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James McIntyre, minstrel performer, vaudeville and theatrical actor, and a partner in the famous blackface tramp comedy duo act McIntyre and Heath.

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List of poems by James McIntyre 174 total

Our Firemen
 416 ViewsRate it
Lines on Ingersoll 409 ViewsRate it
Lines On T.D. McGee
 403 ViewsRate it
Prof. Longmuir
 386 ViewsRate it
Female Revenge
 383 ViewsRate it
Irish Poets: Oliver Goldsmith 382 ViewsRate it
Lines on a Type Writer
 376 ViewsRate it
Robert Fleming Gourley
 374 ViewsRate it
Lines on A.B
 373 ViewsRate it
 369 ViewsRate it
On Doctor Gardener
 369 ViewsRate it
Caledonian Games 365 ViewsRate it
London Children
 356 ViewsRate it
Lines on Mt. Elgin
 354 ViewsRate it
Harvest Home Festivals
 352 ViewsRate it
Witch Stone 338 ViewsRate it
Hints to Cheese Makers 331 ViewsRate it
Fertile Lands and Mammoth Cheese 328 ViewsRate it
Oliver Goldsmith 327 ViewsRate it
Episcopal Harvest Home 324 ViewsRate it
Lines on Methodist Union
 323 ViewsRate it
Lines on Removal 321 ViewsRate it
Lines Read at a Dairymen's Supper 312 ViewsRate it
Facts About Cheese 295 ViewsRate it
Canadian Rivers and Lake
 281 ViewsRate it
Ode on the Mammoth Cheese
 275 ViewsRate it
Galt and Dunlop
 192 ViewsRate it
T.D Mkee
 170 ViewsRate it
Rabbit Story 169 ViewsRate it
People Will Talk
 136 ViewsRate it
The Brothers Stuart
 133 ViewsRate it
Electric Light
 132 ViewsRate it
Book Agent Story
 131 ViewsRate it
St. Andrews Anniversary
 130 ViewsRate it
Oddfellowship in Woodstock
 127 ViewsRate it
An Autograph
 126 ViewsRate it
George Menzies Poems
 123 ViewsRate it
 121 ViewsRate it
Lines Read at a Dairymaids' Social, 1887
 121 ViewsRate it
London West
 121 ViewsRate it
Donald Ross
 118 ViewsRate it
Fight of A Buffalo with Wolves
 118 ViewsRate it
Transformation Scene 118 ViewsRate it
Nova Scotia 117 ViewsRate it
Oxford Cheese Ode
 116 ViewsRate it
 114 ViewsRate it
Lorne and Louise
 114 ViewsRate it
Canada Our Home
 113 ViewsRate it
Salford Parsonage
 113 ViewsRate it
English Poets: Shelley 112 ViewsRate it
Oddfellowship in Ingersoll
 111 ViewsRate it
A Providential Escape
 110 ViewsRate it
O For A Lodge
 110 ViewsRate it
Lines of Violets
 110 ViewsRate it
Response To Sentiment of Scottish Poets
 109 ViewsRate it
Welcome to the Prince of Wales
 109 ViewsRate it
Lines on Woodstock 108 ViewsRate it
A Bird's Nest
 106 ViewsRate it
A Romance of Canada
 106 ViewsRate it
On White Brothers
 106 ViewsRate it
Departed Statesmen
 103 ViewsRate it
Fairy Tale
 103 ViewsRate it
Port Burwell
 103 ViewsRate it
Thomas Campbell
 103 ViewsRate it
Victoria Park and Caledonian Games
 103 ViewsRate it
Lines on London
 102 ViewsRate it
Windmills and Stone Stables
 101 ViewsRate it
Lines on Tilsonburg
 100 ViewsRate it
Canadian Sports and Games and Plays
 99 ViewsRate it
Indian Mutiniy 99 ViewsRate it
Lines on a Fountain
 99 ViewsRate it
The Power of Steam 99 ViewsRate it
English Names on Canadian Thames
 98 ViewsRate it
Lines On The North Of Scotland 98 ViewsRate it
Poe 98 ViewsRate it
 98 ViewsRate it
A Civic Holiday Trip 97 ViewsRate it
Will Carleton 97 ViewsRate it
Lineson Thorold
 96 ViewsRate it
Lines on Stratford
