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19th Century Poet turned mathematician when his love interest dumped him, bereft of any reasons for her departure from his soul.

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Will you?
 132,322 ViewsRate it
Baby Biddie, Just What do you call Two Mexican Firefighters?
 14,194 ViewsRate it
Marital Bliss
 1,628 ViewsRate it
Problem Statement - High-End Mathematics (Calculus III, Superior Linear Algebra Needed) 888 ViewsRate it
Baci Semplici 714 ViewsRate it
Ramas bun! 567 ViewsRate it
I dreamed of you last night
 527 ViewsRate it
Ĉu vi? 474 ViewsRate it
Waste Of Time (but not of feelings)
 470 ViewsRate it
Dear Brigid
 468 ViewsRate it
You may...
 435 ViewsRate it
You are the light...
 426 ViewsRate it
Could you? Would you? Will you? Are you? Might you?
 423 ViewsRate it
I still love you
 401 ViewsRate it
Unrequited Love
 400 ViewsRate it
Somewhere...in this irreversible time...
 393 ViewsRate it
 371 ViewsRate it
Let The Cherry Tree Speak For Me
 371 ViewsRate it
Missing you, Baby 370 ViewsRate it
I'll never write poetry again...
 262 ViewsRate it
Sleep Well, My Baby Biddie II
 262 ViewsRate it
Sleep well...
 259 ViewsRate it
Question qqQqqq (kew-kew-KEW-kew-kew-kew or 2q+Q+3q=5q+Q)
 258 ViewsRate it
 255 ViewsRate it
Forget or Remember - that is the question...
 252 ViewsRate it
p iangere per te, amore mio b 234 ViewsRate it
Fresh Air...
 224 ViewsRate it
Solo con te 222 ViewsRate it
Let Me Adore You
 222 ViewsRate it
And 211 ViewsRate it
It wasn't 198 ViewsRate it
Te-am pierdut... 198 ViewsRate it
Non posso credere 171 ViewsRate it
Nice article - but why call TV "Vernacular television?" I thought you'd refer to Latin as that...
 171 ViewsRate it
Per Te II
 151 ViewsRate it
Why The Caller Lacked The Identity...To Muster The Courage In The Phone To Speak?
 150 ViewsRate it
Since I can't get in touch with you II
 140 ViewsRate it
This is what I found
 139 ViewsRate it
So what about Sunday?
 139 ViewsRate it
Correction to Sara
 133 ViewsRate it
Sequel to Urare Pentru Brigid 133 ViewsRate it
Se Telefonando
 128 ViewsRate it
Urare Pentru Brigid 123 ViewsRate it
Dedicato A Te, Brigid!!! 123 ViewsRate it
Senza Fare Sul Serio (aka Waste of Time...)
 112 ViewsRate it
Diretto da Enzo De Vito 88 ViewsRate it
Sweet Italian Love Lullaby Plagiarism...Yet Originalism To Make You Despise Me More and More... 78 ViewsRate it
Talk Talk? 61 ViewsRate it
Listen...to your heart
 60 ViewsRate it
 51 ViewsRate it
French Kiss
 51 ViewsRate it
Why didn't you J.I.T. come to me???!!! 37 ViewsRate it
 33 ViewsRate it
 33 ViewsRate it
When they all should let...then you softly leave
 32 ViewsRate it
Da 32 ViewsRate it
Don't love me tender then...
 32 ViewsRate it
Good Bye My Love...good bye
 29 ViewsRate it
 27 ViewsRate it
Summer nights once upon a time...but you won't get it (I'll bet)
 27 ViewsRate it
In lieu of January 17th (4-YR Anniversary)
 25 ViewsRate it
Nell'azzurro dei tuoi occhi io vedrò, E la musica degli angeli sei tu, Ma il mio angelo tra gli ange 24 ViewsRate it
Will You II
 22 ViewsRate it
I like Chopin
 21 ViewsRate it
 21 ViewsRate it
Shikaakwa ( Look Away )
 21 ViewsRate it
Last call 21 ViewsRate it
Missing you still... 21 ViewsRate it
 20 ViewsRate it
Ta ta tah-duh ta-tuh-taaa-tuh, ta-ta-ta-tuh-tuh-duh 18 ViewsRate it
Ma...perche...??? 18 ViewsRate it
Since you don't want me to dedicate Poems to You 17 ViewsRate it
 16 ViewsRate it
Black Cat, White Cat 16 ViewsRate it
Quanto Ti Amo 16 ViewsRate it
Ne placi gade 15 ViewsRate it
Posso ... una domanda per te? 15 ViewsRate it
Un Film Cecoslovacco ... Nooooo! ... Ma con sottotitoli in Tedesco... Nooooo!
