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Can you imagine
The thrill of riding your bike,
You make it go for you are the engine
No slow spoke, speed is of the essence !

The bicycle is meant to go fast
And you are the rider to obey it's command,
One word is you will never be

by Douglas H. Mc Clintock

added by Dougla$Irishman
1 day ago

Springtime Focus

The red tulips and yellow daffodils are there
And in the green grass so fair
The lowly yellow dandelion wants to share
So smart, it always seeds itself everywhere !

Blue sky and bright sun to filter in,
Morning dew on the grass clover so

by Douglas H. Mc Clintock

added by Dougla$Irishman
5 days ago


There will come a day
When your enemy is yourself,
You can't hide it, it's on display
But sometimes on a book shelf !

It wasn't always that way
My life's trials were always defeated,
Youth with it's strength and no decay,
My life went

by Douglas H. Mc Clintock

added by Dougla$Irishman
7 days ago

5 Senses Part 2

My fellow poets
May I ask you a question ?
About the 5 senses that we have
Hear, see, touch, taste and smell !

If we could only have one
Which one would it be ?
Someone would say, none
I want my voice !

But what good is a voice

by Douglas H. Mc Clintock

added by Dougla$Irishman
19 days ago

Knowing God ( revised )

God is the alpha and the omega,
The beginning and the end.
There is no beginning and no end
To God who is eternal.

God, the Father, the Son and Spirit,
He is a triune God ,three in One,
1+ 1+ 1 = 3 1x 1 x 1 = 1
Father is God,

by Douglas H. Mc Clintock

added by Dougla$Irishman
21 days ago

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There is no other name beside me, God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

5 hours ago

You are born again when God lives in you When you are born once, you die twice When you are born twice, you die once Choose wisely

5 hours ago

233 views and no comments ? I have a beard but only bread crumbs and sweets in it !

22 hours ago

In a make believe world, is what this poem is about ! An interesting poem, how we can do better if we only show love to our fellow men A great project you had !

1 day ago

Very interesting poem about every day ! We are masters of our fate, we make our day by living it out ! We make the recipe, choose wisely !

1 day ago

That feeling you have for each other is what binds you together for a life time ! Your poem suggests love conquers all and gives true meaning to life ! Amore ! Tell us more.

1 day ago

You have aptly described the queen of all flowers - the Rose, there is no competition ! A Rose is a Rose is a Rose !

2 days ago

A wonderful Christian poem describing our walk with the Lord ! To know Him is to love Him, we are never alone in life's trials ! You are a poet deluxe, thankyou so much !

2 days ago

A lovely poem about how special your wife is ! The secret is, please tell her how much you love her every day ! Don t miss. Every week give her a treat, flowers, a special pin, go for a walk, a lover's kiss a silk scarf, a card and tell her how pretty she is.! Thanks again for that poem ! 

3 days ago

At 88 years old, I am learning about the different arts of poetry. I agree that 16 to 24 lines gets the point across - say a lot in a short time frame Karl you are a master at words, thank you so much ! 

3 days ago

A very deep and thoughtful poem about one's self. We only have one chance at life, the proof is in the mix of the pudding ! Choose your ingredients well !

3 days ago

This is an adventure poem about seamen staying the course in a violent storm ! I felt as if I was there in the poem ! Thankyou for taking me on this sailing ship !

3 days ago

A dreamy poem well done ! Dreams are part of who we are. Some dreams seem so real, that you are glad you wake up ! There was a song of years ago Dream, Dream Dream by the Everly Brothers, check it out ! 

4 days ago

This is a beautiful poem of reflection of things past but never forgotten. They are itched in our hearts when tragedy comes into our families. Thanks for sharing..

4 days ago

I have noticed with a lot of recent poets, they write the worse of life and drag it on !There is much beauty in the world and good things happening ! " I think I shall never see A poem as lovely as a tree," 

4 days ago


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