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God Breaks the Chains (Sestina Poetry)
Marieta Maglas
Alas, when nothing ever goes my way I try to keep my goals within my sight. I hope that they can lead to joy someday, While overpass this metaphori...Rate it

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A happy lip—breaks sudden
Emily Dickinson
A happy lip—breaks sudden— It doesn't state you how It contemplated—smiling— Just consummated—now— But this one, wears its merriment So patient—lik...Rate it

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Before a Midnight Breaks in Storm
Rudyard Kipling
Before a midnight breaks in storm, Or herded sea in wrath, Ye know what wavering gusts inform The greater tempest's path; Till the loosed wind Driv...Rate it

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Love Letter: Heart Breaks for Heart's Sake
Henrique A. Caldas
Dear Venus of my Heart, The Solstice of blue, once flourishing with fiery flowers red, the petals of our garden froze. The chimney of our cabin of...Rate it

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Once The Circle Breaks Out
Kurt Philip Behm
Do we wait for tomorrow, as we wait for today Do we see a connection, false wishes to pray Do we draw from the past, as the circle is spun ...Rate it

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The flower, full blown, now bends the stalk, now breaks
Alfred Austin
The flower, full blown, now bends the stalk, now breaks; The mellow fruit inclines the bough to earth; The brow which thought impregnates ofttimes ...Rate it

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The Morn That Breaks Its Heart Of Gold
Madison Julius Cawein
From an ode 'In Commemoration of the Founding of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.' The morn that breaks its heart of gold Above the purple hills; The...Rate it

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Till Thunder Breaks
Kurt Philip Behm
She only leaves me when it’s raining, to wash away the pain Clouds an ablution to her memories dark, drowning a past refrain She returns as the ...Rate it

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