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One Should Understand
Ehsan Sehgal
I never asked you To join my life journey I never expected the things That I couldn't reach It was you; who started And ended yourself I am the sa...Rate it

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If You Should Go
Countee Cullen
Love, leave me like the light, The gently passing day; We would not know, but for the night, When it has slipped away. So many hopes have fled, Ha...Rate it

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We should not mind so small a flower
Emily Dickinson
We should not mind so small a flower— Except it quiet bring Our little garden that we lost Back to the Lawn again. So spicy her Carnations nod— So...Rate it

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As if the Sea should part
Emily Dickinson
As if the Sea should part And show a further Sea— And that—a further—and the Three But a presumption be— Of Periods of Seas— Unvisited of Shores— ...Rate it

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Change should breed Change
William Henry Drummond
NEW doth the sun appear, The mountains' snows decay, Crown'd with frail flowers forth comes the baby year. My soul, time posts away; A...Rate it

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Church—Door Should Still Stand Open
Alfred Austin
Church-doors should still stand open, night and day, Open to all who come for praise or prayer, Laden with gift of love or load of care, Nimbused w...Rate it

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construction plans should always take into account security breaches
Nat Z. Punx
we would walk casually across the golf course just enjoying a stroll through the autumn night across and into the culvert eyes level with the stre...Rate it

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England! The Time Is Come When Thou Should’st Wean
William Wordsworth
ENGLAND! the time is come when thou should'st wean Thy heart from its emasculating food; The truth should now be better understood; Old things have...Rate it

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Every Man Should have a Rifle
Henry Lawson
So I sit and write and ponder, while the house is deaf and dumb, Seeing visions "over yonder" of the war I know must come. In the corner - not a ...Rate it

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I should have been too glad, I see
Emily Dickinson
I should have been too glad, I see— Too lifted—for the scant degree Of Life's penurious Round— My little Circuit would have shamed This new Circumf...Rate it

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I should not dare to leave my friend
Emily Dickinson
I should not dare to leave my friend, Because—because if he should die While I was gone—and I—too late— Should reach the Heart that wanted me— If ...Rate it

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Idea XXXVII: Dear, why should you command me to my rest
Michael Drayton
Dear, why should you command me to my rest When now the night doth summon all to sleep? Methinks this time becometh lovers best; Night was...Rate it

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If I should cast off this tattered coat,
Stephen Crane
If I should cast off this tattered coat, And go free into the mighty sky; If I should find nothing there But a vast blue, Echoless, ignorant --...Rate it

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If I should cease to bring a Rose
Emily Dickinson
If I should cease to bring a Rose Upon a festal day, 'Twill be because beyond the Rose I have been called away— If I should cease to take the name...Rate it

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If I should die
Emily Dickinson
If I should die, And you should live— And time should gurgle on— And morn should beam— And noon should burn— As it has usual done— If Birds should ...Rate it

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If I Should Die
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
If I should die, how kind you all would grow! In that strange hour I would not have one foe. There are no words too beautiful to say Of one who goe...Rate it

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If I should die
Benjamin Franklin King
1 If I should die to-night 2 And you should come to my cold corpse and say, 3 Weeping and heartsick o'er my lifeless clay -- 4 ...Rate it

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If I Should Die Tonight
Arabella Eugenia Smith
If I should die to-night, My friends would look upon my quiet face Before they laid it in its resting-place, And deem that death had left it almost...Rate it

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If I should die tonight
William Percy French
"If I should die tonight And you should come, And stand beside me, Lying cold and dumb, And if while standing there, You whispered low, 'Here'...Rate it

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If I Should Ever By Chance
Edward Thomas
IF I should ever by chance grow rich I'll buy Codham, Cockridden, and Childerditch, Roses, Pyrgo, and Lapwater, And let them all to my eldest da...Rate it

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If I Should Learn, In Some Quite Casual Way
Edna St. Vincent Millay
IF I should learn, in some quite casual way, That you were gone, not to return again— Read from the back-page of a paper, say, Held by ...Rate it

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If It Should Come To Be
William Ernest Henley
If it should come to be, This proof of you and me, This type and sign Of hours that smiled and shone, And yet seemed dead and gone As old-world win...Rate it

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If The Constitution Should Crumble
Mario William Vitale
Charles Manson wanted to start the race war but he died Malcom X was philosphical in his approach to civil right Martin Luther King Jr did his amaz...Rate it

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Lines.—If we should ever meet again
Louisa Stuart Costello
If we should ever meet again When many tedious years are past; When time shall have unbound the chain, And this sad heart is free at la...Rate it

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Lusty Youth should us ensue
King of England
1 Lusty Youth should us ensue. 2 His merry heart shall sure all rue. 3 For whatsoever they do him tell, 4 It is not for him, we k...Rate it

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