 14 ViewsRate it
 14 ViewsRate it
Midnight Is The Time I Need You
 14 ViewsRate it
Too much heaven? 14 ViewsRate it
Sole or Soul Survivor?
 13 ViewsRate it
 13 ViewsRate it
Too much 13 ViewsRate it
Until you... 13 ViewsRate it
Next time... 13 ViewsRate it
Just wondering...I'm a-walkin' in the rain
 12 ViewsRate it
Quanto ti amo… (the song I meant to sing to you - sei l'effetto strano che l'amore dà.) 12 ViewsRate it
Mos ta nin 12 ViewsRate it
Oh, Brother!
 12 ViewsRate it
To look at - Per Guardare
 12 ViewsRate it
A storm is breaking within my heart
 12 ViewsRate it
Al Ristorante 12 ViewsRate it
Don't worry by then...
 12 ViewsRate it
Time is not flowers...time forgets, times X One Equals (N)one 12 ViewsRate it
A Little... 11 ViewsRate it
Nord Est - Overnight
 11 ViewsRate it
Do you know?
 11 ViewsRate it
This doesn't shine...
 11 ViewsRate it
Lasciami 11 ViewsRate it
I've got it! 11 ViewsRate it
Sheherezada 10 ViewsRate it
Words... 10 ViewsRate it
Is it?
 9 ViewsRate it
Nikita - you'll never know...oh well.
 4 ViewsRate it
And I bet you know this...
 3 ViewsRate it
So...I'll just celebrate the 17th on my own then then...
 3 ViewsRate it
Tiny Dancer
 3 ViewsRate it
J.Iglesias When I Need Love miles of empty space in between us The telephone can't take the place of
 3 ViewsRate it
Ti 3 ViewsRate it
Beautiful Day
 2 ViewsRate it
Încă un cântec 2 ViewsRate it
Alin, Alin 2 ViewsRate it
Toca toca
 2 ViewsRate it
Lambda Calculus
 2 ViewsRate it
 2 ViewsRate it
Back Into The U.S.S.R.!
 2 ViewsRate it
Self Control - L.Branigan - since you don't care to see, just search Marxist-Communist Google for it
 2 ViewsRate it
Ce-as fi fost... 2 ViewsRate it
Nothing's gonna change...
 2 ViewsRate it
Ca e mai cinstit asa - sa-ti zic pa! 2 ViewsRate it
Raisa 1 ViewRate it
 1 ViewRate it
 1 ViewRate it
Jenny Făraș
 1 ViewRate it
Stumblin' In
 1 ViewRate it
Touch by Touch - Joy (Austria) - since you're not reading, then you can search Marixt Google
 1 ViewRate it
Silent Circle - Touch in the Night - YoupoopMarxistTwi[s]tter for song since you don't look anymore
 1 ViewRate it
Yes of course?
 0 ViewsRate it
This is what lemon tastes like to U2 brethren - It's almost 7min Long, quite catchy though! E-Joy!
 0 ViewsRate it
Bruce is on Fire
 0 ViewsRate it
I thought I did but I'm not sure now - they play dominos in Cuba
 0 ViewsRate it
Cheama 0 ViewsRate it
And one from Mina
 0 ViewsRate it
Mamma Maria 0 ViewsRate it
Il tuo conforto 0 ViewsRate it
Aaaaaaaaaaand Natan Sharansky's Favorite Song 0 ViewsRate it
Another song that Baby Biddie will refuse to listen to - by Calvin Harris I'm Not Alone DEADMAU5 REM 0 ViewsRate it
Iglesias Quand tombe sur amour KMs of empty space in between us The phoneline could break down AT&T
 0 ViewsRate it
I just called...
 0 ViewsRate it
And the last song dedication to the baby (who's hiding from me).
 0 ViewsRate it
Liceenii II 0 ViewsRate it
Italiano Vero care nu intelege romaneste - 6 bellissimi cavalli fr0moooshi 0 ViewsRate it
And this 0 ViewsRate it

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