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There was a heavy knock on my door
Seven knocks, I counted them,
Now who in the world would do that ?
He must be some character to think of that !

On opening he door
I saw something very unusual to my eyes,
A very tall man, dressed in white...

by Douglas Hugh Mc Clintock

added 1 year ago

There is a different world out there
And they are living on a hospital mental floor,
For people who couldn't quite make it,
Hospitals full of woe and hatred !

I know because I was there
Even twice,
They said, shape up
Or ship out !


by Douglas H. Mc Clintock

added 1 year ago
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When I lost my wife
My life fell apart
Twice on a mental floor
And had to start my life over again 1

Knee transplant and passed out
For 3 days, my life was in ruin,
Lost my car license
Had a very bad bicycle accident !

My ill health ...

by Douglas H. Mc Clintock

added 1 year ago
Living to Die

Don't become sick and old
And be a nuisance to others,
To touch my body, it seems very cold,
My life is like an unpainted canvas !

In bed more than out,
My life has become a derelict,
Once an athlete, never in doubt
Can't hear and losing my...

by Douglas H. Mc Clintock

added 1 year ago
A Modern Canadian Haiku

Be it so ever clear
There is no place like home
Especially on a foggy night...

by Douglas H. Mc Clintock

added 1 year ago

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Ride a bicycle in the sun
Your ride will never been done,
Cruising all the country side.
Never to hide !

Go for it !

I was a country cyclist biking 20 years and up to 125 miles a day
Now 88 !!.

Any spelling mistakes, my worst enemy

1 year ago

Checked my Poetry dot com this morning and not one of them worth a plug nickel !
Listen guys do your homework first, make your poetry a work of art and beauty
not a useless bunch of words !

1 year ago

Poet cans write from an actual experience, topic or a word, it's interesting to see what will become of it. I didn't start till I was 87 so all my poems are sort of ancient ! But I have managed to write 70 so far just over a year !!
It seems I am the person to comment, why is that ?
I guess I have too much time.

1 year ago

Your title " Beautiful Lady " creates interest
But you are an empty hole that never fills up

1 year ago

No, I don't, for I am considered by my peers that my mind is unkempt, having never graduated from any school of authority .A self man man does manual work because his brain never did grow !
But you need people with a strong back to carry your books of learning !
Better to have a bad critic for your poems than none at all ! 

1 year ago

I don't want to know you because first impressions are lasting, if you don't get it right the first time, you have lost your opportunity.
Strike while the pan is hot !

1 year ago

I loved this story but the ending is cut short, the fairly godmother did what.
You might know the ending, please tell me ! or are we to assume the ending ?

1 year ago

For whoever gives a cup of water in My name shall be be blessed
13 million died last year in India and Africa of starvation.
How many cups did you give ?
Just because you can't do everything doesn't mean you can't do something ! 

1 year ago

Excellent poem about our relationship with the Lord.
Phil 4: 11 tells us about our life when we are sick and old.
Not that I speak in respect of want, For I have learned in whatever state I am,
to be content !
A lifetime of service to our King will prove we are still an able servant even unto death !

1 year ago

There is no such thing as Heaven on earth except those destined for hell !
Those destined for hell will find out that this present earth is the only Heaven they will ever see !
Don't write folly, write fact !
To err is human, to forgive is divine ! 

1 year ago

It is not society's fault, it starts with you
Right is right and wrong is wrong, no matter which way you call it

1 year ago

A 10 year old could write a poem like this, short and no substance
But surely you can do better than this.
These 3 liners, a hakiu what a shame to call them poetry

1 year ago

The last line "The universe resides in you" is incorrect !
God and Satan are there, which one do you fee ? !

1 year ago

There is no other life like it, to be a child of the King. He sticks closer than a brother and is master of our soul ! Our Heavenly Father is just that and He tells us Abba !
A beautiful poem to encourage us ! 

1 year ago

A Christian gladly tells anyone who will listen of the God News of Christ.
We cannot keep it to ourselves, because this news creates a new person !No other book can do that !
That is why quite often I will share that
There are no secret Christians !
God lives inside of us through His Holy Spirit !
No doubt you think it strange but it is true

1 year ago


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