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Jonathan Swift was an Anglo-Irish satirist, essayist, political pamphleteer, poet and cleric who became Dean of St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin.

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On An Ill-Managed House
 404 ViewsRate it
 401 ViewsRate it
To Quilca, A Country-House in no very good Repair
 364 ViewsRate it
On Stephen Duck, the Thresher, and Favourite Poet. A Quibbl 350 ViewsRate it
On Snow
 322 ViewsRate it
Dingley And Brent
 319 ViewsRate it
On The Vowels 252 ViewsRate it
Cadenus And Vanessa
 215 ViewsRate it
 210 ViewsRate it
A Beautiful Young Nymph Going To Bed
 183 ViewsRate it
Market Women’s Cries
 183 ViewsRate it
An Excellent New Song Being The Intended Speech Of A Famous Orator Against Peace
 139 ViewsRate it
The Beasts' Confession
 137 ViewsRate it
The Windsor Prophecy
 132 ViewsRate it
On Himself 129 ViewsRate it
Death And Daphne
 128 ViewsRate it
Atlas; Or The Minister Of State 127 ViewsRate it
Stella’s Birth-Day: A Great Bottle Of Wine, Long Buried, Being That Day Dug Up. 1722-3
 127 ViewsRate it
The Gulf of All Human Possessions
 125 ViewsRate it
To Stella Visiting Me in My Sickness
 123 ViewsRate it
Lady Acheson Weary Of The Dean
 116 ViewsRate it
 115 ViewsRate it
Dean Swift At Sir Arthur Acheson’s In The North Of Ireland
 112 ViewsRate it
On A Shadow In A Glass
 111 ViewsRate it
The Lady's Dressing Room
 110 ViewsRate it
To Stella, Written On The Day Of Her Birth. March 13, 1723-4, But Not On The Subject, When I Was Sick In Bed
 110 ViewsRate it
Twelve Articles
 110 ViewsRate it
The Author Upon Himself
 107 ViewsRate it
Mrs Frances Haris's Petition
 106 ViewsRate it
Stella’s Birth-Day.1719-20
 106 ViewsRate it
The Dean’s Answer 106 ViewsRate it
The Revolution At Market-Hill
 106 ViewsRate it
Fontinella To Florinda
 104 ViewsRate it
The Famous Speech-Maker Of England Or Baron (Alias Barren) Lovel’s Charge At The Assizes At Exon, April 5, 1710
 103 ViewsRate it
An Echo
 102 ViewsRate it
A Description of a City Shower
 99 ViewsRate it
The Place of the Damned
 99 ViewsRate it
Baucis And Philemon
 97 ViewsRate it
On A Very Old Glass At Market-Hill 97 ViewsRate it
Toland’s Invitation To Dismal To Dine With The Calve’s Head Club
 93 ViewsRate it
On Cutting Down The Thorn At Market-Hill
 91 ViewsRate it
Riddles By Dr. Swift And His Friends
 91 ViewsRate it
Stella’s Birth-Day. 1724-5
 91 ViewsRate it
 90 ViewsRate it
On The Gallows
 90 ViewsRate it
Robin And Harry
 89 ViewsRate it
A Riddle 87 ViewsRate it
On The Moon
 87 ViewsRate it
On A Pen
 86 ViewsRate it
Elegy On Partridge
 85 ViewsRate it
The Fable Of Midas
 85 ViewsRate it
Elegy Upon Tiger
 84 ViewsRate it
Bec’s Birth-Day Nov. 8, 1726
 82 ViewsRate it
Parody On The Recorder’s Speech To His Grace The Duke Of Ormond, 4th July, 1711
 82 ViewsRate it
The Fagot
 82 ViewsRate it
On The World
 81 ViewsRate it
Horace, Epist. I, VII Imitation Of Horace To Lord Oxford
 80 ViewsRate it
The Garden Plot 80 ViewsRate it
A Pastoral Dialogue
 79 ViewsRate it
Lines Written Extempore On Mr. Harley’s Being Stabbed, And Addressed To His Physician, 1710-11 79 ViewsRate it
Stella At Wood Park, A House Of Charles Ford, Esq., Near Dublin
 79 ViewsRate it
To Stella, Who Collected and Transcribed His Poems
 77 ViewsRate it
Advice to the Grub Street Verse-writers 75 ViewsRate it
On A Cannon
 75 ViewsRate it
On Ink
 75 ViewsRate it
Verses on the Death of Dr. Swift, D.S.P.D.
