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La Chair
Maurice Rollinat
La chair de femme sèche ou grasse Est le fruit de la volupté Tour à tour vert, mûr et gâté Que le désir cueille ou ramasse. Mystérieuse dans sa gr...Rate it

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The Cane-Bottom'd Chair
William Makepeace Thackeray
In tattered old slippers that toast at the bars, And a ragged old jacket perfumed with cigars, Away from the world, and its toils and its cares, ...Rate it

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A Conference, Between Sir Harry Pierce's Chariot, And Mrs. D. Stopford's Chair
Jonathan Swift
CHARIOT My pretty dear Cuz, tho' I've roved the town o'er, To dispatch in an hour some visits a score; Though, since first on the wheels, I've ...Rate it

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A Glimpse Of China. In A Chair.
Francis William Lauderdale Adams
(Foo-chow.) From the bright and blinding sunshine, From the whirling locust's song, Into the dark and narrow fissures Of the streets I am b...Rate it

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La chair
Maurice Rollinat
La chair de femme sèche ou grasse Est le fruit de la volupté Tour à tour vert, mûr et gâté Que le désir cueille ou ramasse. Mystérieuse dans sa gr...Rate it

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My Father's Chair
Rudyard Kipling
Parliaments of Henry III., 1265 There are four good legs to my Father's Chair-- Priests and People and Lords and Crown. I sits on all of 'em fair ...Rate it

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My Life is a Rocking Chair
Mesut Selvi
My life is a rocking chair on this complicated world. It's rocking routinely one forward,one backward. My life is a swing.It has been swinging in t...Rate it

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My Rocking-Chair
Robert William Service
When I am old and worse for wear I want to buy a rocking-chair, And set it on a porch where shine The stars of morning-glory vine; With just beyond...Rate it

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Rocking Chair
Nikhil Parekh
When I sat on it exerting my full weight; it squealed inaudibly permeating the stillness of atmosphere with feverish cacophony, Nimbly revolving a...Rate it

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Rocking chair retreats!
Al-qahira Bakra
Who said life is but a dream, Best thoughts of God as it seems, We live to die, Tested on these plains, Molested by the pains, Mankind is a progeny...Rate it

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St. Swithin's Chair
Sir Walter Scott
On Hallow-Mass Eve, ere yon boune ye to rest, Ever beware that your couch be bless'd; Sign it with cross, and sain it with bead, Sing the Ave, and ...Rate it

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Tender Buttons [a Chair]
Gertrude Stein
A CHAIR. A widow in a wise veil and more garments shows that shadows are even. It addresses no more, it shadows the stage and learning. A regular ...Rate it

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That Chair
stan brierly
It's not often I sit in the chair, Watch the sunrise note stillness of air, See the edges of white and gold, Enjoy the warm while outside it's cold...Rate it

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The Garden-Chair
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
TWO PORTRAITS. A PLEASANT picture, full of meanings deep, Old age, calm sitting in the July sun, On withered hands half-leaning--feeble hands, ...Rate it

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The Man Who Discovered The Use Of A Chair
Alfred Noyes
The man who discovered the use of a chair, _Odds--bobs-- What a wonderful man!_ He used to sit down on it, tearing his hair, Till he thought of a h...Rate it

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The Old Arm-Chair
Eliza Cook
I love it, I love it; and who shall dare To chide me for loving that old arm-chair? I’ve treasured it long as a sainted prize, I’ve bedew’d it with...Rate it

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The Old Arm-chair
Eliza Cook
I LOVE it, I love it ; and who shall dare To chide me for loving that old Arm-chair ? I've treasured it long as a sainted prize ; I've bedewe...Rate it

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The Table And The Chair
Edward Lear
Said the Table to the Chair, 'You can hardly be aware How I suffer from the heat, And from chilblains on my feet! If we took a little walk, We migh...Rate it

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Ultima Thule: From My Arm-Chair
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Am I a king, that I should call my own This splendid ebon throne? Or by what reason, or what right divine, Can I proclaim it mine? Only, perhaps,...Rate it

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While Lounging In A Chair
Afanasy Afanasyevich Fet
While lounging in a chair, I looked up at the ceiling Where, teasing my imagination, A circle hangs above the quiet lamp, And spins just like...Rate it

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Whose Chair Is This?
Sandra Meadows
Sitting on the threshold of glee. This well constructed chair hasn't a care. Bouncing back and forth it is centered on peace. Love they must have m...Rate it

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