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When i turn to see all that was the best of me I see your face staring back But when i look deep inside your eyes it takes my breath away How can I feel this way by just a glance at you without the slightest touch a warmth, thought only possibl...

by Airric

added by Airric
3 days ago
What I want

The sun sets ending another day and i grow weary wanting to lay myself to rest sleeping a deep sleep without worry or concern no pain nor sorrow waiting, wanting or searching Just a peaceful rest till i, one day again recover the will to keep go...

by Airric

added by Airric
8 days ago

Thinking about you makes me wonder are you for real or just a vision of my imagination with your hair golden as the sun and eyes bright as the stars on a dark nite your loving smile warms me thruout like the suns rays shining down and your caring...

by Airric

added by Airric
9 days ago
The Moment

As I sit and ponder all that it would be to hold you close I feel my heart beat again my eyes brighten just a bit and a smile caresses my face to look deep within your soul thru the mirror of your eyes and feel your inner most thoughts to run m...

by Airric

added by Airric
9 days ago
Dark thoughts

If a person, I am whole then why do I feel so empty with all that has come and gone a little piece of my soul has been torn away As with each raindrop the clouds do empty and with each tear so my soul does empty to Without the joy of life just t...

by Airric

added by Airric
10 days ago

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