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Stand Up And Take A Stand
Wallace Dean LaBenne
All of you with heads unbowed stand up and take a stand. All of you who follow the crowd march to their rhythm band. All of you with firm beliefs ...Rate it

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I Stand on a Mountaintop High
Armetta L. White
I Stand on a mountaintop high, Stop, look up, and ponder the sky. My emotions of peace do run nigh, The eagle doth let out his cry. It seems that ...Rate it

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I think the Hemlock likes to stand
Emily Dickinson
I think the Hemlock likes to stand Upon a Marge of Snow— It suits his own Austerity— And satisfies an awe That men, must slake in Wilderness— And ...Rate it

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A Cutters last stand
Lisa Weaver
Cold & sharp & ever so thin; Red no longer just deep within. Years of pain & feeling so low; A quiet river of guilt begins to flow. T...Rate it

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A Tale Of Queuing Up At A Hotdog Stand
eliseo guerrero cervantes
Blonde and standing tall (and sounding Disparagingly...), the fifty something- Looking woman walks up to the window And blurts out-- "I used to wor...Rate it

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At Beauty's Bar As I Did Stand
George Gascoigne
AT Beauty's bar as I did stand, When False Suspect accused, ``George,'' quod the judge, ``hold up thy hand; Thou art arraigned of flattery. Tel...Rate it

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behind the stand
Masaoka Shiki
behind the stand of winter trees a red sunset Rate it

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Can't Stand Up Alone In Africa
Brian Oliveri
From the centerline round the earth too many born from survival birth solving the bleeding issues with Band-Aids education survival know how tha...Rate it

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Church—Door Should Still Stand Open
Alfred Austin
Church-doors should still stand open, night and day, Open to all who come for praise or prayer, Laden with gift of love or load of care, Nimbused w...Rate it

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Did you ever stand in a Cavern's Mouth
Emily Dickinson
Did you ever stand in a Cavern's Mouth— Widths out of the Sun— And look—and shudder, and block your breath— And deem to be alone In such a place, ...Rate it

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Drive Through Coffee Stand
E. Andrew Wood
The pilgrimage takes an hour total. Each day I travel through the plains and the sun, or the trees and the snow; through the affluent and the impov...Rate it

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Four springtimes lost: and in the fifth we stand
Christopher John Brennan
Four springtimes lost: and in the fifth we stand, here in this quiet hour of glory, still, while o'er the bridal land the westering sun dwells i...Rate it

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How noteless Men, and Pleiads, stand
Emily Dickinson
How noteless Men, and Pleiads, stand, Until a sudden sky Reveals the fact that One is rapt Forever from the Eye— Members of the Invisible, Existin...Rate it

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I cant Stand like this
Sajad Wani
Hanging between heaven and hell human life moves on a flower in the garden to be trampled or to be garlanded!Rate it

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I Stand Accused
Kurt Philip Behm
No more book fairs or tours no autographs signed My words are my gift the privacy mine No talk shows or fetes New York Times to eschew Que...Rate it

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I stand with them
Ricky Smith
They're sad. I'm sad. They cry. I cry. They're mad. I'm mad. They're down. I help them up. If I'm down, They help them up. They'll be there. I'll b...Rate it

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I will stand next to you !
Gargi Arya
You don’t want peace, You want the chaos and the pain, To completely destroy you, You want to be a broken soul, Which wishes to dwell in his life Y...Rate it

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I'll Stand Beside You Forever.
Deidra Martin
I remember the first time i looked at you, and saw the affection, I seen nothing but perfection, The long nights spent right next to you side, I w...Rate it

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Ladder Stand To Heaven
Maylinda Jane McRae
Strategically dressed in hopes that I can’t be seen Slowly, quietly yet aware of each step I take All senses fully awake praying for an amazing d...Rate it

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Light Shall Stand
Dustin Strong
Gathering in the light The sun our general Fire our ally Light our army Darkness falls Lead by fear its general Absence its army Despair its ally ...Rate it

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Of all the souls that stand create
Emily Dickinson
Of all the souls that stand create I have elected one. When sense from spirit files away, And subterfuge is done; When that which is and that whic...Rate it

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Oh, when will you stand forth?
Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
Oh, when will you stand forth, who with strength can bring aid, To strike down the injustice and lies That my house have beset, and with malice blo...Rate it

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Poet Stand
Poetic Judy Emery
Poet Stand Shall I stand on high, just to take a poets side, Perhaps there are those who are able to go about their lives unfettered by such conc...Rate it

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Riders in the Stand
Andrew Barton Paterson
There's some that ride the Robbo style, and bump at every stride; While others sit a long way back, to get a longer ride. There's some that ride ...Rate it

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Sonnet 06 - Go from me. Yet I feel that I shall stand
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
VI Go from me. Yet I feel that I shall stand Henceforward in thy shadow. Nevermore Alone upon the threshold of my door Of individual life, I shall...Rate it

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