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A Poet Looks At The Moon
Edward Powys Mathers
I hear a woman singing in my garden, But I look at the moon in spite of her. I have no thought of trying to find the singer Singing in my garde...Rate it

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An Ode : While From Our Looks, Fair Nymph, You Guess
Matthew Prior
While from our looks, fair nymph, you guess The secret passions of our mind; My heavy eyes, you say, confess A heart to love and grief inclined. T...Rate it

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Crazy Jane Grown Old Looks At The Dancers
William Butler Yeats
I found that ivory image there Dancing with her chosen youth, But when he wound her coal-black hair As though to strangle her, no scream Or bodily ...Rate it

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Cross Looks.
H P Nichols
Why, what a frightful face is this! And what has happened, sir, amiss? Come, let me wipe these tears away, And see no more cross looks to-day. ...Rate it

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From The Last Hill That Looks On Thy Once Holy Dome
George Gordon Lord Byron
I. From the last hill that looks on thy once holy dome, I beheld thee, Oh Sion! when rendered to Rome: 'Twas thy last sun went down, and the flam...Rate it

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Good Looks And Personality
Wallace Dean LaBenne
Good looks and personality can often open a door. But once inside you must perform with a solid inner core. Charm and grace may be seductive even ...Rate it

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He looks in my heart and the image there
Lesbia Harford
He looks in my heart and the image there Is himself, himself, than himself more fair. And he thinks of my heart as a mirror clear To reflect the...Rate it

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her shy looks
Sai Krishna
One lady in flower garden One angel in flower attraction Stand in amid of fragrances With whole heart enjoying In nature she is dreaming About her...Rate it

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Is The Moon Tired? She Looks So Pale
Christina Georgina Rossetti
Is the moon tired? she looks so pale Within her misty veil: She scales the sky from east to west, And takes no rest. Before the coming of the n...Rate it

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It Looks As
Ehsan Sehgal
Your love Your words Your humble attitude You devoted To your first love With your Heart and mind The same feelings You have now for me It looks as...Rate it

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Love Looks
anonymo magnifico
Sexy dimples, Forgotten pimples, Tasty tattoos, Lots of booze, Head to toe tingles, Sweat bead mingles, Rising ripples, Excited nipples. Rate it

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Silence Looks Devastated
Ian Sawicki
Clouded by damp greyish indifference, animation's actions inhale divine influence as ragged independent composition finds liberty in love. Wood pul...Rate it

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Sonnet 77: Those Looks, Whose Beams Be Joy
Sir Philip Sidney
Those looks, whose beams be joy, whose motion is delight, That face, whose lecture shows what perfect beauty is: That presence, which doth give d...Rate it

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Sonnet 86: Alas, Whence Come This Change Of Looks?
Sir Philip Sidney
Alas, whence come this change of looks? If I Have chang'd desert, let mine own conscience be A still-felt plague, to self-condemning me: Let woe...Rate it

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Stealing Looks
We keep stealing looks Back and forth at each other Trying to forget our past Smiling to act as a cover Past relationships that failed Built up a...Rate it

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Tempting Me With Looks
Bobby Ferguson
Sweet temptation smiled at me first thought was romance, Then I caught your wicked look that left me in a trance. In my arms you felt so good hold...Rate it

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The Looks Of A Lover Enamoured
George Gascoigne
THOU, with thy looks, on whom I look full oft, And find therein great cause of deep delight, Thy face is fair, thy skin is smooth and soft, Thy ...Rate it

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The Moon Looks In
Thomas Hardy
I I have risen again, And awhile survey By my chilly ray Through your window-pane Your upturned face, As you think, 'Ah - she Now dreams of me In...Rate it

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The toad! It looks like
Kobayashi Issa
The toad! It looks like it could belch a cloud. Translated by Robert Hass Rate it

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The Two Founts. Stanzas Addressed To A Lady On Her Recovery, With Unblemished Looks, From A Severe Attack of Pain
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
'Twas my last waking thought, how it could be, That thou, sweet friend, such anguish should'st endure When straight from Dreamland came a dwarf, an...Rate it

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To Lucasta, Her Reserved Looks
Richard Lovelace
Lucasta, frown, and let me die, But smile, and see, I live; The sad indifference of your eye Both kills and doth reprieve. You hide our fate wi...Rate it

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To Lucasta. Her Reserved Looks.
Richard Lovelace
LUCASTA, frown, and let me die, But smile, and see, I live; The sad indifference of your eye Both kills and doth reprieve. You hide our fate wi...Rate it

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Violent Looks
Ian Sawicki
I left myself on the street's rhythmic beat, a coloured graffito's initial pause, with a flourish of bright independence an artistic deliverance co...Rate it

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What looks on !
Hasmukh Mehta
Dark clouds Speak loud On roof top Honest persons shout No one believes Till it rains So for right people Until proven more troubles What looks ...Rate it

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Your Looks Have Touched My Soul
Mathilde Blind
Your looks have touched my soul with bright Ineffable emotion; As moonbeams on a stormy night Illume with transitory light A seagull on her lon...Rate it

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