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Angela Neon Garcia
On my way to destiny I became a prisoner of love It was like so many Play the game 'cause they can't get enough Mix crass in a delicate glass Add...Rate it

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Anna Cellmer
It's well to know what is right and what is wrong choosing this what is good to you occasionally just the moment through but even if you know that ...Rate it

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Children's Games
William Carlos Williams
I This is a schoolyard crowded with children of all ages near a village on a small stream meandering by where some boys are swimming bare-ass or...Rate it

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Caledonian Games
James McIntyre
Lines on Caledonian games, May, 1884. On grassy amphitheater Spectators sit, to view the war 'Mong bold contestants on the plain, Where each doth ...Rate it

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Canadian Sports and Games and Plays
James McIntyre
Burns sang of joys of Hallowe'en, But in Canada is oft seen By far more jolly times than these, At logging raising, paring bees, For here the youth...Rate it

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Complex Games
Ian Sawicki
Here I sit, this outer shell dishevelled - you wouldn’t look twice if passed in the street. Hair like marbled slabs of toffee: melted, knotted from...Rate it

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Deny My Games
Matthew Morin
Bring me home Start the story for the role-play Then use me while I wear no clothes Don't take a breath Let us fall to the floor I want to be your ...Rate it

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Fun and games
Karen Habermehl
Dancing in the rain! Bare-feet Warm puddles Liquid enthusiasim if done right. Catch a rainbow where it begins and make your own colorful arc Sip a ...Rate it

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Games Of Sport
Wallace Dean LaBenne
Some games involve physical contact Football has force that none can retract This is a way to legitimize "war" "Destroy the enemy" is simply hard-c...Rate it

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Stephen A Chosa
These games with God I play, I die a little more everyday. Why am I blind and can not see, that Jesus cries just for me? My life is full of willful...Rate it

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Heartless Games
Tanya Whyte
I promised myself I wouldn't fall for your guilt I promised myself I wouldn't fall for your tricks Nor give into anything else you had up your sl...Rate it

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Hustling Games
Sandra Meadows
Two dollars, three dollars, six ; these guys as well as girls are full of tricks. Standing on the corners, bus stops too; they care nothing concern...Rate it

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Olympic Games
Wallace Dean LaBenne
Exquisite attainment Awe-inspiring claims Breathtaking amazement: the Olympic Games Superb agility Zealous muscle flames Stunning ability: the Olym...Rate it

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Silly games
BlackAngel Evo
Miss those days of silly games Hop scotch, Jump rope and other unnamed Used to play in the backyard All day long Doing pointless activities Could...Rate it

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The games we play
Philip Kruger
To The words I speak But never say To the games I start But never play To the things I want But never take To the hearts I take And always break ...Rate it

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The Games You Play
Emile Pinet
Tears can't wash sadness away, no matter how swift they run. And promises of yesterday, today are merely re-spun. Love is a lesson in trust, yet y...Rate it

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The Mind’s Games
William Carlos Williams
If a man can say of his life or any moment of his life, There is nothing more to be desired! his state becomes like that told in the famous double ...Rate it

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Victoria Park and Caledonian Games
James McIntyre
Lines on the naming of Victoria Park, on Queen's Birthday, 1881. The ceremony was performed by Thomas Brown, Esq., Mayor of the town. Come one, co...Rate it

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Video Games
Shane Bowman
Pixelated crystals pour down the hour glass As the blind hunchback dodges the brutal bomb blast; Heroic, stationary acts fill red-stained eyes Obli...Rate it

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~ Mind Games ~ Haiku ~
Yvonne Sensing
Every thought has action, reaction, or both Nothing but blank stare Rate it

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