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Barf Smelagud
I held you; the delight of my night pouring into every pore, a part of me mixing with your warmth Life had never squeezed my fingers so tightly, t...Rate it

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Little by little
alexis karpouzos
Little by little, we will turn into stars. Little by little, we will turn into the infinite universe. Little by little, we will spin in eternal ec...Rate it

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A little while, a little while,
Emily Jane Brontë
A little while, a little while, The noisy crowd are barred away; And I can sing and I can smile A little while I've holyday ! Where wilt thou go ...Rate it

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A Valentine [From A Very Little Boy To A Very Little Girl]
Arthur Macy
This is a valentine for you. Mother made it. She's real smart, I told her that I loved you true And you were my sweetheart. And then she smiled...Rate it

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Little Little Man
Alfonsina Storni
Little little man, little little man, set free your canary that wants to fly. I am that canary, little little man, leave me to fly. I was in your ...Rate it

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James Whitcomb Riley
I'm twins, I guess, 'cause my Ma say I'm two little girls. An' one o' me Is _Good_ little girl; an' th'other 'n' she Is _Bad little girl as she can...Rate it

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Twas such a littlelittle boat
Emily Dickinson
'Twas such a littlelittle boat That toddled down the bay! 'Twas such a gallant—gallant sea That beckoned it away! 'Twas such a greedy, greedy wa...Rate it

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All The Little Hoofprints
Robinson Jeffers
Farther up the gorge the sea's voice fainted and ceased. We heard a new noise far away ahead of us, vague and metallic, it might have been some unp...Rate it

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Little Birds of the Night
Stephen Crane
LITTLE birds of the night Aye, they have much to tell Perching there in rows Blinking at me with their serious eyes Recounting of flowers they ...Rate it

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The Green Eye of the Little Yellow God
John Milton Hayes
There's a one-eyed yellow idol to the north of Khatmandu, There's a little marble cross below the town; There's a broken-hearted woman tends the gr...Rate it

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Walk A little Plainer, Daddy
Christy Hollis
Walk a little plainer, Daddy Said a little boy so frail I'm following in your footsteps And I don't want to fail. Sometimes your steps are very pla...Rate it

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We have a Little Garden
Beatrix Potter
WE have a little garden, A garden of our own, And every day we water there The seeds that we have sown. WE love our little garden, And tend it w...Rate it

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"The Little Quaker Sinner"
Lucy Lincoln Montgomery
A little Quaker maiden, with dimpled cheek and chin, Before an ancient mirror stood and viewed her form within, She wore a gown of sober grey, a ca...Rate it

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A Little Scraping
Robinson Jeffers
True, the time, to one who does not love farce, And if misery must be prefers it nobler, shows apparent vices; At least it provides the cure for am...Rate it

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A Naughty Little Comet
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
There was a little comet who lived near the Milky Way! She loved to wander out at night and jump about and play. The mother of the comet was a ver...Rate it

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Frank and his Little Bank
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
When he was quite a small boy, Frank Was fond of useful playthings; So he was given a toy bank That he might learn the way things Were done in the ...Rate it

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Gathering the little Children
Gather lil chillins cause um fixin ta lay some noing down. Tell yo mudea I aint crazy jus spittin wisdom from bein round. I hear tell yall wanna kn...Rate it

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Good-Bye, Little Cabin
Robert William Service
O dear little cabin, I've loved you so long, And now I must bid you good-bye! I've filled you with laughter, I've thrilled you with song, And somet...Rate it

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Little bit of Compassion and understanding by Astghick moradkhanians
Astghick Moradkhanians
God blessed you with the wisdom,on your difficult time of your life asking others to help! by having little bit of Compassion and understanding tow...Rate it

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Little Boy Blue
Eugene Field
The little toy dog is covered with dust, But sturdy and stanch he stands; And the little toy soldier is red with rust, And his musket molds in hi...Rate it

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Little Kids
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
'Little kids,' you call us As we are at play. You were little children Just the other day. Now to-morrow nears us, Soon we too shall stand Men and...Rate it

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Little Luxuries
Mary Davis
To wrap one’s hands Around a cup Of steaming, spicy tea— To warm one’s nose with fragrant steam— Ah! That is luxury! (With a shout out to Emily D...Rate it

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Little needle
Krystal Williams
Young and free, wild and fun, he entered the world ready to run Music and sports, cars and girls, life came fast so he gave it a whirl Bad decision...Rate it

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Little Red Elizabeth.
Dwight Drummond
Little Red Elizabeth embroiled dollar made to perfection; perception of customized greatness made to spend.Rate it

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Little Words
Dorothy Parker
When you are gone, there is nor bloom nor leaf, Nor singing sea at night, nor silver birds; And I can only stare, and shape my grief In little word...Rate it

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