 74 ViewsRate it
The Progress Of Marriage
 73 ViewsRate it
On The Five Senses 72 ViewsRate it
A Panegyric Of The Dean In The Person Of A Lady In The North
 70 ViewsRate it
A Modest Proposal
 70 ViewsRate it
A Maypole
 66 ViewsRate it
The Dean’s Reasons For Not Building At Drapier’s-Hill
 66 ViewsRate it
Stella's Birthday March 13, 1719
 65 ViewsRate it
The Grand Question Debated: Whether Hamilton’s Bawn Should Be Turned Into A Barrack Or Malt-House
 65 ViewsRate it
The Progress of Poetry
 64 ViewsRate it
A Receipt To Restore Stella’s Youth. 1724-5
 63 ViewsRate it
My Lady’s Lamantation And Complaint Against The Dean
 62 ViewsRate it
Louisa To Strephon
 58 ViewsRate it
On A Circle 58 ViewsRate it
Stella's Birthday March 13, 1727
 57 ViewsRate it
Jack Frenchman’s Lamentation
 56 ViewsRate it
Answered Extempore By Dr. Swift
 55 ViewsRate it
A Description of the Morning 54 ViewsRate it
On Time 54 ViewsRate it
A Satirical Elegy on the Death of a Late Famous General
 53 ViewsRate it
On A Pair Of Dice 53 ViewsRate it
On Stella's Birth-Day, 1719
 53 ViewsRate it
Peace And Dunkirk
 53 ViewsRate it
On A Horn
 49 ViewsRate it
The Virtues Of Sid Hamet The Magician’s Rod
 49 ViewsRate it
Sid Hamet’s Rod 47 ViewsRate it
The Sick Lion and the Ass
 44 ViewsRate it
 43 ViewsRate it
A New Year’s Gift For Bec
 43 ViewsRate it
Epitaph In Berkeley Church-Yard, Gloucestershire
 43 ViewsRate it
On A Candle
 43 ViewsRate it
On Gold
 43 ViewsRate it
Stella's Birthday March 13, 1727
 41 ViewsRate it
On The Posteriors
 40 ViewsRate it
Phillis, Or, the Progress of Love
 39 ViewsRate it
To Stella On Her Birth-Day, 1721-2
 36 ViewsRate it
Stella's Birthday, March 13, 1726
 34 ViewsRate it
Mr. William Crowe’s Address To Her Majesty, Turned Into Metre
 30 ViewsRate it
On A Corkscrew
 29 ViewsRate it
To Lady Carteret
 27 ViewsRate it
A Conference, Between Sir Harry Pierce's Chariot, And Mrs. D. Stopford's Chair
 5 ViewsRate it
A Conclusion, Drawn From The Epigrams, Epigram On The Busts, And Sent To The Drapier 4 ViewsRate it
A Friendly Apology For A Certain Justice Of Peace By Way Of Defence Of Hartley Hutcheson, Esq. By James Black-Well, Operator For The Feet
 4 ViewsRate it
A Ballad On The Game Of Traffic 3 ViewsRate it
A Beautiful Young Nymph Going To Bed.
 3 ViewsRate it
A Character, Panegyric, And Description Of The Legion Club
 3 ViewsRate it
A Dialogue Between Mad Mullinix And Timothy
 3 ViewsRate it
A Fable Of The Lion And Other Beasts
 3 ViewsRate it

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