grace sits trembling in her eye
 117 ViewsRate it
Lines Addressed From London, To Sara And S.T.C. At Bristol, In The Summer Of 1796
 117 ViewsRate it
The Sister's Expostulation On The Brother's Learning Latin
 117 ViewsRate it
Time Spent In Dress
 117 ViewsRate it
What Is Fancy?
 117 ViewsRate it
The Young Letter Writer
 116 ViewsRate it
The Rook And The Sparrows
 115 ViewsRate it
Beauty And The Beast
 114 ViewsRate it
On Being Asked To Write In Miss Westwood's Album 113 ViewsRate it
The Three Friends
 113 ViewsRate it
Discontent And Quarrelling
 112 ViewsRate it
The Lame Brother
 111 ViewsRate it
The Journey From School And To School
 110 ViewsRate it
 110 ViewsRate it
Thoughtless Cruelty
 109 ViewsRate it
The Boy And The Skylark
 108 ViewsRate it
Repentance And Reconciliation
 107 ViewsRate it
Wasps In A Garden
 107 ViewsRate it
 106 ViewsRate it
The Boy And The Snake
 105 ViewsRate it
On A Picture Of The Finding Of Moses By Pharoah's Daughter
 104 ViewsRate it
Written On The Day Of My Aunt's Funeral
 104 ViewsRate it
The Rainbow
 103 ViewsRate it
On the sight of swans in Kensington Gardens
 102 ViewsRate it
The Butterfly
 100 ViewsRate it
The Magpie's Nest, Or A Lesson Of Docility
 100 ViewsRate it
On an Infant dying as soon as born
 99 ViewsRate it
The Two Boys 97 ViewsRate it
To Charles Lloyd: An Unexpected Visitor
 95 ViewsRate it
Queen Oriana's Dream
 94 ViewsRate it
The Force Of Habit
 94 ViewsRate it
To A Young Lady, On Being Too Fond Of Music
 94 ViewsRate it
My Birthday
 93 ViewsRate it
The First Tooth
 93 ViewsRate it
The Offer
 92 ViewsRate it
The Reproof
 91 ViewsRate it
To Margaret W------ 89 ViewsRate it
Beauty's Song
 87 ViewsRate it
The Reaper's Child
 87 ViewsRate it
Moderation In Diet
 86 ViewsRate it
To A River In Which A Child Was Drowned
 86 ViewsRate it
To Charles Lloyd
 85 ViewsRate it
To The Poet Cowper, On His Recovery From An Indisposition 84 ViewsRate it
Clock Striking
 83 ViewsRate it
The End Of May
 81 ViewsRate it
 80 ViewsRate it
Feigned Courage
 79 ViewsRate it
Motes In The Sunbeams 79 ViewsRate it
Sonnet VIII
 79 ViewsRate it
The Ride
 79 ViewsRate it
Epigram 78 ViewsRate it
Penny Pieces
 78 ViewsRate it
The Duty Of A Brother
 78 ViewsRate it
A Farewell To Tobacco
 77 ViewsRate it
The Brother's Reply
 77 ViewsRate it
Incorrect Speaking
 76 ViewsRate it
Prologue To Faulkener
 74 ViewsRate it
Suffer Little Children, And Forbid Them Not, To Come Unto Me
 74 ViewsRate it
The Sparrow And The Hen
 73 ViewsRate it
Home Delights
 72 ViewsRate it
The Two Bees
 70 ViewsRate it
The Old Familiar Faces
 68 ViewsRate it
Lines Suggested By A Sight Of Waltham Cross
 67 ViewsRate it
Choosing A Name
 66 ViewsRate it
The Beggar-Man
 65 ViewsRate it
A Dramatic Fragment
 63 ViewsRate it
Written Soon After The Preceding Poem
 62 ViewsRate it
Choosing A Profession
 60 ViewsRate it
The Great Grandfather
 60 ViewsRate it
Sonnet to Mathew Wood, Esq., Alderman and M. P.
 59 ViewsRate it
 58 ViewsRate it
Sonnet To A Friend
 58 ViewsRate it
 55 ViewsRate it
 55 ViewsRate it
The Text
 54 ViewsRate it
As when a child...
 53 ViewsRate it
Living Without God In The World
 53 ViewsRate it
The Broken Doll
 53 ViewsRate it
David In The Cave Of Adullam
 50 ViewsRate it
The Mimic Harlequin
 50 ViewsRate it
The Unbeloved
 49 ViewsRate it
 48 ViewsRate it
The Peach
 48 ViewsRate it
 47 ViewsRate it
The Beasts In The Tower
 46 ViewsRate it
Written A Year After The Events
 46 ViewsRate it
 45 ViewsRate it
On A Late Impiric Of Balmy Memory 45 ViewsRate it
A Parody
 44 ViewsRate it
Going Into Breeches
 43 ViewsRate it
On A Projected Journey 43 ViewsRate it
The Christening
 43 ViewsRate it
The First Leaf Of Spring
 43 ViewsRate it
 42 ViewsRate it
 41 ViewsRate it
On The Lord's Prayer
 38 ViewsRate it
The Dessert 36 ViewsRate it
Prince Dorus
 35 ViewsRate it
Written In The First Leaf Of A Child's Memorandum-Book 35 ViewsRate it
Song For The C--N 34 ViewsRate it
The New-Born Infant
 32 ViewsRate it
To T.L.H.
 32 ViewsRate it
The Men And Women, And The Monkeys 31 ViewsRate it
Lines Addressed To Lieut. R.W.H. Hardy, R.N.
 29 ViewsRate it
Neatness In Apparel
 28 ViewsRate it
The Orange
 27 ViewsRate it
Why Not Do It, Sir, Today?
 24 ViewsRate it

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