 96 ViewsRate it
Nuptial Ode on Canada
 96 ViewsRate it
Tercentenary Ode on Shakespeare
 96 ViewsRate it
American Poets: Longfellow
 94 ViewsRate it
A Concert-Impromptu
 93 ViewsRate it
Musings on the North West
 92 ViewsRate it
Snake and Potato Bug
 92 ViewsRate it
Life in the woods
 91 ViewsRate it
Opening Ode
 91 ViewsRate it
Impromptu 90 ViewsRate it
Lines on Salford 87 ViewsRate it
Patriotic Ode 87 ViewsRate it
The Cheese Pionner
 87 ViewsRate it
Father Ranney, the Cheese Pioneer 86 ViewsRate it
Port Stanley
 86 ViewsRate it
The London Flood
 84 ViewsRate it
Questions and Answers 83 ViewsRate it
Burns and Scott
 82 ViewsRate it
Lines on Col. Wonham 81 ViewsRate it
Lines on Gunn 81 ViewsRate it
Potato Bug Exterminators
 81 ViewsRate it
Holmes 79 ViewsRate it
Lines on the Credit Valley Trip
 79 ViewsRate it
Lines on Norwich 77 ViewsRate it
 77 ViewsRate it
Crimean War 76 ViewsRate it
 76 ViewsRate it
Walt Whitman
 76 ViewsRate it
Elf Shot
 75 ViewsRate it
Ladies Aid
 74 ViewsRate it
Lines on Niagaras [sic] Charms and Death
 72 ViewsRate it
Gordon Cumming - The Lion Hunter
 71 ViewsRate it
Lines of South Scotland 67 ViewsRate it
Mrs. Moody
 67 ViewsRate it
Fight With A Bear
 66 ViewsRate it
Scottish Names in Oxford County
 64 ViewsRate it
 63 ViewsRate it
Let Her Go 62 ViewsRate it
Brodie Castle
 61 ViewsRate it
Canadian Thames
 58 ViewsRate it
A Christmas Tree
 56 ViewsRate it
In Memoriam
 56 ViewsRate it
Lines on Embro and Zorra 56 ViewsRate it
Lines on Thamesford
 56 ViewsRate it
A Concert Invitation
 55 ViewsRate it
Adventure on a Raft
 55 ViewsRate it
Dairy Ode
 54 ViewsRate it
Coleridge, Southy and Wordsworth
 53 ViewsRate it
 53 ViewsRate it
The Shires on the Moray Frith
 52 ViewsRate it
Wars In Queen Victorias Reign
 52 ViewsRate it
Byron 51 ViewsRate it
Masonic 51 ViewsRate it
Little Lake
 50 ViewsRate it
 50 ViewsRate it
Agricultural, Implements and Machinery
 49 ViewsRate it
Lines on A Canadian Hunter
 49 ViewsRate it
 49 ViewsRate it
Disaster To Steamer Victoria at London
 48 ViewsRate it
Baby Darling.
 48 ViewsRate it
 47 ViewsRate it
Lines on Beachville
 47 ViewsRate it
St. Andrew and Halloween
 47 ViewsRate it
Prophecy of a Ten Ton Cheese
 46 ViewsRate it
 45 ViewsRate it
Dryden and Pope
 44 ViewsRate it
Millar 42 ViewsRate it
The Great Fire of Ingersoll
 42 ViewsRate it
Abundant Harvest
 41 ViewsRate it
Campbells Block
 41 ViewsRate it
Lament of the Maple Tree
 39 ViewsRate it
A Crooked Looking Glass 38 ViewsRate it
Oxford Cheese Makers Song 38 ViewsRate it
Dick and Edward 37 ViewsRate it
Robert Burns
 37 ViewsRate it
 36 ViewsRate it
Bryant 35 ViewsRate it
Finale 33 ViewsRate it
Hope for Ingersoll
 32 ViewsRate it
Tom Moore
 30 ViewsRate it
Dried Apples
 29 ViewsRate it
Lines on Corner Stone 29 ViewsRate it
Hope Macniven
 26 ViewsRate it
The Joys of Prairie Farmers 24 ViewsRate it
 20 ViewsRate it
 20 ViewsRate it
American Poets.
 20 ViewsRate it
All Men Are Brothers.
 18 ViewsRate it
Untitled 6 ViewsRate it
A Bird's Nest.
 6 ViewsRate it
Adventures With Bears.
 5 ViewsRate it
Bear And Falls.
 4 ViewsRate it
Advice To A Little Girl.
 2 ViewsRate it
Agricultural Implements.
 2 ViewsRate it
 0 ViewsRate it

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