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Charlotte Brontë
A Short Poem or Else Not Say I True pleasure breathes not city air, Nor in Art's temples dwells, In palaces and towers where The voice of Grand...Rate it

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To what do I owe this pleasure? The pleasure of your soft voice The pleasure of your gentle face The pleasure of your warm embrace The pleasure is ...Rate it

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The Birth Place of Pleasure
Percy Bysshe Shelley
At the creation of the Earth Pleasure, that divinest birth, From the soil of Heaven did rise, Wrapped in sweet wild melodies-- Like an exhalation w...Rate it

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A Dialogue, Between the Resolved Soul, And Created Pleasure
Andrew Marvell
Courage my Soul, now learn to wield The weight of thine immortal Shield. Close on thy Head thy Helmet bright. Ballance thy Sword against the Fight....Rate it

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A Different Taste of Pleasure
Ahmad Al_khatat
Under the sun rays I woke up, next by you. My pack of cigarettes is empty with nothing. Your pillow is wet from last night with your tears. I love...Rate it

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A precious—mouldering pleasure
Emily Dickinson
A precious—mouldering pleasure—'tis— To meet an Antique Book— In just the Dress his Century wore— A privilege—I think— His venerable Hand to take—...Rate it

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A Simple Pleasure
I feel blood running Through these fingers And beyond. Confidence flooding Through the walls, running into the wind, Over the streets, Between the ...Rate it

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All pleasure is of this condition
John Wilbye
All pleasure is of this condition, It pricks men forward to fruition, But if enjoy'd, then like the humming Bee, The honey being shed, away doth fl...Rate it

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Business And Pleasure.
Robert Crawford
He'll have his all; and though his heart is great, Ay, prodigal of kindness, yet is he A very Shylock in his bargaining. Those soft, mild eyes of h...Rate it

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Childe Harold's Pilgrimage [There is a pleasure in the pathless woods]
George Gordon Byron
There is a pleasure in the pathless woods, There is a rapture on the lonely shore, There is society where none intrudes, By the deep Sea, ...Rate it

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Days Of Leisure, Nights Of Pleasure
Wallace Dean LaBenne
After nights of pleasure suddenly it's dawn After hoards of treasure suddenly it's gone After strong endeavor suddenly you're spent After perfect ...Rate it

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Fie, Pleasure, Fie!
George Gascoigne
1 Fie pleasure, fie! thou cloyest me with delight, 2 Thou fill'st my mouth with sweetmeats overmuch; 3 I wallow still in joy both day...Rate it

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Heady Wisps Of Pleasure
Ian Sawicki
With love her smiles become much lighter, but heartache seems to follow sighs, dark night heads to the dawn that's brighter, a sensual flutter swee...Rate it

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It Must Give Pleasure
Wallace Stevens
I To sing jubilas at exact, accustomed times, To be crested and wear the mane of a multitude And so, as part, to exult with its great throat, T...Rate it

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Joy and Pleasure
William Henry Davies
Now, joy is born of parents poor, And pleasure of our richer kind; Though pleasure's free, she cannot sing As sweet a song as joy confined. Pl...Rate it

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Life is full of treasure; and pleasure
Amir Samji
Look at life at every single step is full of treasure It is bestowed on; for purpose; fun; and pleasure You will not enjoy it; if happiness you mea...Rate it

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Maximum Pleasure
Nikhil Parekh
The soap derived maximum pleasure; in cleaning tons of disdainful dirt; scrupulously polishing each pore of the rotten body, The conglomerate of ...Rate it

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Midnight Pleasure
In the darkness of the night, here you come like a dream, Silence is turning into soothing sounds, of your fearless desires... I don't want to awa...Rate it

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My Guilty Pleasure
Kamran Minder
You are my guilty pleasure. You are venim to my veins. You cause me so much pain. But why won't I leave you alone? Something continuously draws me...Rate it

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My pleasure
Gajanan Mishra
You are my pleasure O my love I am the seeker You are my water You are my food O my dear You are here To open the door Further and further .Rate it

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Naked To Pleasure
Ian Sawicki
Hold back your arrow; feathered with wild love, time is mine to mould with delight's fortune, youth is my sweet blessing, I hold it dear, stay at a...Rate it

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Ode On The Pleasure Arising From Vicissitude
Thomas Gray
Now the golden Morn aloft Waves her dew-bespangled wing, With vermeil cheek, and whisper soft She woos the tardy Spring: Till A...Rate it

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Oh, Fly Not, Pleasure
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
Oh fly not, Pleasure, pleasant--hearted Pleasure. Fold me thy wings, I prithee, yet and stay. For my heart no measure Knows nor other treasure To b...Rate it

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On Pleasure
Kahlil Gibran
Then a hermit, who visited the city once a year, came forth and said, Speak to us of Pleasure. And he answered, saying: Pleasure is a fre...Rate it

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Pain In Pleasure
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
A THOUGHT ay like a flower upon mine heart, And drew around it other thoughts like bees For multitude and thirst of sweetnesses; Whereat rejoicing,...Rate it

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